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  • I hope you are well. :heart:

    Posted by Nesi

  • Miss you lots.

    Posted by Kakarot

  • I miss you in SD :B

    Posted by Viajero de la Galaxia

  • come back :(

    Posted by Silver

  • I'm a little late this time, but I'm still planning to keep up with this once a month thing, so when you finally get back on you'll see all the notifications bwahaha

    So I'm in New York now, and a good bit of it is thanks to you, as you'll find by reading down the list of new VMs from me. Thanks again, sir.

    Posted by Kakarot

  • We miss you, Wes....

    Can't wait to talk to you again!

    Posted by Valhelm

  • Hola. It's that time of the month.

    I got approved to transfer to the Air National Guard and go to New York, so I'm headed there at the end of this week. Thanks for the inspiration <3 Can't wait to talk with you again.

    And a random video for you.


    Posted by Kakarot

  • [youtube]pUOJTD3DrFw[/youtube]

    Miss you beardy

    Posted by Great White North

  • It's that time. <3 Miss you a ton. The way you could always mix solid logic with humor was great, and I always loved our talks.

    [QUOTE][3/6/2013 8:37:30 PM] Brian Gardner: Am I being stupid, pursuing this?
    [3/6/2013 8:37:34 PM] Raptor Buddha: Fair enough. Since you are invested in it, I would just encourage you to be the damned sexy man beast you are and win her over.[/QUOTE]


    Posted by Kakarot

  • [url][/url]


    Posted by Nesi

  • I've done this with other people occasionally when they leave, but I am going to try and send you a VM for you to come back about once a month. So.

    Come back Wes <333

    Posted by Kakarot

  • Thanks for all your help and talks and all that stuff, and I really hope you can find time to get back on here again <3

    Posted by Kakarot

  • p.s. I ended up getting a 97 on that paper and learned some cool stuff about Sweden/Europe at the time. Thanks for the topic idea!

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • I hope you are evolving into a beautiful Lawyerfly.

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • I just saw this:

    Posted by Moriquendi

  • [youtube]SpwBG2Dtpmk[/youtube]

    Posted by Keith

  • Never a problem boss.

    Posted by mattj

  • [youtube]iqca9npftTA[/youtube]

    Oh good lord...

    Posted by Tabby

  • @ The delete, I understand what you mean. Sorry bout that.

    Posted by Super Dude

  • [quote=email from professor]Dear Christopher, I like your statement as a thesis statement in your introduction. I think that your paper's title should be Sweden's Great Power Period-the 17th century. Start your paper with the how the German Order State ceased to exist in the middle of the 16th century and how Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Poland competed over territories in the Baltic Region. Sweden managed to conquer the northern part of Estonia and this was the beginning of a very expansive Swedish foreign policy. Then move into the 17th century wars particularly with Sweden's entry into the Russian Civil War and Gustav II Adolf's decision to enter the 30 years war in Europe. I will be looking forward to this paper. I like and approve your topic. [/quote]
    Looks like I'm good to go.

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • The feeling is entirely mutual; I am my favourite person as well. :p

    (Thanks ^-^ )

    Posted by SacredSturgeon

  • [URL=""]Re-posting these[/URL], I hope you won't mind.

    Posted by N64

  • The child character you play as in Shining Force II. I was going to name him Wes, but reconsidered. Maybe when I replay it on a higher difficulty level. :P

    Posted by Eriks0n

  • [img][/img]

    Am I wrong to think he looks like you?

    Posted by Eriks0n

  • I shall continue with my plans to invade the surface and punish humanity! >:3

    Posted by gerudoyoshi

  • glad to provide some laughs

    Posted by tallgeese

  • Gah, you're right!

    When was the last time you had the pleasure of visiting? I agree with you about the tourism... sometimes it can really spoil the effect. But still, beautiful indeed. I think my favorite place to linger was around Santa Croce, but I did live very close to it, and my school was right next to it :3 (I still can't believe that, even though I was there for 4 months.)

    Posted by Lady Sunshine

  • Your post count is 999!

    It was not the Pitti palace in that picture, however I was fortunate enough to have gone there as well as many other awesome places in Florence. You're right; it's absolutely wonderful! :3

    Posted by Lady Sunshine

  • I hope you know no ill was meant with my comment. I just said what I thought was a reasonable analysis of what is usually a sensitive subject. Apologies.

    Posted by Poe Hunter

  • sure, my oppa! :3nod

    Posted by Conde