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  • Leavin' you random stuff just 'cuz.


    Posted by Zeldax3

  • Happy birthday, Shikaino! Hope it's a Karppy one (but not a crappy one).

    Sorry lol.

    Posted by EzloSpirit

  • When Koda changes his original no eyebrow toon link avatar made by me to something else

    Posted by Aquamentus

  • hakin’ u
    zu style

    can you hear the wind

    Posted by Zeldax3

  • Karrrrrrrrp

    Posted by EzloSpirit

  • You have been missed.

    Where is Koda, anyways?

    What have you been up to?
    I hope that you have been well.

    I have seen that you are online!

    I hope that means that you will soon be posting around the board.

    Take care, Koda.

    Posted by Tead

    • Long story short, it was a combination of not having much spare time with my studying and some people saying some fairly nasty things that made me decide I needed to take a break for a while.

      I’m doing okay, and I’m about to sit an exam in a couple of hours. I have another on Thursday and then I’m free until the start of the second semester the end of July.

      Posted by kodachrome

  • Hi is this popular Naruto shipper shika ino

    Posted by Cody

  • Whos got two thumbs and didn't reply to a certain private message conversation regarding a mafia game based on Australian Politics within months?

    This guy!

    (You can't see it but I am pointing two thumbs that are mine at myself as a gesture to coincide with the statement above)

    So sorry man. I totally forgot all about it!

    Hope everything is going well down under!

    Posted by Aquamentus

  • Whaa...?


    Posted by Tead

    • I feel like there's some context I'm missing here

      Posted by kodachrome

    • But hi :D

      Posted by kodachrome

    • Hello,

      I write so many replies on these forums that it can often be a challenge to think up something to say. Something new and different.

      So, the above was my attempt at being different. I was trying to be funny, and at the same time, to also give you the chance to start the conversation. LOL.

      I suppose it was better than nothing.

      How have you been, and what is very interesting in your life.
      What is so exciting in your life that you just are no longer able to keep it all to yourself?

      I mean, duh! You are Koda! Only one of the most coolest people on these forums.

      I mean, HELLO!

      Anyways, I myself have been somewhat depressed here and there, though, I suppose nothing too serious.

      I want to get back to my life, because I have been so preoccupied with other things that I either have not had time for the things I love/most enjoy or have not felt much like doing them.

      My artwork, reading, and life in general have suffered some as a result.
      I have been trying to get back in the swing of things by recently watching videos and tutorials on art to try to motivate myself, but nothing much thus far.

      I have been tired a lot frequently, but I believe that has become better some for me.
      My sleeping pattern has been messed up and I sometimes wake up a few times each night, and it can be difficult to get back to sleep because there is so much racing around in my mind. LOL.

      I want to find a nice studio apartment. I would have more space and I think that alone would help to improve thing a lot. I know I would have more freedom, more room to move around, easier to get everything done. Not so closed in.

      I hope that you have been well, and I hope to see you more frequently.

      Posted by Tead

  • Happy Birthday!!

    Posted by Don Carlos

  • Oh word, happy birthday Koda!

    Posted by Lady Sunshine

  • Happy birthday Natellie! That's your grill name! But yeah, have a good one, NathanChrome!

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • hey,, happy birthday jonas

    Posted by Kae

  • I thought you were joking when you mentioned it being your birthday in the mafia thread, but then I saw you mention it in the chit-chat thread. I feel stupid.

    Happy birthday!

    Posted by epixtar

    • haha, it has indeed been my birthday. Thanks :D It's been a decent day all the same though!

      Posted by kodachrome

  • Happy birthday! :D

    Posted by CielBell

  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Serenade of a Star!

  • Koda,

    I hope you have a very nice Birthday.
    I hope your day is surrounded by all you favorite people and things in your life, Koda.

    Any special plans for your birthday?
    Will you be hosting any of the event?
    Anything wonderful planned on the menu?

    Koda, I hope you have a great day,

    Posted by Tead

    • Thanks Tead :3

      I had a decent day! I brunched with my mother, lunched with a friend and dinnered with the whole family (cheap $5 pizzas yewww)

      As I said in the GCC thread I bought myself a chromecast. I'm looking forward to streaming things to my TV instead of the awkward miracast setup I'd been awkwardly using beforehand.

      I hope your day is excellent as well~

      Posted by kodachrome

  • YOU!


    Posted by korokpeach

    • I'm not sure if I expected the snowman to melt but yay birthday! thankies :3

      Posted by kodachrome

  • Haaappy Birthday!!!

    Posted by Mr.Miyamoto

  • Summer days, driftin' away, to ah, oh those summer nights

    Posted by Hector

  • Hello you,

    How has Koda been?
    Where has Koda been?

    What have you recently been up to, Koda?
    Have you been well?


    Posted by Tead

    • Herro!

      I've been at my girlfriend's family's holiday house for a couple of weeks, then back into the city again. I fly home in a couple of weeks too, so we're making the most of the time we have.

      Tomorrow we have a barbecue outing with some friends that I'm looking forward to :3

      How have you been? :>

      Posted by kodachrome

  • Huh?



    Posted by Tead

  • Koda,

    Have a Merry Christmas....
    This instant!

    I really do hope that you and yours have a very safe and Happy Holidays.

    Take care and have a Happy New Years!

    Posted by Tead

    • Hi Tead!

      It was a good Christmas :) Though family dramas as ever, but we got through it! A lot of food was consumed, a huge thunderstorm was experienced and that was that.

      It should hopefully be an acceptable new year too! I hope yours is exciting!

      Posted by kodachrome

    • Thank you,

      Your Christmas sounds as though it was exciting. Thunder storms can be cool.

      Food is naturally great fun.


      Some random recipe off the top of your head.
      Something that you can quickly think up that is delicious.


      Posted by Tead

  • If Koda knew about all those licks I hit, he'd have a gosh darn fit, flip, and split my wig...

    Posted by Guinea

    • tell me more tell me more tell me more

      like does he have a car?

      ahuh ahuh ahuh!

      Posted by kodachrome

    • Oh my god. I feel like such a waste of life.

      Posted by Guinea

    • I for one believe that if more people quoted Grease to you on zelda universe online internet discussion boards forums forums I feel like your life would be a whole lot improved

      Posted by kodachrome

    • You think some old 80s movie will improve my life in the here and now? You have a nice night, sir! Sorry for... uh... whatever!

      Posted by Guinea

    • Well to be fair, it was released in 1978 :3

      How're things otherwise?

      Posted by kodachrome

  • Koda!


    How is Koda today?
    What have you been doing?

    Reading any good books, seen any good movies, done anything totally awesome recently?

    Talk to Tead,

    Posted by Tead

    • Heya Tead!

      Things are good! :) Took Kaylin to the Gold Coast for the afternoon and to a football game (it wasn't the most exciting game, but I think she enjoyed it on some level at least) so far it's been a decent few days. I'm enjoying myself a lot!

      I'm hopefully going to take her to a screening of The Room in a couple of weeks, but that's about the only movie I've been thinking of seeing lately, because there's not a lot out that I'm interested in alas.

      How are things with you? :D

      Posted by kodachrome

    • Hey now!

      You know, I always thought you also live in Australia, Koda.
      You are in California?

      A football game! I bet that was interesting.
      You know, I do not much like watching football, but I loved to play it a lot when I was younger. We had tons of fun. Basketball too, that was a lot of fun as well, but I had more fun with football. Yes, playing sports is much more enjoyable than watching them.

      The movie The Room does look good, you know. I just watched the video trailer for it. Nice. I am hoping to treat myself for a movie on Christmas, or as near as I can go to see one. I might watch that if it is playing.

      Well! It seems as though you two are having fun!


      Posted by Tead

    • Hey Koda,

      That movie you mentioned The Room, is that the one with the recent remake?

      I want to see The Last Jedi. Have you seen that?
      Is that supposed to be the last in that series of movies, do you know?

      How is school, still doing well I suspect?

      I myself am tired but cannot sleep just yet because I want to wash my clothes because I have a lot to get done today.

      Well, I hope everything is still doing well for you.

      Posted by Tead

    • Hey Tead!

      Sorry it took me a while to reply! The Gold Coast is a place south of my city (a considerably touristy one, at that!) I was however in California in the earlier half of the year for a brief moment.

      It was unfortunately not the most interesting game (and ended in a draw, sadly) I definitely agree that playing sports can be much more interesting than watching, although I found the atmosphere of the crowd quite enjoyable (and the comments from the girlfriend rather amusing too)

      Yes, The Room had a recent semi-remake. The recent film is about the creation of The Room and around the creator’s personality and all that kind of stuff. I really want to see that at some point - that movie is called The Disaster Artist.

      I am not very well-versed on the Star Wars films and universe I’m afraid! But I believe it might just be the last in the current trilogy before there’s yet more in the future. I’m uncertain, as it’s not my forte however.

      School is finished for the year before I hopefully begin proper full-time university study next February. The results have been positive, and I should hopefully get into the course I want to if nothing else changes with their entry requirements (they change every year depending on the number of people applying, so I can only use previous years’ stats as examples, naturally)

      In any case, I hope that you got an appropriate amount of sleep post-clothes-washing and things-getting-doneing!

      Posted by kodachrome

    • Koda,

      The two of you really do sound as if you are enjoying your visit with each other. I am glad! I wish you both the best for your holidays.

      I have mentioned this already, but I am going to be here alone for Christmas. Naturally I will call home.

      I believe you have mentioned before, but could you please remind me, what is your major? Did you say Language Arts? Because that sounds like a lot of fun to me!

      I just know you will do exceptionally well, Koda. I can tell just by talking with you.

      LOL, did those movies The Room and The Disaster Artist receive terrible ratings or something, yet many people went to see them anyway? I have seen a video review but I have since forgotten what exactly was said about The Room.

      It does look as though the remake was done very well, as far as for making things look the same as the original. Even the main characters look quite alike. I think that is cool.

      If you could have anything for Christmas (within reason) what would it be?

      I would like a new laptop, or a Windows tablet powerful enough to produce my digital art and to also play some games on, because I want to eventually start a channel.

      Well, Koda, I hope to talk with you again soon.

      Posted by Tead

  • Mɥɐʇs nd qɹɐ¿ (∩dsᴉpǝ poʍu so ᴉʇs ǝɐsᴉǝɹ ɟoɹ ʎon ʇo ɹǝɐp ᴉʇ sᴉuɔǝ ʎon lᴉʌǝ ᴉu ∀nsʇɹɐlᴉɐ' ʎon pou,ʇ ɥɐʌǝ ʇo ɟlᴉd ʎonɹ ɯouᴉʇoɹ ɐuʎɯoɹǝ)

    Posted by Aquamentus

  • hey bra read our conversation. important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by THE LORD VALORN

  • Hello Koda,

    What have you been up to and how have you been?

    I am glad to learn that you are doing so well in school. I wish you continued success with your studdies.

    What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
    Will you be returning home to your parents?
    Will you be doing any of the cooking?

    I will be here alone, though, tomorrow there is a community lunch for Thanksgiving, and I will attend that.
    I am looking forward to that, as it gives me a chance to socialize.

    I think that I might also watch some movies and work more with my art projects.
    I have an art thread now: Tead and the World of Art. I think that you will very much enjoy what I have posted there.

    I wish you the best for Thanksgiving, Koda.

    Take care,

    Posted by Tead

    • Hello Tead!

      I have not been up to much today, as the first day of any holiday should be about relaxation. However I have been reviewing my university preferences in preparation for the deadline on 08 December, as I want to make a somewhat informed choice before signing off on the next three years.

      We have not a thanksgiving! So it is just another day here. I believe that is a fairly North American holiday thing. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun having people around for such an event, though! Socialising can be a lot of fun.

      Will check out the thread. Your art is pretty cool!

      Enjoy your Thanksgiving! :)

      Posted by kodachrome

    • Hey Koda,

      Sorry for the late reply.
      My Thanksgiving was ok, LOL.

      I am writing this because I had written something here earlier that I wanted to post for an above reply.

      Lucky for you though, since now I get to write something more to you.
      Though, this is equally nice for me, because who does not like to speak more frequently with you?
      Am I right?

      Yes, I am very much correct, thank you!

      I read your post regarding the Lumina 1020, and that is a very nice phone with a very nice camera. I have not had that as a phone myself but I was thinking about it, because who does not want a 41MP camera on their phone?

      Does it even make sense at all not to?
      What happened to yours?

      Well, Koda, I will hopefully talk with you again soon.

      Posted by Tead

  • hay bra, read my post on my BOTW timeline thread

    Posted by THE LORD VALORN