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  • Happy Birthday Foofs. How's Farore?

    Posted by N64

  • SUDS, where in the royal Fu** have you been?

    Posted by Bruce

    • Pokemon only fills the gaping gap of lonliness for only so long yeh know, you needs friends cun*.

      Posted by Bruce

    • Oi miss yehs, much homoes as needed.

      Posted by Bruce

  • Your name is like my life. LET'S BE BEST BUDDIES!!! :D

    Posted by trolliface

  • you're up in scene it again

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • yo foofs you won the last Scene It round so you're up again

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • oh god that pun

    Posted by Windra


    Posted by Windra

  • [QUOTE=Mafoofoo;5449753]From my extremely limited amount of interaction with you (I think it was literally like 10 lines on skype) you seemed childlike in the sense that the smallest things seemed to charm you to no end like finding out what I did for a living. Something which was nice to know still exists in today's world. Other than that you use those emoticon tihngs like xD and 0_0 or something alot.

    I did feel a burning sense of hatred towards you and all of your kin on the 4th of July though. What with you all being English and what not. But it passed once it became the 5th.[/QUOTE]
    Thanks for your response, Mafoo. :) This is helpful.

    Also I am very much American, my flag lies. I set it as UK years ago and just forgot to change it. Sorry for the confusion!

    Posted by Zeldax3

  • Hey, I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Posted by Zeldax3


    Post your deets here

    And I very much doubt we'd find you boring. =)
    Give it a try!

    Posted by EmptyStar

  • Yeeaaa, for sure man.

    It's good to have some sort of positive attitude, even if it all seems negative.

    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • I'm sorry man. :C

    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • Thats a good attitude to have actually man.

    Right now, things suck, but eventually, You'll be alright :)

    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • Yea, I do the same (except spending money) video games definitely help out with coping with situations by distracting you.

    Napping is the overlord it seems when it comes to that though.

    You doin alright though man? I mean, I know we don't know each other all too well, which doesn't incline you to tell me any of your feelings, but if you needed someone to talk to my PM box is always open.

    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • well damn man, how are you coping with it?

    You doin alright?

    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • Nonetheless, I really feel for you man.

    Break-ups can be quite the challenge, especially when you have to see them post-breakup at work or in public.

    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • also.

    [QUOTE] Sex can be ❤❤❤❤ty (and it usually is)[/QUOTE]


    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • Lack of maturity could be the case in a lot of aspects here. Work is what we do for a living, no one can change that.

    If someone is feeling ignored because you're trying to show you're supervisors at your place of work that you're dependable, then whatever significant other you might have might just have to get used to it.

    You can't change that.

    Do you both have a large age difference?

    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • It's a lot to take in. I know.

    But seriously-- I'm simply welcoming you to get clan! I look forward to seeing you around.

    Posted by EmptyStar


    I'm ES, one of the Farore mods and future bestie.


    Posted by EmptyStar

  • Well, do you feel that you've done something wrong?

    I mean, have you neglected her for something else?

    That can make a girl want strange things friend.

    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • well, do you consider yourself a good guy?

    I mean, you treated her good right?

    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • well, figuratively speaking.. You can drink as well as break shit while dwelling on it, but that probably won't help very much.

    Just kidding.

    seriously though, It happens to the best of us man.
    Girls who can't be faithful, they're just whores.
    They don't deserve to be with us good guys out there bro.

    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • [QUOTE]Single as of 15minutes ago thanks to a real bro letting me know my now ex is a cheating hoe. So whoo hoo, time to drink away the anger![/QUOTE]

    Drink away my friend, drink away.

    It's happened to most of us.

    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • Still rolling in the moniez, then, eh? ;33

    Posted by Malia

  • Not too bad! Just working as a freelancer these days with two jobs, so working as my own boss these days, and pleasantly surprised at how much I'm enjoying it! How about you? Whatcha been up to these days.

    Posted by Malia

  • Your profile is by far the funniest one I have seen on this website. :XD:

    Posted by The Wizard of LoZ

  • what's going on, gangster ;3

    Posted by Malia

  • ROFL! Thats hilarious!
    But no that was not me. I never go to LA. [s]Now you must live with the fact someone knows what you look like.[/s]

    Posted by Florina Laufeyson

  • You're welcome-o!


    Posted by BigGoronSword