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  • Hello :D

    Posted by Cody

  • Hey man, its been so long since ive been on ZU. Your still the coolest man on the whole website. Thanks for always being there when I needed the help. As far as people go, Ti-Link is just one of those unforgettable people, now matter how you ended up being friends with him or why, you will never regret it!

    Posted by Crystalian hero

  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Amariel

  • Heya...

    I'm very certain I sent you an email the last time you contacted me...

    I'm gonna reply to you via your Yahoo email again... if you don't receive it, let me know and I'll just give you my email address via private messaging for something, at least then it SHOULD get through lol

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • [url=]Ashampoo Magical Security 2 v2.02[/url]
    [url=]Zyl Soft Virtual GPS v1.28[/url]
    [url=]A+ Screensaver Creator v3.41[/url]

    Posted by xrummer

  • Heya

    I dunno if you'll read this or not, but I'm gonna be going inactive. Some things have been happening IRL which have been causing problems and I no longer come on here much anymore... I have tried to message you but Yahoo wouldn't work for me for some reason and I don't have a Facebook account...

    So I apologise for that ;__; I'm really sorry...

    If you do come on or wanna talk again, you can easily get ahold of me using the 'Send an E-mail' option... it's up to you really.

    But either way, I hope you do really well in college and I wish you good luck for the future ^__^ :hug:

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • My worst character is Sonic =/ I'm not much better with Snake but I remember his moves a lot better lol

    When me and my friends used to have our group matches, we always picked random after the first couple of matches so I'm alright with using almost any character...

    Once we made it so we were all giant, metal, had the flower on the head and constantly had the curry breath on the Final Destination stage 8D first time I had seen someone get to 999% damage outside of training mode, and even then it was hard to KO people lmao

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • Well I used the Ice Climbers a lot since the Melee days =D that always annoys my friends coz they can't play as them very well lol I sometimes use Ness in one-on-one fights coz PK Flash takes a while to get going... while I do use them a lot I am not great with them mind you XD

    Ooooh I can't use Ike lol I always find myself spamming his Up-B attack XD but I'm glad you're not a Lucario user like one of my friends D< she abuses his feature in the most annoying way ;3; makes me prefer Mewtwo.

    And woohoo! yush, that is very awesome ^__^ my internets been bad lately D: mostly due to bad weather and sudden power cuts, so I'm behind in my drawing stuff at the moment *goes to catch up* DDD: Seems to be fine now but I'm starting to make the most of it's working moments XD

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • I never gave up on it, just ran into a brick wall on what to do =/ but at least the path is now open =D I've been playing Brawl on the downstairs Wii to get back into practice (and boy did I need it D: I absoultely sucked)
    But while that solved one problem, I found another. I set up my PS2 and my PS1 (and some PS2) games won't work on it... I looked it up and it's probably the lens needs cleaning so I'll deal with that sometime (it's out of warranty by years)

    And cancelling Verizon? does that mean you've gotten a better internet now? :3

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • Two new games; Mario Wii and Spirit Tracks (haven't gotten round to playing them yet lol)
    Uhmm... money, new shoes, new headphones =D and some little things like paper, pens and snacks to fatten me up til next Christmas XDD

    My stepdad went and got his own Wii set up in the living room, meaning I got to move the PS2 to my room (yay) but the best part is when my dad came over:
    We were talking and he mentioned that he sent my brother's DS to Nintendo UK for repairs, and he told me how and where to send my Wii off, get it upgraded so I can finally play Brawl again!!

    Apparantly Metroid Prime Trilogy has the same problem as Brawl, so I'm glad I decided not to get it yet XD

    How about you? What did you get? :3

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! =D
    Hope you have fun! ^___^

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • Finding you would be no problem, it's the actually getting to you since I don't have an account at most places you are =P buuuut if you're on Yahoo everyday, then that'll be good. I'll send ya an email or something if you disappear :3

    I probably won't be on much for a while anyways... Haven't been feeling very well and staring at the computer really hurts my eyes ;__; damn, I gots stuffs to work on too DD: maybe sunglasses might work X3 ffff doubt it...

    Hope the winter hasn't dragged you down too :x Everybody I know seems to be gettin' colds and stuff .__.

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • No I don't -___- anime isn't on much on TV over here (mostly Naruto) and I dunno of any decent sites to check it out on.

    And I've seen how many books that series has XD unfortunately I'm working on three series already so I won't be able to catch up on it that way.

    Oh ho ho! Don't you worry, I'll get you somehow if you disappear D< I don't have facebook but I notice you have a Yahoo account :3 Do you check that often enough?

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • Awww thankies :hug: you're not a curse :3 I've had these headaches long before I met you... err, I think... I've actually forgotten how long we've known each other for DD: *smacks bad memory*

    Alrighty then =] although you don't have to check often anyways, but if anything important comes up or you disappear for aaaaages I'll be sure to find you >:3 lol a Bleach fan, eh?

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • That's because you have a little thing called common sense =P

    But on a serious note, I never noticed it to begin with, I thought it was just me falling asleep; it wasn't until I was at a friend's house when we noticed something wrong =/

    Unfortunately getting an appointment took long enough and even then they said there wasn't much they could do >P so really all I can do now is just try to take it easy, be more alert and maybe find a pattern? I dunno, I'll think of something eventually...

    lol That party sounded almost like my Halloween, except we had a LOT less people XD we also dressed up to fit the mood and laughed at my friend who wanted to watch 'It' despite her constantly moaning that she's scared of clowns 8DD

    *sigh* I haven't been to a birthday party in years... I've been invited to a New Year's Party though by a friend, but the theme is fancy dress and I have no idea what to dress as XD I was thinking of cosplaying one of my OCs but I'm not sure yet

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • No need to apologise ^_^ I understand

    And ooh, sounds like fun :3 Has she got anything planned? A big party? An outing with friends, or something? I haven't had an 'exciting' birthday in years XD I personally prefer hanging out with a few friends at home instead of doing something big lol

    And nothing serious really; just some fillings because even though I brush my teeth well, I have never flossed, and the damages are in between the teeth .___.

    The doctor's visit is basically because I've had some really painful headaches over the last two years, at first they said they were tension headache and suggested glasses, so now I wear glasses when on the computer, however in the last couple of months they've been getting much more painful and I've passed out a couple times, once while I was in work, so it's something I really need to get sorted =/

    It's probably nothing really, but if it's gonna interfere with important stuff like that then it's gotta be something worth checking, right?

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • Hi, how is it going? I didn't know you were in the Din clan... I just got into the Nayru clan.

    Posted by L "Ryuzaki" Lawliet

  • Alrighty then, and no, not London XD but don't worry about it ^_^

    Aww I'm sure you'll do well, I think it must be this time of year really; two other friends seem to be doing not-so-well in college too =/ next thing you'll know you'll be ahead of everyone else *nods* I'll probably look into college next year, in time for the new school year, also it'll give me a chance to recooperate before starting X3

    Life over here as been more eventful than usual (for me, anyway lol) basically getting my room reorganised so I can have more room for stuff, going to a Halloween party soon, dentist visits XP entered a drawing contest and I've also got a doctor's appointment next week which I'm kinda looking forward to, kinda not lol

    Work's been good, but stressful (to be expected). It hasn't been busy, it's just I get really anxious and panicky in public D: I can hide it thankfully, but it's starting to affect me badly, hence the visit to the doctors :3

    How about you then? How's life been outside the college walls? =]

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • You must be pretty brave to offer your number ^_^ sadly I don't have free texts, and I dunno how much texting to another continent would cost =/ I'm with Orange just so you know, if they exist in the US

    If those are your easiest classes, you must be smart :3 that or you're just really good in that field x3 lol and thanks =^_^= I hope college is a lot better than school, I had a lot of bad times in school and the last thing I want is deja vu ><

    How did you lose your Xbox Live anyway? Is it just the payment thing or is there something wrong with it? D:

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • Tee hee, you're not the only one whose been recommending college to me ^_^ I suppose I could give it another shot... I'm gonna wait a while though .__. I just recently got a christmas job, so that's been eating my time, and I need to build my confidence up a bit to avoid a repeat of last time ^^" Heheh...

    And wow o__o I can flat out tell you I'd probably fail at most of your classes lol especially government and sociology, they sound like the most complicated to me =/

    Aww *hugs* and you take your time with college :3 that's more important, just don't end up like me, having to extend deadlines multiple times coz I'm so slow D|

    When you're on your holidays, and got loads of free time, we'll go blow up some enemies >D lol

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • Well my second piece of advice is to GO TO COLLEGE. If you don't feel prepared, that's natural. It is easier then it seems, but takes responsibility. =P Go. It will make your life ahead of you so much better. ^_^

    Anywho, it's not a problem. Right now, I'm having trouble getting back to Xbox Live. <=/

    Right now, my subjects are Government, English, and Biology classes on Monday. Art and Sociology Tuesday. Gov and Eng on Wed. Then Art and Soc again on Thursday. Friday is free. ^_^

    Posted by Ti-Link

  • It's okay ^_^ I haven't been able to get online lately due to important RL stuff... but hopefully everything's all sorted now =D

    Oooo so you're at college now? How's that coming along? What subject(s) you doing?

    I've... been thinking about going college, but sadly the only subject I'm any good at is art, but I panicked too much and eventually decided not to go ;__;

    And thanks for all the advice by the way =^_^= I really appreciate it :3 :hug:

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • Say uhm... if I got a 60GB hard drive, but a 20GB 360, and just switched the hard drives would it practically be the same? It'll cost a little bit extra, but a guy in the shop said that they're not making 60GB anymore and that the only ones left are Elite, Arcade, and the last of the Premiums.

    I would rather have a Premium, even if I have to get the 20GB and get another hard-drive later, just so I don't have to get one of the other two =/ ...isn't switching the hard-drives what you did, anyway?

    Also, time seems to be going by so slowly for some reason -__- started my driving lessons lately by the way :3 Oh! and how's the house coming along? Is it nearly done now? ^_^

    Posted by Wolfos Girl

  • Wow, I only have two friends...... At my college. There are a lot of girls though, but none that I like. (In a personality sense) Oh well, that's the way it goes. BTW, we need to chat sometime. What time are you usually on facebook?

    Posted by L "Ryuzaki" Lawliet

  • College has been quite a bit of fun, but the best part is just messing with people in the dorms! (Aside from the unlimited amount of food and other services my college offers)

    Anything new happen? Wait, let me guess:

    "Nope. ^-^"

    Posted by L "Ryuzaki" Lawliet

  • you have a live account? Me too!

    We can play together!

    Posted by Don Carlos

  • Ah, how goes college then? Easy? Fun? Hard? Boring? It is kind of a mix of all four for me...

    Posted by L "Ryuzaki" Lawliet

  • 2? As in, Left 4 Dead 2?

    Posted by Hieronymus

  • Hi, how's it going?

    Posted by L "Ryuzaki" Lawliet

  • Just an assumption expanding from asking you if you have 360. There's not a problem, is there?

    Posted by Hieronymus