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  • :3

    Posted by Cody

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to pay you a visit, and introduce myself.
    I also want to wish you a Happy Birthday.
    I hope you have an excellent day.

    Take care,

    Posted by Tead

  • Holy moly, you're alive.

    Posted by KiraBBYamato

  • It's okay if you don't remember me~ It's been forever. XD How are you?

    Posted by Shadow Riverlark

  • I've been ok, thank you for asking; and you? Tell me what you're up to these days/ how you've been!

    Posted by Lillia

  • Indeed :0

    Posted by Lillia

  • I don't know if you remember me, but you were my first friend on here way back when and we used to chat on deviantART. I used to be Shadow Starr or shadowbender. XD Just wanted to stop by to say hello now that I'm back here. =)

    Posted by Shadow Riverlark

  • Oh man, CourageWielder?

    Posted by Lillia

  • Alright cool, just wondering! Thanks for the update.

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • Hey, do you still have the BPP? What's the status on it?

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • Heya!

    Posted by slither

  • See-Dub! *huggles* It has been a long time! *looks at conversation history* Good Lord, it's been over two years since I've talked to you. >_<

    So what are you up to lately? What grade are you in now? Are you still in band?

    Posted by Rew

  • Hey How are you.:)
    It's me SW.

    Posted by lazyplague

  • where did you gooooooo?

    Posted by deekay

  • [COLOR="Purple"] Merry Christmas![/COLOR]

    Posted by Solink

  • Hey, happy birthday. ^_^

    Posted by Dog Dog 123

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    Posted by the legend of cakes

  • [COLOR="Purple"] Hey, how's life treating you?[/COLOR]

    Posted by Solink

  • Hai, how are you?

    Posted by Arcanine

  • Ahh well we don't really have a name for our show yet. He hasn't really told us. >>;; Ahh your show sounds cool though. :)

    Posted by I luv Linkers!

  • It was good. It goes from today til Wednesday. But our real camp doesn't actually start til August.

    Posted by I luv Linkers!

  • Hi again!

    Posted by theresa

  • Ahh that's cool. :)
    I have Mini Band Camp tomorrow for 3 days, so its should be fun. Gotta out of school on Thursday actually. ^^;

    Posted by I luv Linkers!

  • Hey! :)
    It's been a while. What's up? :3

    Posted by I luv Linkers!

  • HAH! Nice Sis.

    You know, I kinda want to PM you what Amy and me have of our story so far. We're basically doing it in MSN while we wait for me to come up with his first dream to start it off. (Sad, I know)

    Posted by Raddy

  • Oh, ouch.
    Yeah, I'd be depressed too.

    Posted by Raddy

  • Ah, I see. That's... not that good of a thing, I'd imagine.

    Posted by Raddy

  • Indeed!
    *Noms candy*

    Posted by Raddy

  • But, but, Bro thought he was always nice!

    ... Aside from when he's angry, it's kinda taken away.

    Posted by Raddy

  • No you're not! You're just very, very busy!

    Posted by Raddy