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  • Hmmmmmmmm

    Posted by linksmolecules

  • So after 3 years and 8 months I finally reach 1,000 mother effing posts!

    Posted by linksmolecules

  • So after 3 years and 8 months I finally reach 1,000 mother ****ing posts.

    Posted by linksmolecules

  • Sweeeet

    Posted by linksmolecules

  • GOLDEN SUN RELEASE DATE: [URL=]November 29th in North America[/URL]


    Posted by BigGoronSword

  • Of course.


    Posted by Sophie

  • Yeah, that's pretty random.


    Posted by Sophie

  • I've been wondering this for a while now, but: why "linksmolecules"? It seems like there must be a story behind it.


    Posted by Sophie

  • You live pretty close to me. I live in Burnsville, a suburb of Minneapolis.:):-)

    I sent you a friend's request.:):-)

    Posted by Devin Pederson

  • I live in the northen subarbs as well.... and Im down for some wii tetris whenever.

    Posted by linksmolecules

  • 3610-2581-9039

    I have the Wii Version, let me know when you want to play.

    Posted by ZeldaTheoristb211

  • Ah yes, its good to see a minnesota homey. I live in the northern suburbs...its cold right now.

    Posted by knatebaker

  • Here's my friend code for Tetris Party- 4168-0750-7454

    I'm not that great at the Vs. Mode though, so if you're pretty good at that you'll probably crush me. I'm more of a Marathon guy myself.

    Posted by Jeff

  • I fished a lot when I was younger something I wish I would do more -:(

    Posted by linksmolecules

  • Hello there random person... how is it going on Minneapolis...?

    Fishing much...? ^^

    Posted by Kazami Yuka

  • Don't forget- essays are due today.

    Posted by Power Shot

  • Thank you. I think I recall saying a similar thing to you a few weeks ago, actually.

    Posted by Bill

  • Yes its me, and I am sorry if my ugly avatar weireds you out, but I figured it would cut down on the replys I get from people who think I am 12 years old.

    Posted by linksmolecules

  • so is that actualyy YOU in your avatar? what a novel concept- having a picture of yourself to represent yourself :P
    BTW- you kinda look like my boyfriend...
    it's weirding me out a bit ;)

    Posted by Margar

  • I had to destroy the demon-and come back to the light. Haha

    Posted by linksmolecules

  • Well nevermind, seems that that demon avy is gone.

    Nice change, keeps the eyes from bleeding.

    Posted by Abby

  • That's teriffic, mate! =D Well done!

    Posted by MDK

  • I think its supposed to be a picture of Ganon-one of these days I will put my own picture on ZU.

    Posted by linksmolecules

  • Thanks. I would say the same about your avy, but it looks a bit disturbing :P

    What is that thing?

    Posted by Abby

  • This is true my friend.

    Posted by linksmolecules

  • I think you shouldn't be surprised that many of the posts that you read are by idiots. This site is unfortunately, full of them but they all grow up eventually. Well, [I]some[/I] of them . . . Wish I could say that for the rest.

    Meh, you'll get over it. Just ignore the drama that sugarpoutlry, Ranil, and Blizzaga create from time to time.

    Posted by Nox

  • Sorry,I did not realize formal writing is required for zu.

    Posted by linksmolecules

  • You have bad grammar. lol

    Posted by Humble Hook