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  • Jackbox ehen

    Posted by JP the Neurotic

  • Alpha packs

    Posted by JP the Neurotic

  • I'm selling my house and buying a new one.
    House goes on the market in Jan.

    Allah give me strength. From one insane person to another,
    wish me luck.

    Posted by Kae

    • Good luck! So exciting and stressful. Haha.

      Hoju just did that if you want his take on the whole process.

      Posted by Ty.

  • That does not look like a siege avatar.....

    Posted by Big Daddy Biggles

  • Hey Ty, I made you a much nicer version of your avatar. I touched it up and removed 99% of the white outlines around the character so it looks better. Please use this version.

    I hope you like the new and improved version! It took me around 45 minutes to do because I had to remove the white outlines pixel by pixel with the eraser tool to ensure I didn't mess up the image.

    Posted by TruEdge67

    • Oh wow, thanks dude.
      Yeah, the process is such a bitch. I’ve done it a few times and it’s partially why I haven’t changed my avatar in years. Haha.

      Looks good!

      Posted by Ty.

  • hello my potato baby

    Posted by goronmario

  • The question begs; Will you fix the transparency of your avy? haha

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • You're...Okabe now?

    Posted by John

    • I am for now. Haha. Damn thing lost it's transparent background though. Haha.

      Posted by Ty.

    • I mean, it's still pretty much his aesthetic.

      Posted by John

    • How is Steins;Gate 0, anyway?

      Posted by John

    • I've got about 5 episodes left and it might be my favourite show. It's better than the first series in my opinion.

      Posted by Ty.

    • I wanted to love the first series, but ended up only kinda liking it. Mostly because of all the ludicrously Chunni/Otaku antics that it devolves into for a big chunk of the middle. Gimmie melodrama!

      Posted by John

  • You changed your avatar. This is quite an event.

    Posted by RealmWings

  • Are you still around on ZU!? haha

    Posted by GKANG

  • That basement looks badass man. I’m trying to be more handy myself, learning as I go.

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

    • Haha, well thanks man!

      There's so much to learn. I'm sure I've forgotten most of it. Haha. Having kinda gone through every trade one at a time during this process, it felt kinda overwhelming. But it really is immeasurable how valuable those skills are. It is without a doubt worth trying to figure out how to be more handy around the house. The money it'll save in the long run is kind of insane.

      Posted by Ty.

  • Happy birthday!!!

    Posted by Serenade of a Star!

  • Happy birthday, Good Badmin Ty! Hope it's a glorious one!

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • Happy birthday!!

    Posted by MissKatrinaLynne

  • yooo happy birthday Ty!! <3

    Posted by Lady Sunshine

  • HBDTY!

    Posted by Chloroform

  • Happy celebration of the day you were born, big guy Ty!

    Posted by Embalistico

  • Oh, Happy Daybirth, here's hoping it'll be a good one.

    Posted by Lord Vain

  • Happy day of birth commemoration day!

    Posted by GamerKitty205

  • Happy birthday man I hope you have a good one

    Posted by JP the Neurotic

  • Happy birthday, my lovely, all powerful mod-god! We love you! Have a great day!

    Posted by Violothesheikahboy


    Posted by Winnie

  • Happy Birthday Ty! I hope you have an amazing day today! You derserve it for being such a great admin!

    Posted by TruEdge67

  • Happy birthday, benevolent overlord!

    Posted by EzloSpirit

  • It’s past your bedtime!

    Posted by Winnie

    • I make my own rules. Haha.

      DLR, Rambo and I are playing some Rainbow 6!

      Posted by Ty.

  • Happy almost Halloween, Ty.

    Posted by N64

  • So I decided to start actively trying to platinum Rainbow 6. What I have learned is that the Ranked community is fucking garbage.

    Played one match last night. I ended up being the last person left on our team vs two attackers. I killed one and got shot from a tiny kill hole from the second guy while killing the first.

    EVERYONE on my team jumped on the mics (haven't heard a peep from them before then) saying how trash I was and I should go kill myself.

    I then team killed them all and left lol.

    Moral of the story is I hate people.

    Posted by Big Daddy Biggles

  • Congrats on your design!! Not surprising at all, I expect the best from you, also great job on your house too!

    Posted by Winnie

    • Haha thanks! I'm cautiously optimistic for next week.

      Posted by Ty.

  • Modern Warfare 2 is on Xbox backwards compatible for like $15.

    Posted by Big Daddy Biggles

    • They must be gearing up for the remake. Haga

      Posted by Ty.

    • Fingers crossed. I'm tempted to get this just because it's been so long since I've played it and it has some of the best multiplayer (maybe next to black ops 1).

      Posted by Big Daddy Biggles

  • what the fuck did you do to your avatar

    Posted by Chel

    • o_____o

      Posted by Chel

    • I'm scared Chel.

      Posted by TruEdge67

    • Just came here to comment on your new avatar! What happened?! Looks like Young Bane, this isn’t the Ty I know!

      Posted by Winnie

    • I didn’t know people were so attached to it! Haha

      Posted by Ty.

    • Ty. this is such nonsensical fraudulence, I should know bc I'm an accountant! where is the pretty boy?!

      Posted by Scarly Crow