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  • What about American Psycho? they were in that too. Incidentally the only music I actually like from them is the two featured in those two movies.

    Back to the future is fantastic though.

    Haven't posted much, that's true but I still read every now and then, if there was anything I was interested in talking about in a thread I actually would but as it stands it's usually the same half dozen things.

    Posted by <|:D

  • Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?

    Posted by <|:D

  • Yay! It seems so hard to find other TFK fans...

    Posted by HylianHero234

  • Hey you.

    Posted by Coconut Water

  • I'll give you a [i]Courtesy Call[/i] when everything [i]Falls Apart[/i] because [i]The Flame In All of Us[/i] is [i]Watching Over Me[/i].

    Posted by Explodia!

  • What song introduced you to [i]Oh, Sleeper[/i]?

    "Hush, Yael" was mine

    Posted by Explodia!

  • Your SotW entry inspired me to make something...oh noes! :P [URL=""]Link[/URL]

    Posted by Doran_Bladefist

  • UGH sorry for the wait, it's taking ages to upload, it's at about 80% now so I'll post it as soon as possible!

    Posted by zay

  • Hey man, I finished it a few days ago, I'm just uploading it to youtube now, is it okay if I PM it to you?

    Posted by zay

  • Alright cool!

    It's pretty much a song that you only need the right hand for, but I play it with two cause it's more comfortable, I'll simply just press the keys slowly and explain the speeds and stuff, I'll play it through once first.

    This will be fun!

    Posted by zay

  • I'll do it right now!

    it's the pretty basic version though but it sounds pretty good, how good are you so I know how much I have to explain or how fast to go?

    Posted by zay

  • sweet!

    Yeah same, i loved everything about it!

    I learned the ballad of the goddess, the tutorial I used was a little fast but I got it somehow...I should make one of my own.

    Hey, if you find no good ones on youtube, I could make one for you!

    Posted by zay

  • Oh wow, I didn't really notice, thank you so much man!

    After a few months or so, I'll put all the awesome sigs you have done on a rotator so I can use them all at once, I still have them all saved!

    Thanks again for everything CWP!

    Posted by zay

  • haha you are incredible, thanks a lot man, I owe you!

    haha no, problem!

    Yeah I finished it a while back, I loved it so much I learned some of the music on piano:XD:

    How about you?

    Posted by zay

  • [QUOTE]Your signature can not have images larger than 650 pixels width and 150 pixels height[/QUOTE]

    It must me too big or something?

    Do you mind making it a tad smaller please?

    And if you're up to it, there is one small small change that would be nice, not to sound like an unappreciative ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ but, that white spot above the arm/under the it possible for that to be removed?

    Thanks again though, you truly are the best!

    Also, I hear you are making some SS avy's for the site?
    Sounds awesome, I'm looking forward to them :)

    Posted by zay

  • Merry Christmas!

    Posted by Tabby

  • I loved I'm made of Wax Larry and My life For Hire the most :3nod

    Posted by Shizuo Tsuki

  • Any favourites from Homesick?

    Posted by Shizuo Tsuki

  • Hello!

    Posted by princesspanty

  • Oh are you a ADTR fan too :P?

    Posted by Shizuo Tsuki

  • He doesn't seem to be too amused by the face Cage is putting on. Whether that face is the product of annoyance at Cage or him just being able to keep cool I couldn't tell you.

    Posted by <|:D

  • A staring contest that shall never be rightly decided as still images can't blink, move or look away.

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  • The chicken.

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  • I like eggs

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  • lol.

    Posted by solo

  • Hey there.

    Posted by zay

  • [img][/img]

    Posted by Coconut Water

  • Go ahead. I'll need your FC then.

    Posted by LegendaryApple

  • No it's not my artwork it's the drawing they show on the Wii U video but thanks :)

    Posted by angelink_1995

  • As much as I love the game, I just know that if I play it, I'll be playing for no less than a few hours non-stop.

    I currently don't have that time...

    I [I]could [/I]play for shorter amounts of time, but where would be the fun in that? :P

    Posted by Khaoabunga