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  • *pokes*

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  • omg hello

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    • hello frendo

      Posted by Panique

    • how are you??

      Posted by Lady Sunshine

    • I'm good! Went back to uni, moved to a new place, hanging out with some great people, fun hobbies, etc :) How about you?

      Posted by Panique

    • nice nice, what are you studying?

      I am crazed, stressed, but good. Working in an art gallery and trying to figure out my future XD

      Posted by Lady Sunshine

    • Oh, that sounds cool. I'm just heading into my second year of a graphic design major.

      Posted by Panique

  • Can you terminate my account and all traces of it and delete all of the posts I have made?

    Posted by DD99

  • It was hard, but I chose Jane too. Kenny is just too angry, even in the first season he was always fast to tell Lee to fuck off and after Serita died he went over the edge. Also Jane is awesome and Kenny was the aggressor :P.

    Still though it was hard choosing a new awesome character over someone who was there from the beginning and was there for so much. Hopefully the choice we made matters in season 3 though. What's best about TWD is that if you look on steam threads about who people chose both sides seem so sure that their choice was the only one that made sense, which is the sign of a well made dilemma.

    Posted by Pietro

  • So Pani; Kenny or Jane? :P

    Also happy extra late birthday :)

    Posted by Pietro

  • I seem to remember you having your birthday a day or two ahead of me, so happy belated birthday! I hope you had a nice day^^

    Posted by Moriquendi

  • Happy belated Panique~

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  • [QUOTE=Panique;5471572]looool when I first looked at this photo I thought the picture in your locket was a picture of you and I was giggling because it looked like you were looking down happily at your locket with a picture of yourself inside it.

    Then I looked for more than half a second and realised what was actually happening.[/QUOTE]

    *giggle* And what did you realize was actually happening?

    Posted by Starlight Skyloftian

  • (I think you'd look great with short hair, just saying)

    Hello Pani :)

    Posted by Ahluk

  • Hey Pani how are you?

    Posted by Momo

  • I'm sitting here drinking cherry cola and watching Tabletop.

    So I'm doing alright.

    Posted by Poe Black

  • I seem to be having a bit of an active spurt on ZU.

    How's my favorite traitor doing?

    Posted by Poe Black

  • Good old nostalgia.


    Posted by Poe Black

  • I'm glad you've been well. Congratulations on the job! And awesome that you're sister was able to visit. I finally got that Zelda tattoo I told you about all that time ago lol. Things here are going not so great. My grandfather almost died on my birthday in surgery, and we were there all week to seek him. Going back this weekend to visit through at least wednesday. He's 95 so he's old, but I still fear for the worst. it's tough.

    I've been focusing on my writing for ZU. I would have gone to E3 if not for this business, which is frustrating but family was more important. I'm trying to make it as a gaming writer. It's tough, but I really think that's what I'm committing myself to now. Are you still doing Super Pani Land?

    Posted by Momo

  • I know someone who is just so awesome at eye makeup. I put a fair amount of effort into it for just leaving the house if I feel like being androgynous, but this person... [URL=""]God![/URL]

    Posted by Serenity

  • :( that sucks! it would kill my motivation. I'm doing a new playthrough of season 1 and importing just out of boredom in between the wait. It really is good though, especially once you reach episodes 2/3. I'm curious as to what episodes 4/5 have to bring, because I have no idea what is going to happen going forward.

    how have you been? I love your pics of your bunnies :)

    Posted by Momo

  • I love your avatar. :P have you played TWD season 2 yet at all?

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  • If I had a decent PC, and fast internet. I'd be all over ESO. For my sadness, I will replay Oblivion and Skyrim ;__;

    I haven't even heard of Wildstar xDD

    I hope you enjoy all the games :>

    Posted by Ahluk

  • Maybe it's because our hours are very different, or I just haven't seen you on ZU in forever

    Either way, it's great seeing you on ZU :)

    Posted by Ahluk

  • Whenever I wear the bunny hood in Majora's Mask I can't help but think of her. :P

    Posted by The Wizard of LoZ

  • Epic avatar. By far the best character on that show.

    Posted by The Wizard of LoZ

  • Hey there Pani! You retired as a supermod! You had an amazing run. You did awesome. Congrats, and don't leave us entirely! ♥

    Posted by Momo

  • Well there are two versions, the original Australian and the new American one on FOX. I'm watching the Australian one now because its better apparently, I definitely recommend it. I've just been watching a bunch of shows on Netflix recently because I just set up the account, I think I'm addicted XD.

    Posted by Pietro

  • Happy retirement :P.

    BTW, do you watch the Australian TV show Rake? My brother introduced me to it on Netflix and its great.

    Posted by Pietro

  • Hello there from your friendly CD-i Link! :)

    Posted by Momo

  • I'm a terrible person :>

    Posted by fohlin™

  • Usually people don't like to hear about my bathroom problems. I'm glad you appreciate it! :)

    Posted by KeeSomething