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  • Perhaps you will return one day. If you do, then... hello! How ya been?

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  • I'm going to go ahead and leave this here so you have a nice notification waiting for you on the off chance that you log in again. I hope you're well, wherever you are. :)

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  • Yo

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  • <3

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  • :)

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  • I missed seeing you around ;_____; Hope all is going well, you sweetie <3

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  • I was going through the scrapbook again and had a thought.

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  • Happy birthday!

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  • It is me brokenjoker, mwahahahahaha

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  • Well to be fair, not much has been needed x3 I was the only person who needed to keep up since I was acting as DM.

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  • Ohh, well I hope you feel better. Don't feel the need to push yourself and all. Your health is the most important :3nod

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  • Hey, just to let you know the first round of the tournament has ended. So us judges will have a week to judge the writing in the first game thread, with a due date of Thursday, Oct. 2. If you have any questions feel free to ask. It would be good if you shared your thoughts as you judge in the discussion thread, so we all can perhaps take away what we are thinking :3nod

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  • You've been tagged, brokenjoker!

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  • Alright. Thanks so much :heart:

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  • [URL=""]Well here is the Events Arena[/URL]. The two major threads you (currently) need to be worried about is the [URL=""]Lounge[/URL] (currently closed) and the [URL=""]game itself[/URL] (currently still on going.) This discussion will be helpful for the fact it hyperlinks to [URL=""]everyone's characters[/URL]. This is the [URL=""]judging arena[/URL].

    All of this is in the subforum of the Battle Arena, so it can be a bit hard to find if you aren't familiar with the area.

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    [URL=""]Terrifyingly large dog being an adorable little cave troll.[/URL]

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  • [URL=""]Linky.[/URL]

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  • Thank you. : )

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  • [IMG][/IMG]

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  • I DO TOO

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  • Mwrraolissa. Cawrn yo please be explaining all of this?????

    [taps foreign objects]

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  • why on top???? WEIRD

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  • it was a big. More bigger than ham!???

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  • I'm alright. Been marathoning House MD for the past few days.

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  • Meeeeeel :B

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  • Many extroverts seem to either not know that introverts exist or think that we dislike interacting with people, so I mostly just have to point out that it's not that we dislike others, we're not misanthropes, but rather that it's tiring to do so, so we prefer to do it only in moderation.

    Shyness and introversion are also distinct, though related, thingummies.

    Actually, for all I'm quite introverted, I don't know that the "finds interacting with others tiring" thing is quite right, at least when it comes to friends and family. I'm not so much exhausted by interacting with others as I'm...hrm. It's an odd combination of bored and clueless, I guess? It's like watching Jeopardy in a language you don't understand, almost. But that's not right either, because I intuitively get stuff like non-verbal communication and such, but I don't "get" small talk, and actually find it somewhat annoying. It's like every time you met a family member you had to go through an elaborate ritual sign language that served no purpose but to indicate that you were within visible distance of that family member. :B

    That said, interacting with [I]strangers[/I] is tiring.

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  • Yeep. I was actually at the campus in Halifax for an open house thing and yeah, it's pretty darn small xD Like, sandwiched between two other buildings x3 (although it's almost like, bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, cause inside it was quite complex o 3o).

    Welp, I don't drink coffee and I don't own a bike :B Although I know Fredericton is great in the sense that it's a bit more of an academic city. The school is right in the heart of Fredericton, about 15 mins away from UNB. It's just like a little school hub lol

    Nyaah ;3 Well I'll be sure to let you know how depressing it is when I go there xDD <3

    Posted by death.

  • Well, the reason I picked Fredericton over Halifax was because the campus in fredericton had a bit of a better program xD Like, in Halifax they only had "Animation" which was 2D + 3D all combined in a 3-year program. BUT in Fredericton they have it separated, so one class is 2D Animation and digital art (which I'm taking) and one is 3D animation, which is something I'm not really interested in atm x3

    SO that's mostly why I picked Fredericton lol also i have a brother who lives just outside of fredericton so I have family here :p

    fredericton vs halifax GO

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