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  • Saw you online the other day and REALLY wanted to say hi. Hope you're doing well and also hope to see you around more often. :')

    Posted by IGNIS

  • Awwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! thanks for the link!

    Posted by Windra

  • Oh wow thanks for remembering.

    That's really awesome, good luck with it all!

    Posted by zay

  • Hi! Where did you get that illustration you use as your icon? Did you do it yourself? I love it!!

    Posted by lulles

  • [QUOTE=Zeldablue777;5373785]
    YES! Tell me more about how those SS races burned to death.

    You seem to have a fascination with creatures burning to death.

    Remember this?

    You probably forgot about this, but this was one of my favorite threads hahaha

    Posted by StinksAwakening

  • Ooh, cool! Can you tell me about it when its done! I can't wait!

    Posted by Windra

  • I love your artwork!

    Posted by Windra

  • Excellent, thank ye!

    Posted by zay

  • It gorgeous, do you have an art thread or something, I'd love to keep updated on that!

    Posted by zay

  • Oh my gosh, your avy is so cool, where is it from?

    Posted by zay

  • Nice! You're Temple of Time and Wiimote are spot on. I always had trouble with Maya. You have a good sense of design which I respect. I am competent at drawing, but anything design related, and I feel like I'm drowning.

    Posted by KeeSomething

  • Keep it up, Zeldablue! Do you have a deviantart or tumblr that you upload your stuff to?

    Posted by KeeSomething

  • You did that?! I had no idea you were an artist. It's fantastic! Excellent use of colors.

    Posted by KeeSomething

  • Oh you drew that? That is awesome. I used to follow your works on dA for a little bit there. You've improved immensely, it's fantastic.

    Posted by Commander GorMor

  • Your avatar. . . . who made that?! It's beautiful. I absolutely love the colors. Do you have a link to the original?

    Posted by KeeSomething

  • Gee that's a pretty new icon you have. Where's it from?

    Posted by Commander GorMor

  • How are you?

    Posted by Yawn

  • Ohai there.

    Posted by Yawn

  • Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?

    Posted by <|:D

  • (nearly three years later)...

    You're welcome. I'm sure you've gotten prettier with time.

    Posted by Hush

  • Sent you a friend request. Your intelligent posting in the Mature Zelda thread is great.

    Posted by Rakshael

  • IT IS! Actually one of my favorite games ever! I love ATLUS. And I have! It's awesome!

    Posted by Nensense

  • The Zelda in your signature has a funny nose. It just makes me want to pick it. :XD:

    Posted by DL-Ghirahim

  • Re-read my posts in that thread. Tell me if you notice a theme.

    Posted by KeeSomething

  • Same here. It certainly gets some things right, such as the very unique dungeon designs and the majority of boss fights. But there's a whole lot of things it does wrong. How this game got so many 10's from the professional reviews is beyond me.

    Have you finished it yet, by the way? Cause I'm near the fourth dungeon now; are the fetch quests I keep hearing about really that bad?

    Speaking of this game being like a Mario game, I swear the sky music is a left-over Galaxy track.

    Posted by Common Knowledge

  • Taking the game alone, it is fairly enjoyable. The puzzles are clever and the controls work well for the most part. There are some downright bad design choices, such as Fi constantly harassing you and the entirety of Faron Woods (that place is just terrible).

    But my real problem is how they switched up the overworld. First of all, the sky is [I]boring[/I]. Besides Skyloft, the islands make WW's islands look like giant landscapes filled with things to do.

    But then there's the surface world. I genuinely enjoy going through the puzzles to get to each dungeon. They're very clever, but here's the thing: This isn't how I want Zelda to be. I feel no sense of discovery within a "vast, breathing world". I'm just going through a level. There's "exploration", but only in the sense that you have to figure out what to do to proceed through the area. There's really nothing optional and "off the beaten path". I get so excited when I find a hidden cave, only to discover I actually needed to go there anyway to proceed.

    If a person just simply loves puzzles, this game is probably sent from heaven for them.
    But for me, who values exploration within a huge land, this isn't what I wanted.

    I really fear where Zelda is going from here. I really do. I'm beginning to realize that if this is the direction Zelda is going in from now on, maybe I just don't want to be a part of it.

    Posted by Common Knowledge

  • Aren't you that same person who once made these Zelda comics and posted them on DeviantArt?

    Posted by Commander GorMor

  • So I've seen you some in the Zelda section, and I think we may have similar views on the direction Zelda should be going, but apparently isn't. Would you mind checking out my post in "What you don't like about SS" and perhaps contribute? I have a feeling I may have just incited a flamewar with the traditionalists upon the mention of *gasp* voice acting.

    Posted by Calypso

  • Wait a sec.....I know you from Deviant Art!

    Posted by Fyreball

  • Hey ho, how you enjoying SS?

    Posted by Postman