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  • auckland! you?

    Posted by theresa

  • hey there, another kiwi!

    Posted by theresa


    I had to click on the whole discussion thing to even see who the hell you were

    good comeback -- 6 months later!


    Posted by tnf

  • I edited your post, and I also answered your question.

    Posted by tallgeese

  • I did not edit your posts
    I don't know what your unedited post in the "I SHOULDN'T START DRAMA" thread was about, but your attitude is not helping your plight.[B] Radek answered your question.[/B] Another thread calling us "dicks" was completely unnecessary.

    If you want to switch to another clan, [URL=""]you should probably read up on it[/URL]. Give me a *legitimate* (as his not a "he said she said") reason for why you want to leave Farore and the name of the clan you want to swap to, and I can bring it up with the mods.

    Posted by Calliope

  • I *was* in Auckland. I moved! xD To the US. I'm now situated in Florida!

    Posted by Malia

  • [QUOTE=Radek;3758728]Talk to a mod. Or maybe read the rules. Or stickies. Or announcements.[/QUOTE]

    That is what you do if you want to leave Farore

    starting threads with no purpose and calling us 'dicks' is not helping your case

    Posted by Calliope

  • Cody out.

    Posted by mattex66

  • Hi there internet tough guy! Who the **** are you?

    Just so you know, the next time you have a problem with someone, namely [i]me[/i] -- maybe you should talk to, uhm, [i]me[/i] about it. Because your thread was clearly a great success.

    I doubt you have opened [i]any[/i] of my threads, because if you had, you'd find they actually have [i]purpose[/i] and [i]substance[/i] -- y'know, not just a badly aimed *****y rant about someone they see posting on a message board. Yes, their subjects are silly, but they're also fun, different, and refreshing for most of the members. Yes, I know, "Say A Song" and "Panda Diaries" are really scintillating subjects, right. Because a thread about pandas ****ing isn't any more or less spam than what I do, where I keep to the subject at hand and manage to entertain people in the process?

    Keep your damn opinions to yourself.

    PS: Who the **** are you anyway? That was your [i]first thread[/i] in Farore. WAY TO GO DUMBASS. Is there a delete function for accounts on this site? Because you should probably use it.

    Posted by tnf

  • metro palace

    Posted by Cody

  • Hey I'm back

    Posted by Metropalis

  • Goodbye for now

    Posted by Metropalis

  • Yay, I win. :D

    Posted by Serenity

  • :P

    When Link fought the Cole and Malladus hybrid, he was accompanied by Zelda. Zelda used light arrows which is a very powerful weapon to attack Malladus. Link has a sheild, and a ton of items at his disposal.

    Wander is alone with no other person. Just a horse, a magical sword, and a normal bow. No other items like a boomerang, or even a shield. Nothing special about it, except for the sword, and yet he is able to climb ( eventually for long periods of time ) up colossal creatures that make him like a bug compared to them, then kills them with little to no help at all.

    Posted by Serenity

  • Were those light arrows or normal arrows?

    Posted by Serenity

  • 20 in 2 days!

    Posted by Cody

  • Not quite. =3

    What I need is a well-thought-out paragraph sent to me via private message, explaining why you would like to be an adopter and why you'd be good at it. That's all. Then, I'll take that and your posting history in account and see if you're suitable.

    Posted by Breeze

  • *Got into the Farore clan and loves it*

    Posted by Metropalis

  • Send me a formal pm and we'll chat. =)

    Posted by Breeze

  • i hope she made lots of spaggheti

    Posted by Metropalis

  • [COLOR="Purple"] Nice of the princess to invite us for a picnic, G'ey Luigi?[/COLOR]

    Posted by Solink

  • *Metropalis updated his everything

    Posted by Metropalis

  • Sure, you can use my sig.

    Posted by Zelink

  • [font=franklin gothic medium] Your username just got the stupid theme from sonic Metropolis Zone in my head D: *laughs*[/font]

    Posted by Chukapi



    Posted by King Octorok

  • [COLOR="Purple"] Btw, would you happen to be a fan of Iron Savior?[/COLOR]

    Posted by Solink


    Posted by Solink

  • [url][/url]

    You need to vote for 3 people. I mean, yes Happy Mask is awesome, but the rules say you need to vote for 3 people total.

    Posted by Prince Deity