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  • How are you?

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  • [URL=""]Only in Germany[/URL]

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  • I'm sending a VM to all German ZUers whom have made a recent post. Why? Just because I love sending a good laugh:
    [url=]Germany Webcomic - Scandinavia and the World[/url]


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  • A long time ago I believe we were friends. I kinda took a hiatus from ZU but I just wanted to say hi and I hope that you've been doing well!

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  • The SHEIKAH. ZELDA IN DISGUISE. *To the tune of transformers*

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  • hallo Herr, :>>

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  • Hallo Herr, :>>
    Wie gehts Sie?

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  • Yay. :>

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  • Why aren't we friends yet? This should be amended.

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  • Yeah. Definitely

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  • hey, I want you to check this out:

    [url=]Spriter by edgar muniz — Kickstarter[/url]

    There is a beta. Think we'll have use for it?

    Posted by Hombre de Mundo

  • Wanted to bring [URL=""]this[/URL] to your attention just in case.

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  • you wanna hop on skype for a sec?

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  • It's something that would surely take me forever. I'm taking a break from it. Honestly, I doubt I'll ever get even a demo finished.

    And frankly, I prefer to keep most of my projects secret.

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  • alpha testers, we're not beta yet xD

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  • psst if you're not busy you wanna talk on skype? :33

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  • skype plox

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  • Nah, I like yours better, mine would have probably been too modern. :p Its all good.

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  • In some ways. When I return, I will probably be still at least minoring in music, so some of those classes I took for a music major will crossover. Unfortunately, I didn't get much done in the way of core classes, due to my music studies, so I won't be as far ahead as I would like, but it'll be better than nothing.

    Posted by Hank Pym

  • Nothing to apologize for, my friend, I understand entirely. That sounds like quite a bit of fun... and work.

    As for the round two comment, I am referring to the fact, which I believe I've told you about before, that I was going to college for music for two years before realizing that I A. didn't have the motivation necessary to complete my degree, which was mostly because of B. I realized that I wasn't really sure if that was the path I wanted to be on. So I took a break and am now looking to go back, having discovered myself a bit in the intervening years.

    Posted by Hank Pym

  • Heh, yeah, I seem to have this terrible tendency to drop off the side of the planet. :P

    I've been well. Working and living mostly, trying to save up for round two at university. What have you been studying?

    Posted by Hank Pym

  • Bitterlime! It has been so long, my friend. How are you doing?

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  • A bit of both. I'd love to have the song in my playlist because the first time I heard it while seeing the trailer it gave me goosebumps and even now I still enjoy hearing it.

    Finding an actual download would be awesome, but if I'd at least have a song or muscian name I'd be able to make the search a little more easy. Hell I'd even buy it on iTunes if I knew it XD

    Posted by lazydaysjin

  • It's not Riddle of Steel that I'm looking for, well aware of that one =)

    The one I mean is this one: [url=]YouTube - ‪LoZ: Twilight Princess - Second Official Trailer‬‏[/url]

    I've honestly tried to find it ever since they released that trailer but I've given up all hope. I vaguely remember someone mentioning that it wasn't official Nintendo music. Either way I've barely heard anyone talk about this music, who it's from or where it comes from and it' such a shame because it sounds amazing.

    Posted by lazydaysjin

  • Oh Mann, manche Leute sind ja echt hartnäckig und stur....

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  • Done!:XD:

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  • Thank you!! :) And thank you so much for the lovely picture that you did! It was very sweet of you to do that! I liked it a lot!
    I hope all is well with you!

    Posted by -Mana-

  • Err, for some reason my account randomly stopped working a few days ago and I can't get in. :(

    Posted by Khaoabunga

  • Here's a link to the OoT creation story, as told by the Great Deku Tree:

    [url=]Translation of Japanese Game Texts - Legends Alliance Forums - Page 40[/url]

    Posted by Average Gamer

  • [QUOTE=bitterlime]Hey. Haven't seen you around here recently, but I'm still going to slap this on your wall.

    Just now I went to the LA translation thread, in a desperate attempt to find the japanese version of the creation myth fully translated (it's probably in there somewhere...but that thing is terribly big D: )

    But I saw that on one of the more recent pages you expressed slight confusion about why river Zoras were called "Geozards" in ST.
    I was confused about that as well so I looked into it a few months ago.
    Turns out that the japanese name is "ギョマゾン" (Giyomazon).

    "Giyo/Gyo" is the same combination of symbols that appears in Gyorg and Skullfish (スカルギョ) (Sukarugyo) (Sukaru being derived from "skull").

    Gyozoku means fish in japanese.

    So a more proper translation for the enemies in ST would have been Fishmazon...or at least Gyomazon.

    Since I could find any possible meaning for "mazon" I'm just going to assume that it is a pun on Amazon (the warrior women from greek mythology). It might also be part of a japanese word...explaining why I couldn't translate "mazon" on it's own.

    So it has nothing to do with "geo" as in earth. Just thought I'd let you know in case you were still wondering about it.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks a lot man. By the way, which version of the creation myth are you looking for (OoT, ALttP, etc.)?

    Posted by Average Gamer