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  • It's your turn in Playing with Lava, my friend. :)

    Posted by Drammor

  • I feel that it has been an appropriate amount of time to administer a friendly reminder poke to you.


    Posted by Kurai

    • You are correct. Man, I just don't have as much computer time as i used to have.
      I've thought of a plan for what happens next, and how to include whathisface. I'll have a post up by next weekend at the latest.

      Posted by I)ragon

  • "Oh photobucket. How I loath you."

    Just accept Imgur as your image hosting overlord. :P

    Posted by Rithrius

  • What are you doing here, who sent you? Is this some sort of trick? <.< >.>

    I keel u

    Posted by quick silver

  • Ayyyyyy

    Posted by Aerilaya

  • I have had you recommended as a writing partner.

    Posted by Rakshael

  • wow, it's the I)-man, haven't heard from you in a bit. Kinda left me hangin' :P (…-and-the-Mercenary-ragon/).

    Posted by gerudoyoshi

  • i may not be in a fantastic position to roleplay right now, but i would love to at some point.

    Posted by Rakshael

  • I'm curious; why does Zara assume that Mercury is intoxicated? Also his flirtations at this point are pretty much normal behaviour. If you think that's flirtatious, you ain't seen nothing yet. ;)

    Posted by Dante Alighieri

    • Cause she has a low regard for humans, and she heard him say "I shouldn't have drunk that rum last night" But you're right, he's not drunk at the moment. I think I'll change it to Boozer xP And I believe you about the flirting thing

      Posted by I)ragon

  • No. Definitely not. But it would try. xD

    Posted by Ruki

  • You know, I think you just might win this thing

    Posted by hoodedone

  • Oh and I'll post them getting to the door, if that's all right with you.

    Posted by hoodedone

  • Same, actually ;)
    I was actually skyping with strydie on how Balthazar was doing do make sure no powerplaying happens.

    Posted by hoodedone

  • Screech, throw poop at them and try to take Balt from them, slapping their hands. Because I like to amuse myself.

    Posted by Ruki

  • Wow... it's been longer than I thought! I'll get a post in as soon as I ken.

    Posted by Fairess

  • OK. I had locked the thread, and I don't want anyone else to post before you >.>

    Posted by Ruki

  • Let me know when you are ready to post if you don't need any more from me.

    Posted by Ruki

  • All right then, let's make epic things!

    Posted by hoodedone

  • Same to you! I'm very curious as to how this will turn out. Be sure to tell me if you feel that I'm too harsh, it's fun I'm after and taking away from others' good time is no fun to me. I will however give this my all to win ;)

    Posted by hoodedone

  • Aww, you poor thing. Are those tears, or are you just leaking again? :P

    I actually love the position you've taken. It gives the whole tournament concept a new side.

    Posted by hoodedone

  • Lori isn't staying. She is going to help Gauis. She feels its wrong to let someone stay behind and play decoy.

    Posted by Ruki

  • Hullo! I hope you know I working real good on my character (in my brain piece). Sooooo get ready for an epic(possibly) story =]

    Posted by soulseeker

  • Ninja would be correct, yes. She's here to fight, and knows it.

    Posted by Sabbo

  • Mkay. Just had a thought ^^

    Posted by Ruki

  • Pst, unless you have another idea, Lori can appetiate her and Zyler into the room.

    Posted by Ruki

  • Alright, sorry about that D:

    Posted by insaney

  • Sooooooon

    Posted by Halcyon Hero

  • OK, will do.

    Posted by Ruki

  • I think it's Ruki's turn.

    Posted by insaney

  • You're welcome. How's it going? ^~^

    Posted by Starlight Skyloftian