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  • I only said VIII is the best to start discussion in that thread. :P I guess you could say I was trolling!

    Posted by brokenjoker

  • I watched the Ubisoft convention using Gametrailers on my PS3 and it was definetly watchable, more so then gamespot anyway so I would recommend gametrailers.

    Posted by nokotin

  • There could be a brand new one announced in two days, what are you talking about? :> Even then, there's always Spirit Tracks I guess.

    Posted by GKANG

  • It's cool that you're getting into posting in General Gaming. It's the best section.

    Posted by GKANG

  • No, lol, it wasn't really meant to be taken as to be rude. People keep asking in the thread, when all the information is in the first post, as well as my signature, because people kept not reading the OP, and we were all laughing about it. Sorry if I offended you. I didn't mean for it to be interpreted that way. :)

    Posted by Mr. Wonderful

  • Well it was just a resize and frame thing. I have a sig shop where I make proper sigs, but this was just to keep you from getting it changed by the mods or whatever happens.

    Posted by GKANG

  • Here, I took your sig image and made it more sig like, as well as within the limits of what is allowed. Don't want you getting into trouble :>


    Posted by GKANG

  • [QUOTE=Camero;2855521]I have the collection (DMC1 - 3) and its good. So good. You'll love yourself if you get it.[/QUOTE]

    What about DMC4 :>

    Welcome to ZU, by the way.

    Posted by GKANG