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  • Hey quick silver, you're a Dinnie :p

    If you want participate in this game night I suggest A) you should go post in din (not a requirement but din is fun!) and B) add me on skype (solseter1) and I can add you to our group :>

    Posted by goronmario

  • Oh hulllloooooo *tackle hugs* I miss your face :'( Also you're awesome :) and and and and and words words words. I thought I would have a longer message but it just didn't happen *dies a sad death*

    Posted by soulseeker

  • A birthday you have! Happy it shall be.

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  • Happy b-day

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  • Happy birthday :3

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  • Happy B day~

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  • Happy Birthday!

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  • Happy Birthday!

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  • Tell D-man to come one and stuff~

    I need my drawing of Kestrel agaiiiiin~

    Posted by Halcyon Hero


    Posted by Súndav Istalrí

  • [QUOTE=quick silver;5012199]The whole 'killed his own followers' and 'picked up the triforce with bloodstained fingers' was completely tacked on, made up, and embellished from the original story by NoA.[/QUOTE]

    The Japanese comics picked up on it, though, it seems.


    Nothing worth theorizing about, but pretty interesting nonetheless.

    Posted by gamtos

  • Why do you say so?[QUOTE="[URL=]quick silver[/URL]"]. . .

    but the BA doesn't seem to like me much.[/QUOTE]

    Posted by N64

  • I see, so he doesn't log into ZU nowadays, I presume?

    Posted by N64

  • You're welcome! btw how's your brother?

    Posted by N64

  • lol, I expected you to look like your avatar..... BUT! Nooooooooooo....... [SPOILER]jk[/SPOILER] :XD:

    Posted by N64

  • [QUOTE=you]Huge amazing post in Din.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks for that. Reality is reality and peeps who cant understand that make me MAD!

    Posted by Florina Laufeyson

  • I haven't seen you on MC for a while, did you leave again? :(

    Posted by Snow Leopard

  • Happy Birthday to you!

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  • Happy B day~

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  • Hey quicky, I just wanted to clarify, no ill will over the whole deal. :lol: I know I have no problem with Port getting all fat (all those cakes lying around is bound to do that X_X) and stuff. :lol: Lot of people like Port and will probably continue to like it. I know I do, most of the time. ;) Just gotta make sure the people are okay with their outside stuff being included, is all. :lol: Like I said in the thread, the only reason I got particularly uppity was what Snow said, that's it. Probably gonna finish my Port house, some day in the (probably far, I'm lazy) future, plus the farm is pretty damn useful. :lol:

    Also, reading this as a finished message, those smileys up there are pretty obnoxious... I should cut down in the future.

    Posted by Parrot Grass

  • I guess I'll take it to V since it's off topic.

    He doesn't respect people's choices. He made a lake of fire, and only a lake of fire to put people that don't worship him where souls are either destroyed or tortured for eternity. There are multiple instances of villages being destroyed for having different beliefs.

    He told the prophets what to put in the Bible. meaning anything false or contradictory is on him. He condoned raping women as long as the father is paid a certain amount of silver. Or if you kill off her family and everyone that cares about her. Jesus is supposed to be God, yet he obviously has different opinions on how to deal with people. So I guess he changed his mind, though that would imply he was wrong. Perfect people are never wrong.

    Look at the story of Job. Job's friends told him to stop complaining and repent, but God came down and said they were wrong for thinking it was all on Job. He's basically saying he's in the wrong. When Job asks why he's doing what he does, he just starts talking about creating the world and knowing everything. Not that he made some bet with someone. and this is what he does to his most loyal followers. Yeah the devil is the one who actually does the killing, but he told him to. And no, giving back stuff doesn't make it ok. If someone kidnapped, tortured you, and ruined your life, giving you a new house, family, and money to pay for the hospital visit and lost work days does not make it ok.

    Posted by Chad

  • Dammit, Quick. Why aren't you on the server when I'm all alone building the gauntlet? :(

    Posted by Sardine

  • Akleptic, I'm going to work on marking some 'lots' in Port Serenity with 'empty lot' signs, you can build in any one of them.

    There aren't any set size limits or prices, really, more like some empty spaces between buildings that could use filling.

    There are some building rules, but I'd say 80-90% of residents never even break them anyway, just use common sense, and if there are any issues, I'll keep you reprised.

    We're pretty chill for the most part. In any case welcome to Port, enjoy your stay!

    Posted by quick silver

  • I was told to ask you for permission on receiving a spot to build on Port Serenity!
    May I have one or is there a task, some sort of payment, do you want me to do your laundry or buy you dinner for a week?

    Posted by heroofsomething

  • I can picture you spinning around slowly in a tall black chair stroking your cat right now. lol.

    Posted by Hoyden

  • I'm baaaack...... dun dun dunnnnn

    Posted by Hoyden

  • Yeah, good times :D I'll probably be helping build a city in the desert soon, so hopefully you'll see me around! I like your avatar btw :P who is best pony?

    Posted by charliechip95

  • Hey, I haven't been online for a while! How've things been? :)

    Posted by charliechip95

  • You should check the pony thread in the entertainment section. The brony community is becoming rather large on ZU.

    Posted by Gaba

  • Lol, like the avatar.

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