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  • I haven't seen you in a while, I recognized that CR right away haha - glad to see an old face :)

    Posted by Viajero de la Galaxia

    • Hey Viajero, Nice to be considered an "old face". :) I'm not as active as I would like to be. But something keeps me coming back every once in awhile.

      Posted by Joe

  • hallo

    Posted by goronmario

  • Christ almighty do I feel burned out though. The pressure of the last few days ...

    One day we'll be on the same team, Joe.

    Posted by interestingdrug

  • [quote]Had I not revealed my role pm, ID was my next target that day. In the heat of the moment, I made a huge mistake. It's possible that I screwed the town over. Now I feel like crap, actually.[/quote]

    Don't sweat it, I was the Godfather so you would have likely received an innocent or thereabouts reading anyway. My role warped investigations.


    Posted by interestingdrug

  • Hi there! I've been busy traveling the past couple days and have had time to sign on but not really look at any of the forums, so I just noticed the post you made in the Talented Users thread and I was so touched. ;_; Thank you so much. Although, the drawing you linked is actually a colored pencil drawing, I just drew onto watercolor paper. I hope you don't feel deceived. ^0^; When you mentioned it earlier I thought you were referring to another work I had done which actually was watercolors, though it's pretty old by now.

    Posted by beroa

  • It occurs to me that that last message might seem a little flippant, which is not my intent. So now to try something a bit more in-depth:

    Believe it or not, I'm not hugely concerned if people belong to a church or not. Most people I know are Christians of varying stripes, and they're all good people. That said, I'm obviously not opposed to atheism, agnosticism, or any other creed.

    What I do care about is that everyone makes an informed decision for themselves. I'm glad, and honoured, that my ramblings here lead to you being willing to examine what you believed in and to take that step, immense as it is.

    Posted by John

  • Well, thank you kindly.

    Posted by John

  • It's the wizard from the story in the manual for Zelda II. My inspiration came from this post:
    [QUOTE=ASBW;5300957]I think it's the wizard from the AoL backstory.

    I call him "The Wizard of LoZ."

    [SIZE="1"]get it?[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

    Posted by The Wizard of LoZ

  • Thanks, lol.

    Posted by The Wizard of LoZ

  • Oh my gosh thank you! I actually just recently had a watercolor painting published in the literary journal at my school. ^.^ Though it was one I did a while ago.

    Posted by beroa

  • Thank you Joe :>

    Posted by Ahluk

  • do you surf

    Posted by Windra

  • That is so rad

    Posted by Windra

  • Geez
    sounds rough

    Posted by Windra

  • "I haven't seen snow in 15 years, no lie."

    Posted by Windra

  • xD Yeah, a break would be nice! I was just telling gamtos, I've sent/received roughly 350-400 PMs about Mafia, and it only lasted a week and a half O_O

    Posted by Spagh

  • Thanks man! I'm really glad it turned out so well. I was terrified that my bastard role madness would become horribly imbalanced, but my oh my did that go better than expected. Two Townies and one Mafia left for a day? Wow.

    Posted by Spagh

  • Oh, how I wish I did :') would've made my killcount a bit less... all over the place. I love how ridiculously misleading this game was for me :heart:

    Posted by gamtos

  • Hi there.

    Posted by Windra

  • Oh it's fine man. I was trying to answer them using some proof to support our beliefs while also throwing in some comments of my own. It was my bad for not plopping those links in my posts or at least editing them into the introduction. I've been at work all day so it's been a little hard to find time to manufacture valid responses purely off the top of my head. Thanks for writing to me though, I appreciate the consideration! c:

    Posted by Apples

  • Never heard of it, but I like the character design. Thanks!

    Posted by KeeSomething

  • Hey, what's your avatar from?

    Posted by KeeSomething

  • Yeah, I just tested out the last deathpost and it just managed to cut off the last few lines.

    It also doesn't let you colour the text, so perhaps I'll just wait until the next game to use it.

    Posted by Spagh

  • You wonderful man.

    Posted by Spagh

  • 'Just wanted to stop by and say hello :)

    Posted by Gamer Miki

  • Dude! I hope you enjoy your future trek into Etrian Odyssey. It's one of my favorite series now that I've played through them all. When you're done with EO4 check out the demo for Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. It just came out on the 1st and I'm playing it now. It's sick

    Posted by Hoopy Frood

  • Happy Birthday! :D

    Posted by MarioMaster1337

  • Happy birthday^^

    Posted by Moriquendi

  • Truly, you are too kind. :P

    To answer your question, I have not even managed to finish a chapter past what I posted here. The little free time I have has shifted far more to working on my music. Speaking of, if you want to see what I've been doing while away, I recommend visiting [url=]here[/url].

    Posted by Hank Pym

  • How fares it, my friend? Can't remember if you ever knew me by this name (Aralith), or if you were only familiar with me under the alias Shinespark. At any rate, I am back and saying hello to all of my old ZU pals who I haven't spoken with in a while.

    Posted by Hank Pym