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  • Merry late Christmas and happy late New Years and happy late birthday!


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  • Have an incredible birthday!!!

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  • Almost too late but happy birthday!

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  • Happy Birthday Abyss!

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  • Your dog is best

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  • The infectious nature of Danganronpa strikes again. Second (third?) time it's taken over a thread in General Gaming. Clearly we should rebrand ZU to focus on it instead. :P

    Posted by John

    • I'm gonna have to give the series a try at some point. As an Ace Attorney fan, it sounds like it would be right up my alley.

      Posted by Abyss Master

    • Heh, well, content warnings around violence, trans misgendering, abuse, and some NSFW art (especially in 2 and V3).
      I love the series, but oh boy is it the definition of "problematic fave".

      Posted by John

  • I'm sure you're well aware, but I'm the "Jeff Mondo" who added you on Switch earlier today.

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  • These bots seem fun.

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  • Congratulations on your Modship!

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  • Hey, Abyss. Can I ask you for a favor?

    Posted by Keyaki

    • Sure, whatcha need?

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    • Can you close a thread of mine?…Unknown-Power-T/?pageNo=1

      Thing is, I'm still writing it, but I never had much of an audience plus I figured it'd be better if I just have it closed and make a new thread when the story is completed. That ok?

      Posted by Keyaki

    • I'd love to help, but the thing is that I'm just a mod in the General Gaming board. I can't do anything in the Writing board. But I've already shot a PM to Vynrah to let her know of your request and asking her to do it instead, so it'll probably get done eventually.

      Posted by Abyss Master

  • Hey welcome to the mod team!!

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  • Say, who is the character on your avatar? It seems familiar, but I can't really tell o_o

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  • Spot on reply to Bill's post in the Presidential Campaign Topic. I lose far too much patience with Trump supporters to argue civilly with them.

    Posted by Red Dingo

  • "Incidentally, can I just say that trying to format my posts sucks and I hate it?"

    when making a post, if you click the square in the top left corner, you can have the old BBcode back.

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  • I just wanted to say that your post in the "What's your favorite moment of Ocarina of Time?" thread was ..immensely refreshing for me. I sometimes give up on the Zelda community because it seems like a lot of people don't value the sorts of deeper, emotional aspects of the series (or even acknowledge or experience them) and instead tend to bicker pettily while overlooking the best bits. I hope Zelda pursues a future more in line with the things you and I appreciate. Your post reached my heart, and I'm grateful you exist out there. :)

    Posted by RustyOwl

  • Hey! I really enjoyed your recent SD post to me :D Just letting you know that I did read it, and I will reply, but I gotta just vanish for a bit because of this annoying thing called real life booo. Also, for the record, I'm trying to use the "Like" button less, and to tell people directly that I like their posts, hence this VM :)

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  • Cool, thanks signed up to the first one.

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  • You made some good points on your TP- HD thread, but I'd honestly take both.
    I wanted to tell you here since I didn't wanna necrobump the thread. :P
    Do you think WW is bad by any means?

    Posted by Windra

  • Your up, buddy

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  • I have finally posted! =D Let me know what you think =]

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  • Yes Fairess is excited to continue our thread =]

    And I may be remembering this wrong, but Maren is secretly a demigod, or was, in her past life, right? Perhaps some of her old powers would be more prevalent in a dream. If nothing else, maybe the act of her intruding Zyler's dream could change the landscape or mood, and stun the enemy.

    Posted by I)ragon

  • Yo, so I had a cool idea to propel our story forward. I'm thinking Zyler's dreams will be invaded, and it will be the cultists, trying to destroy him quick and easy before he can continue his investigation. However, Maren will find herself pulled into Zyler's dream, and will be able to snap Zyler into a fully aware dreamscape. And together they'll fight off the enemies in his dream.

    Now I don't know if that's at all something Maren can do, but I thought it'd be cool. It would also mean that you'd have to edit your last post so she's pulled into a crazy dream at the end. What do you think?

    Posted by I)ragon

  • That was fast :O

    Posted by insaney

  • Neat! I think I'll wait on your OP and then I may have some questions.

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  • Hmm, maybe she comes to the top of the mountain to hunt the demon down there?

    Posted by insaney

  • I'll take you up on The Sixth.

    Will be using Sera if you agree :3nod

    Posted by insaney

  • I think it should be OK to leave it there :)

    Woo - another one done! That was a cool boss fight. Thanks for the RP!

    Posted by blackbird

  • Hi Abyss,

    I was just wondering, should I post Lili's arrival, or should we leave it there for The third. I'm good with either, just thought I'd check with you first though.

    Posted by blackbird

  • So, shall we consider [I]The First[/I] to be completed? :D

    Posted by Dante Alighieri

  • Hey Abyss,

    I'll probably have a post up later today. But I just wasn't sure how to describe Garlan and Felian. There was a brief descriptor for F, but I just wasn't sure. Normally I'd just make it up, but it seems like maybe you had a certain image in mind for these two? Also Kerel would be in his bigger form, rather than Carcaroth's body?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to avoid making a mistake in my post.

    Posted by blackbird