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  • Happy Birthday, sir!

    Posted by Linkle

  • Happy Birthday bud! Missing you.

    Posted by N64

  • You don't know me, but happy birthday Apollo! You're in my avatar and signature set right now, lol.

    Posted by Linkle

  • Hey, Happy Birthday Apollo :3

    Heres a gift :3


    I know you appreciate good music, so what better gift could be given? :3

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • hey apollo! sorry for not responding, you know how it is when you just don't come here for a real long time haha.

    i'm not sure if you've made the the thread or not but i'd absolutely be willing to participate, i love talking about music.

    Posted by forte

  • suck a choooooode

    Posted by Slur

  • go effff yo self

    Posted by Slur

  • Hello!

    Posted by Magic Boomerang

  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Amariel

  • Happy birthday!^^

    Posted by Moriquendi

  • [url=]Objection![/url]

    Posted by Hush

  • it's better to tell them beforehand i think

    Posted by luca

  • ayo

    you mind starting this today actually? i'm kinda excited haha

    Posted by luca


    LET'S DO [I]THIS[/I]

    Posted by luca

  • yes sir

    Posted by luca

  • Sounds good. Dunno what I could bring to the table, but yeah, sounds like a plan.

    Posted by Holden

  • Cool. The number of artists I'd be able to do would depend on how many I have in my library that would fit the criteria, so if you get enough people that the numbers balance out, I'm happy to contribute.

    Posted by Galedeep

  • mmmm I think I'd need to know more before I could commit. Basically how many entries I'd be responsible, criteria for what is and isn't "mainstream." I wouldn't want to repeat anything from the last thread, so I might not even have enough bands or artists to really contribute.

    Posted by Galedeep

  • solsetur says to pm/skype him about the judging

    Posted by Nyook

  • yo man, you gotta redirect your question in the ent. QT

    or I can do it for you if you want

    Posted by Red

  • [URL=""]You're Up![/URL]

    Posted by Justin

  • Happy Birthday!!

    Posted by Ahluk

  • Happy Birthday to you!

    Posted by Pseud O Nym

  • Happy birthday! ;>

    Posted by Nesi

  • Objection!
    It's your Birthday Apollo!
    You have the right to enjoy cake!

    Posted by Princess Kaguya

  • Happy Daybirth!

    Posted by SomnusGlimmer

  • Awesome! :DD

    Posted by Ruki

  • Tagged you in question thread:

    If you could live in any time period in history, what time period would you live in and why?

    Posted by Ruki

  • cool thing ^^

    Posted by Nesi

  • Well, you have me on Skype!
    When I'm available, then I AM available. :'>

    Posted by Nesi