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  • Happy birthday :0

    Posted by Chel

  • :3

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  • Hello there,
    How are you? I hope that you are fine. In addition, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Welcome to the board! I can tell that you are well on your way to getting to know people and to learn your way around. There is a lot to do here, a lot to learn, and there is a lot of fun to be had here as well.
    As you can see, there are a lot of nice people here who are more than ready to help and to get to know you.
    If you need any help what so every, you could even ask me, if you so desire to.
    I am new myself, but I know my way around, or at very least, I can point you to someone trustworthy that may assist you.

    I really do hope that you enjoy yourself here,

    Posted by Tead

  • You might not see this, but happy birthday regardless!

    (I know we've not spoken much but you should still have a nice day)

    Posted by Mordred

  • Chibi, I wanna talk to yew about that book cover you did some time ago and remember I wanted to buy it from you but I couldn't at the time? Now I can and I wondered if I could still do that. ^^ I have our old pms if you don't remember exactly what I'm talking about. I also wondered if we could chat on skype or something about the other two books if you would be interested in working with them too.

    Posted by Sakume

    • Oh hiya! EEK so much time passed!

      Skype is totes fine if you wanna chat - I'm on my phone so I'll have to dig through stuff to find out what Past Chibi said.

      My skype hasn't changed ^^

      Posted by HitokiriChibi

  • post in ddiiiiinnnnn

    Posted by goronmario

  • :o

    Posted by Cody

  • i seeee youuuuu

    Posted by Aurelia

  • On the topic of GW2, which server are you on/what's your character name? :P

    Posted by eeks

  • [IMG][/IMG]

    Posted by Halcyon Hero

  • Also I'll post in Gargoyles and stuff sooooon.

    Posted by Halcyon Hero

  • Hey. If you could write a quick thing for [URL=""]this[/URL], you'd have my eternal gratitude.

    Doesn't have to be long!

    Posted by Silver

  • Woot! I like it

    Posted by I)ragon

  • [IMG][/IMG]

    Posted by Nesi

  • I hope the names are alright with you. I can edit them if you had anything else in mind.

    Posted by Dante Alighieri

  • The writing event is about the advertising board this year :P But okay, if you're too busy I understand! In any case you should still pop into Din every now and then and say hi :3

    Posted by Spagh

  • Hey Chibs, how are you?

    I was thinking that you should totally represent us the clan wars again this year! And you should pop into Din more often, it's nive when you post in there ^__^

    Posted by Spagh

  • Yes ma'am, queen of chibi court ma'am!

    Posted by Adriygas

  • Why thank you miss majestic artist chibi!

    Posted by Adriygas

  • I am back!!!

    Posted by Adriygas

  • Happy Birthday Chibi!

    Posted by Ruki

  • CHIBIDAY OMG <33333333

    Posted by insaney

  • Happy birthday Chibi!

    Posted by Spagh

  • I doooo. I'll write something some day. ;~;

    Posted by Halcyon Hero

  • Your post generated the following reaction:


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  • If you can find the name of the artist whom made this (I believe it is called "Blue Rain San Francisco") OR if it is available as a print, I'd greatly appreciate it: [url=]Paintings blue rain san francisco cable car alcatraz wallpaper | (59250)[/url]

    Posted by BigGoronSword

  • Thats okay ^^ i understand. Im just looking for an awesome artist to draw two OCs from my friends RPG

    Posted by morganiccx

  • Ohhh sounds cool! Might get into it :) WORLD DOMINAAAAATION!!!

    Hey Chibi, do you still take drawing requests??

    Posted by morganiccx

  • lol, Chibi's sexii bishies!!

    Im all for atory line when it comes to anime, and AoT has the best by far in my opinion. Theres alot of twists and turns and alot of characters to keep up with. Also it does get pretty gory and intense and you can't get attxhed to characters. Other than that, it sthe most amazing anime i have seen in my life. The animation is great, the various characters and thier back stories are each unique, the soundtrack is amazing and just the storyline. Ugh! Its just wonderful!

    I have a few friends who have started watching No game No life. Is it good? Any good action or Romance??

    Posted by morganiccx

  • Awww! That sucks about the teeth! I absolutely hate getting my teeth pulled! I also hope you find a new job ( which i know you definately will!!)

    Ive been pretty good. I just turned 17 on May 19th. My family got me the Wacom Manga drawing tab which was a huge surprise! Ive been working alot more on my art style trying my hardest to get better with it. Ive also been buay with school and college applications n such. Also been reaaal into Attack on Titan xP. Got alot of AoT merch for my Birthday.

    Posted by morganiccx