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  • Dude! Do you have either RealmWings Ezlo or my friend code? We're waiting on you!

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    • I managed to add Ezlo and Peekay, but I never got Realm's friend code, and for some reason yours never worked for me. :/
      edit: ignore that

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  • Thanks for the follow :)

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  • Hey, I heard you wanted to Splat it up this weekend. Well I started a conversation with you guys for Splatoon!

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    • I should be able to play at least part of this weekend! I posted my friend code there. I tried adding you, but it says "unable to find your friend". Is it possible one of the digits is wrong?

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    • Yeah I will check that.

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  • Hey, thanks for your post in the art thread! :)

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  • Thanks for the follow. I've actually been meaning to follow you for a while, but I kept getting distracted by stuff lol.

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    • As have I! I'm trying to get around to following the Nayru and LC (the two places I spend much of my free time) regulars and I know I'm missing people. D:

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  • The game rewards those who pay attention. Almost every piece of dialogue can be important. Though... the game won't tell you which. I will say that the opening words by 2B is incredibly, incredibly important.

    Learn the timing of the dodging. The action is very dodge-based and you special counter attacks after you dodge at the correct moments.

    Hard is very, very tough. You can die in as little as 3-4 hits. If you're unfamiliar with character action games (DMC, Bayonetta, etc), I don't recommend playing on hard. Very Hard is even worse--it's not really "Very hard" but it's a gimmick mode: you die in one hit regardless of your level/equipment.

    Speaking of levels. They matter a lot. If you're 10 levels under an enemy you'll be doing chip damage, and the combat won't feel as smooth (you'll get pushed back each time you hit with melee) and you'll take a good amount of damage with each hit. If you're almost at the same level (like say 5 levels difference) then you can handle it. That's not to say you CAN'T take down a level 50 enemy while you're level 40, you can, it's just that it's very difficult and will take a long time.

    Stop and listen to the music. The game affords many opportunities to do this. One of the best OSTs in video games right there.

    Do sidequests. They're very basic (including "go here, get item") but the context and world/lorebuilding makes it worth it and sometimes the results of sidequests can answer questions before you even ask said questions. Or provide you with more questions.

    Try out different weapons in different slots, experiment with the chip system (you'll know it when you get to it), you can make different "builds" that change how you play slightly. Some chips even give you new abilities entirely, like firing a shockwave from your weapon each time you attack.

    Fishing is a decent away to earn some cash early on.

    That's about all I can remember for now.

    Posted by insaney

    • Thank you so much! I'll do my best to keep this all in mind. I probably would have started out trying to play on hard and gotten frustrated (I think that's what happened in the demo).

      Is the game open enough that I'll be regularly coming across enemies I'm not meant to fight yet?

      Is there any risk in using the chip system, like permanent alterations or consuming limited items? That's usually what keeps me from experimenting in other games.

      Posted by LexanPanda

    • You won't encounter such enemies while roaming around BUT they appear during sidequests. There's no shame in leaving a sidequest for later if you feel you can't complete it yet, however. You'll get opportunity to complete them, even ones you completely missed.

      There are no permanent alterations, it's very customizeable to the point where you can remove or add even HUD items.

      Posted by insaney

    • Okay, I'm about 9 hours in and I see what you mean on basically all points. Who would have guessed there would be lore in the fishing encyclopedia? I'm in love with this game.

      I feel like I'm going to spend a lot of time tweaking my chip choices. Do you think it's worth it to buy all the chip slot upgrades as soon as I can?

      Posted by LexanPanda

    • You can take your time with purchasing the chip slot upgrades but generally you're always better off having more space. Because chips are usually dropped randomly, you might find one you want to put in but have no space for.

      Posted by insaney

  • Woah I just realized that I wasn't following you. I just kinda assumed that I already was cause you're so cool! Well, regardless, now I am!

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    • And now I follow you! I'm not sure what it does, other than act as ZU's friend system but that's good enough for me! And any Homestar Runner fan is a friend of mine. :D

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  • Hello is this the famous lexantogepi

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    • No, this is lexanpatrick.

      (might be lexansquadala soon thanks to your lovely suggestion)

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  • Hi, is Togepi a Nayru thing now? :o

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    • Kinda! Some of us are channeling our inner EzloSpirit until we decide to change back or pick something else.

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    • Squadalah!

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    • help, I can feel myself slipping into a long habit of themed avatars

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  • :o

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    • Thank you for the invitation back! I'd been thinking about ZU lately, and that was exactly the excuse I needed to pop back in :D

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  • hahaha oh I will, for your safety.
    I don't need to see any[I].ever.[/I]

    Well, someone tried to burn a spider, and it took a suicide dive and landed on a pile of hay, that caught fire, and it all spread from there. Since that day, people live in fear of spiders wrath and the monarch is powerless to stop them, so they traded off the the UK to the spiders and built land bridges for them to travel to eastern Europe to cause havoc and mayhem.

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  • hehehe I haven't witnessed any truly outrageous spiders, not in the city at least.
    But I have heard tales....

    You know how the great London fire started?

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  • indeed!

    and hey, it works well enough for ruddy spiders!

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  • Well how else would you fix something that's overheating?

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  • ahhh I get ya.

    Well I'd bloody well hope it's fine XD

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  • ahhhh stop telling me this bad news :c

    my laptop is my baby!


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  • Yeah totally >.>

    hopefully this compressed air thing works!

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  • I actually did it today woo!

    Indeed haha <3

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  • I put it up to the fan and have it against the fan at all times, so it doesn't get hot. But I do have another laptop i can use in the meantime if I give it breaks, but nothing is installed on it, and I'm too lazy to set it up haha

    I have to do it anyway soon though, so I may as well use this as extra incentive.

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  • Hey, pal. Haven't see you in a while!

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  • yessss i have it right up against the fan on full blast right now :c

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  • Sounds great!

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  • Oh wow, what type?

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  • That's good!

    I'm pretty great actually, how's Tess, I haven't seen her in ages too.

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  • oh hey there

    How have you been?

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  • Hope you two are having a great time! :)

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  • A bit slow, honestly. XD Hoping for some good Zelda news soon, though. That should help.

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  • good day sir

    happy birthday sir

    good bye sir

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  • Happy B day~

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  • Hope you have a great birthday!

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