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  • for some reason I always thought you were a ZUer who lived like RIGHT NEXT TO ME but it was someone else

    shame too, cause you're pretty cool

    Posted by Jonah

  • I think you are funny!

    Posted by Buu

  • you should post more

    i like seeing you post around the place!

    Posted by notthatothername

  • hi paaaaaaanda

    Posted by Jonah

  • **looks at the horizon, gasps, then squints to concentrate ** ..

    .. It cannot be

    THE Greatest Panda of all time!

    heyyyyy buddy, hope you're doing great and having a sMASHing time
    I know I'm late, but hey - a wonderful new 2012 for you (it;s cRAZY that it's 2012 already, madness, no? )
    I hope this year sees you happy, content, and feeling great in every way :>>>

    Is that a recent photo?
    I don;t want to believe you went ahead and chopped off all those beautiful glossy locks :<
    **sellotapes old shiny-hair photo of Panda ontop of this pic** :>>>>

    (peace to you ~__^)

    Posted by Anime_Queen

  • I've gone by Gabachi, gaba33, Gabachi-Chan, Crystal, and Gobochi in the past in case any of those ring a bell.

    Posted by Gaba

  • I saw your thread about what happened to your ex..

    I don't think you're a terrible person at all. I think you're justified in laughing a bit.

    Sorry she did all that to you. :/ Has it gotten any better? The effects of it all, I mean.

    Posted by Jonah

  • lol, you have the funniest posts hahahahaa

    Posted by TheCrazyFinn

  • Hello there. We're going to be friends now. I'm sure it feels wonderful. What do you think?

    Posted by Malia

  • yes it is, yes I am, and so are you.

    awesome, that is, not necessarily magic.

    you might be magic too, I dunno.

    Posted by gerudoyoshi

  • absolutely.


    Posted by gerudoyoshi

  • Much obliged.

    Posted by Postman

  • You are awesome.

    Posted by Postman

  • And I approve of yours. It's very... Great. :P

    Posted by LexanPanda

  • Done that thing you PMed me.

    Posted by SuperDecimal

  • :3
    Hollow Bastion is great.

    Posted by Melpomene

  • Thank you. To be honest, my adoptee ModernZelda was actually the one that gave me the idea to don on my Iron Man siggy/avy pair (now we're twins:P). I can't wait for Iron Man 2 comes out (and then watch the ending for any special mention about the Avengers movie)!

    What's the likelihood of Spider-man and/or Wolverine getting involved in the Avengers movie? Different companies (I'm too lazy to check, so I'll just ask)?


    Posted by BigGoronSword

  • Eh, I still think your video beats mine. My vid's halograms are still grainy and it seems like it can only show a few items at a time on "the screen". If all goes well, maybe the future will just have four tall towers for speakers, and on the sides of the speakers will be projectors for the 3D screen. What do you think of that?


    Posted by BigGoronSword

  • [QUOTE=The Great Panda;3250361][URL=""][/URL]

    I believe this is relevant.[/QUOTE]
    When it comes to 3D, that is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! Sure he was focusing the idea on video games, but when I saw the football stands, I was just thinking "WOW! How great would this be for sports!" People would have different opinions if the ball was on the line or not by using the sensors. Awesome! Thanks for bringing this up^_^

    However, I think that [URL=]this[/URL] may ultimately be the future of TVs and video games. They'd just need to find out to make it more compact. And just imagine if they made a movie theater surrounding this projector. Different audience members would see different aspects of the same movie.

    James Camron is fully behind Panasonic's CES HD 3D TVs which may very well be sold next year.


    Posted by BigGoronSword

  • Pretty well. Gettin' busy with stuff, school and sports and whatnot. How you doin?

    Posted by Pan!

  • My brother. I have not seen you in ages.

    Posted by Pan!

  • cocks

    Posted by DrkMtx3

  • you shall be the last I will ask this question!
    finish this sentence:
    and when we got there I ______________

    Posted by Tar Potomi &#377;ëngrïn

  • Pandas rock

    Posted by Death Valley 69

  • LMAO xD. *fixes Wall*

    Posted by Izagar


    Posted by Izagar

  • *tiptoes over, leaves a single wee flower on the profile page, and tiptoes off again** :>>

    Posted by MovieKing

  • Who is the dude in ur avatar

    PS can i add u to friends u sound cool pandas rule

    Posted by Death Valley 69

  • OH ****! Mighty Morphin'?

    Yeah you win.

    Posted by forte

  • ...What's a puttie?

    Posted by forte