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  • It doesn't have to be this way. There's still time.

    Posted by Guinea

  • lets jam out to this

    Posted by Lucretia

  • join din

    Posted by Solsetur

  • I absolutely fugging remember you. Count Cutflake amirite?

    Posted by Lillia

  • Haha, yeah I felt the over lapping E string was pretty sharp :p

    And I play Fender! Well, I play a squire cause Im poor :p But I got a Standard Series Precision bass, so it comes with both the P and J pickups :3 It has all kinds of diversity, and Im loving the tone Im getting out of it with my friends Peavy TNT amp. I use ernie ball slinky strings, which give it a treble sound that growls :3

    This is him


    Haha, yeah its a him, his name is Harvey.

    What do you have?

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • How have you been man?

    Posted by Xeno

  • Happy belated bro.

    Posted by Xeno

  • Gelukkige Verjaardag!!!
    (OK beetje vroeg, maar zit nu op Finse tijdzone)

    Posted by FoxHound

  • Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

    Posted by gamtos

  • Hahahahaha why have I never seen this before?

    Posted by StinksAwakening

  • Timmm.

    Posted by Strawberry

  • [IMG][/IMG]

    Posted by Windra

  • Aw Tim, thank you :heart: You're always one of my old skool favez around here

    Posted by Malia

  • There's a really steep learning curve, in my opinion... and I tend to forget kanji if I don't use it often, which is really bad. After my first trip to Japan I figured out that knowing hiragana-only was almost the same as being illiterate.


    Posted by Sophie

  • I've been taking Japanese for years. I am not fluent, but I can do okay on my own in Tokyo on short trips (especially since a surprising number of people speak a little English). When you type in Japanese, you do it phonetically and then you get prompted for the kanji (the Chinese characters); I usually have to look up the kanji to make sure that I chose the right one if I don't already know it.

    Google translate is pretty much shit for Japanese.

    Posted by Sophie

  • 実は、秘密だから、誰にもそのことを言わないで下さい!
    [size=1]Just kidding (if you understood that).[/size] :XD:

    I had to look Yoko Kanno up (I did not know who she was). Her husband is handsome.

    Posted by Sophie

  • let's be friendsss

    Posted by Tootsieroll

  • My husband is from France-land and is only in the US on a temporary visa thanks to Fulbright, and now they're like GTFO. So that's why :p

    I have a minor in Japanese, but I've forgotten a lot already. Hopefully I can get into the JET program, so that I can immerse myself in it and actually be able to speak it well.

    Posted by Calypso

  • What's wrong with the netherlands? Never been anywhere in Europe outside of France, so i'm quite ignorant.

    I study "Interdisciplinary Art and Design" which is really just a fancy way of saying a bunch of random shit with a concentration in studio art/art history. i actually ~hope~ to get into game design, but...well, we'll see.

    are you fluent in all of those languages? That's pretty intense.

    Posted by Calypso

  • Ha, I'd like to! I've been wanting to do a cross-cultural travel thing for a while now, but time and money are huge constraints right now.

    That's too bad...i'm actually pretty nervous about unemployment, but for now I'm hiding out in college.

    Interpreter sounds pretty cool. What languages would you interpret?

    Posted by Calypso

  • Linguistics! My husband loves linguistics. What do you plan on doing career wise?

    It sounds pretty much exactly the same :p

    How's Belgium doing economy-wise?

    Posted by Calypso

  • ha!

    Do Belgian Universities work the same way French ones do, where the first like...3 years is your 'licence' then you can go a couple more years for what is basically your master's?

    What'cha studying?

    Posted by Calypso

  • Moving probably January or February to Paris--or at least, suburbs near Paris. Then, if I'm lucky enough to get into JET, I'll be going to Japan that summer.

    You almost done with Uni? After that, do you go back to Belgium, or...?

    Posted by Calypso

  • Hey!

    Eh, French life is still pretty Texan at the moment, though that will probably change next semester. Other than that, though, still going through the motions. How's life for you?

    Posted by Calypso

  • Happy birthday Lieutenant!

    Posted by Hayate Ayasaki

  • 'k Heb alleen Twitter maar gebruik dat bijna nooit. ;)

    Posted by Nielyboyken

  • Ahaa, daar komt m'n zus regelmatig, in de Bazaar. :P

    Ja, ik ken dat zwembad... Da's zo'n klein ding met een schuifafke he? :P

    Posted by Nielyboyken

  • Aha, nice. :DD
    Waar ergens in Bree?

    Posted by Nielyboyken

  • Bocholt. :P

    Posted by Nielyboyken

  • Haha! Gij ook?

    Posted by Nielyboyken