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  • :o

    Posted by Cody

  • Oh.. hmmm I did thingssss. Hi if you ever see this ~o~

    Posted by Loki Sooty

  • Heh, same here.
    Was trying to get myself back into Dark Souls 2 with the new DLCs that have and are coming out for it. But I just can't seem to stick to it.
    So I've been playing Skyrim (again) and Rune Factory 4 (again).

    You started on any other games though? Any that you might recommend to me?

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • Sup mang? Been a long time, eh?

    How have you been?

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • Hoho! Seems all is going well for you, that's good to hear. What possessed you to come here though? It's quite a move to come here and pop a hello and a half o-O

    Posted by Loki Sooty

  • Huhuhu, the king is still alive as well. Yeah man, been playing Tera and... stuff. Did you get married yet? I heard late wedding guests are offered free cake (cough wink nudge).

    Posted by Loki Sooty

  • The reason I asked if it's for real is because it's shocking. That really sucks to hear...
    Never imagined someone on ZU would be involved in such an incident.

    Posted by ich Will

  • Hi.

    I need to ask something.

    I happened to see that you've been talking to BigGoronSword. He asked about Veronica Dare, and you said she passed away on Utoya?
    Is this for real?

    Posted by ich Will

  • Happy B day~

    Posted by Princess Kaguya

  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Amariel

  • Gratulerer med dagen :)

    Posted by Moriquendi

  • I was looking at Natalie's (aka: Cortana, Veronica Dare) old profile and I noticed you said "R.I.P." on her wall. There was a moment where I wasn't active on ZU, did something happen to her? I would just like to know.:(


    Posted by BigGoronSword

  • Yeah xD

    Well the ZUer of the week one is only there for the week, so it's a temporary banner. I usually just have the 4 now. :p

    Posted by EternaLegend

  • Good to hear xD <3

    Oh you work at an army base or something? Whoa...
    Oh yeah D: Well... maybe some good tips then. xD

    Posted by EternaLegend

  • Ahhh... I thought you had a problem with her or something, and I was like "whaaaa?" [I]She's fantastic[/I] <3

    Oh yeah! No more waking up early and doing assignments. I'm aiming to become a successful freelancer artist and possibly an author in the near future (making art books and children's books).
    And yeah? xD Whoa that's amazing. Well I can say that I've [I]definitely improved[/I] since I last drew that pic, haha.
    That's good news! I'm currently in a relationship as well, and it's been going well.
    You want to become a chef! :o That's awesome! Tell me some secret recipes one day. xD

    Posted by EternaLegend

  • Oh yeah. o_O Holy shit man we last spoke back in [B]2009 [/B]and now it's [B]2012[/B]?!

    ... [I]Omg[/I]... xDDD

    Hmmm? What's wrong with Nesi?

    Man... Things are definitely different now. I've been good, done with school, still drawing, and yeah the spiders are still there. xD I'm just getting older, haha. :p How about you?

    Posted by EternaLegend

  • [QUOTE=Keaton-King;4730533]We should talk! Its been a while since we talked! Why did we stop talking? I miss talking. :3nod[/QUOTE]

    It sure has been a while! (Like over a year or something?) I can't believe that I still remember you. xD

    What made you come back here? :o

    Posted by EternaLegend

  • Ooo that's good to hear! Too bad about Mufasa though ;(

    Well we found a cat in our yard, my friend lent me his cat, and I'm studying for some tests. Also I've been working on an rpg game for sometime now. Yep that's what happened from the top of my head...

    We should skype sometime instead of this typing, since I can come here from my iPad nowadays until I get back to my computer $_$
    But hey it's fine anyway!

    Posted by Loki Sooty

  • Whoa duude, how long has it been? Let's see, last time we talked I wasn't in college. Now I'm in college which means...[I] years![/I]
    Well I'm probably to blame, I have a bad habit of being passive about this sort of thing... but hey how ya doin?? How's the girlfriend? And how's Mufasa? [IMG][/IMG]

    Posted by Loki Sooty

  • Long time no see.

    Posted by Arcanine

  • yous uck

    Posted by tnf

  • shtu up tany ifg

    Posted by tnf

  • yuoy ahave a seog byt ranny
    'yous cuk

    Posted by tnf

  • Mhm. :3

    Posted by Nesi

  • That makes sense. I finally got finished all my work hours today, with out having my back hurting so bad. I'm extatic about that!

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • [QUOTE=Keaton-King;4713198]4, definitely 4.[/QUOTE]
    [I]The idea of releasing your own CD ties into the psychological need for self expression. The design you&#8217;d like to see on your CD corresponds to those aspects of your personality that you want others to see as your own best attribute. Now let&#8217;s see how the rest of the world views you&#8230;
    4. A picture of yourself.[/B]
    [I]You take the straightforward people approach, saying &#8220;This is me, take me as i am,&#8221; and you see that simple honesty as your strongest feature. But what you intend as honesty can come across stubbornness-&#8220;This is me, I&#8217;m never going to change.&#8221; Nobody&#8217;s so great that they can&#8217;t get better. If you want to keep the same image forever, at least make sure they get your good side.[/I]

    Posted by Araneaes

  • You should try and complete RE1. It's got Invisable Enemies mode on it. But you have to unlock it.

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • RE games??
    I've completed RE 0, RE (remade), RE 2, RE: CODE: Veronica, RE 4, RE 5, RE: Umbrella Chronicles.
    I've played RE: Darkside Chronicles.
    And that's all I'm able to play; (other than, Revelations); because my Playstation 3 can't play old skool Playstation games. Which really sucks!
    And that's why I am disappointed in myself, for not playing Revelations.
    I'd love to try and play an Outbreak game.
    I like old school RE the best.

    What about you??

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • I still haven't played it yet... *cries*

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • It's for the 3DS.

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox