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  • ya bih is back but you're not! ;u;

    Posted by $lut

  • and yeah, i am so entranced by this video. it is really amazing and i think i would love it even if i didn't like the song

    Posted by Holden

  • oh, okay!! i wasn't sure because i didn't remember if i had you on skype or not (which would be weird if i didn't)

    i'm glad you liked it!! i saw it and the first i thought was that this was totally your kind of thing.

    haven't seen korra yet. i worked all day yesterday and then i forgot it was happening and then i forgot it was also THREE episodes, so. gonna try and catch up asap

    Posted by Holden

  • idk if i wished you happy birthday. happy birthday.

    have you heard the [URL=""]new kimbra single[/URL]? it's fucking insane in the best way

    Posted by Holden

  • Happy birthday, fellow Farorian! :D

    Posted by Moriquendi

  • Happy day of birth

    Posted by Xeno

  • Happy birthday!

    Posted by Scarrrrr

  • From years ago. 2006-08.

    Posted by Diehard Zelda Fan

  • Does the name LINK MARTHONIA mean anything to you?

    Posted by Diehard Zelda Fan

  • my parents didn't want me to study just english. but i like it well enough! i plan on going to law school later. i'm in the last half of my first year.

    i wouldn't have expected physics from you either!

    Posted by Holden

  • engineering and english! you?

    Posted by Holden

  • busy busy busy with school things since august! hbu

    Posted by Holden

  • i'm sorry.
    what happened?

    Posted by Holden

  • I saw you followed me on tumblr and I dig that a lot.

    Posted by Lly

  • I'll tell you everything over skype in a bit if you've got time!

    Posted by IGNIS

  • Hope you had a merry christmas and happy new year, I've really missed you :')

    Posted by IGNIS

  • Saw you post in the Game of Thrones thread. Thought you might be interested in joining the A Song of Ice & Fire group. It's mostly for readers, so spoilers ahead if you haven't read everything.
    [url=]Zelda Universe Forums - The world's largest Legend of Zelda fan community - A Song of Ice and Fire fans[/url]


    Posted by BigGoronSword

  • [url][/url]


    Posted by IGNIS

  • Hey Conde :3

    Posted by samuel

  • ain't nothing conge

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • hi conde~
    would you mind if i made a thread in entertainment media that basically consisted of me reviewing rap music? so basically an internet journal of me writing reviews, where other members can view and partake in. i promise to make it wonderful and eventful!

    Posted by brokenjoker

  • yes, we need to talk asap

    Posted by IGNIS

  • Hi Conde sorry to bother you, this is Hagakure (2nd account). For some reason I've been banned and I don't know why; as far as I know I followed the rules and no specified reason was given when the "you have been banned" thing showed up. Do you know why I was banned and if I can be unbanned or something?
    also sorry to be bothering you i'm just messaging all the active forum staff now, haha

    Posted by Hagakure2

  • Wtf I didn't wish you a happy birthday :o

    happy belated birthday Conde and many more ;_;

    Posted by IGNIS

  • hEY! I'm planning to organize it after e3. help me out and be my partner dawg. We're so doing this.

    Get back to me in skype we haven't talked in forever

    Posted by IGNIS

  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Amariel

  • 1. Happy birthday Conde! Hope it's a fan-fucking-tastic one.
    2. For the longest time, I thought your sig was Lizzy Caplan. On a related note, I just heard my first Fiona Apple song, ever (as far as I know). Thanks for that!

    Posted by Lunchbox*

  • happy birthday conde :heart:

    Posted by Holden


    Posted by WolfLinkMidna

  • Happy birthday Conde!

    Posted by Scarrrrr