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  • I got full throttle remastered :)

    Posted by JP the Neurotic

    • Oh nice! Its a great game, have fun!

      Posted by Pietro

    • Thanks ! Super happy with remastereds since I was to young at the time when they cane out . Nothing will beat grim fandango though haha

      Posted by JP the Neurotic

  • If you hate centrists like me so much, then ban me!

    Posted by Hero of DINNER

  • Hi, I just got the 2215814bb4883cdb13937936a0aa0915cd5be553 error in the Mafia War Room, and I was then told to contact an admin. Thanks.

    Posted by Violothesheikahboy

  • Hi, I'm in the process of joining Nayru Clan, and I was told you could sort me out. It as Ty wouldn't be available now. Thanks.

    Posted by Violothesheikahboy

  • Thanks for nominating me for Most Nayru! I love my clan and it's a great honor that you picked me for that.

    Posted by TruEdge67

  • When Pietro nominates you for best avatar...

    Posted by Aquamentus

  • how dare you move all my irrelevant and dead threads that i didn't even really post in to begin with

    you m o n s t e r

    Posted by death.

  • Holy balls! You've been hard at work I see! I'm mortified by all my old threads that you moved. :P Thanks for taking time to keep everything clean!

    Posted by Breeze

    • Yep, we've gotten rid of some of the old boards so its necessary :)

      Posted by Pietro

  • You are sending me on an absolute nostalgia train with all of my old threads you're dredging up hahaha

    Posted by Mirren

    • I'm glad, seriously having to go back and move threads from 2005 and on just showed me how much ZU has improved because while I didn't read them all (or even close), I read some and the posting standards just seemed lower and I'm glad the general discourse has grown up and gotten more mature.

      It was fun to take a walk down memory lane considering I've been on this site for over half my life now.

      Posted by Pietro

  • Why are you deleting the Technology Subforum?

    Posted by Keyaki

    • Because there was very little activity in the subforum and in most subforums in fact. I believe that technology related threads will receive more activity in GCC and having them in a separate subforum that few people see would stifle activity in those threads.

      Posted by Pietro

  • Thanks for moving the thread. :)

    Posted by RealmWings

  • So I guess there's been some kind of forum rearrangement since I just got a bunch of pings about moved threads?

    Posted by Ciroton

    • Yep, we're deleting the Technology subforum.

      Posted by Pietro

    • Oh, noooooooooes!

      (Yeah, I kinda figured that's what was happening. Actually, I didn't even remember that that thread had been in there.)

      Posted by EzloSpirit

    • Figured that might be the case but didn't want to assume.

      Posted by Ciroton

  • Pietro, why did you move my 9-year-old thread about viewing ZU on a DSi? It's so up to date and useful, and now nobody can find it. How dare you! I'm so hurt.

    Posted by EzloSpirit

  • Hey man. Did you play any Sea of Thieves yet?

    Posted by Big Daddy Biggles

  • Can you link Twitch games to Steam?

    Posted by Serenity

  • I can send you a list of PS1 and PS2 games if they weren't donated yet, in case you would be interested in playing any of them. Most of them have probably been ported already (e.g., FFVII and VIII come to mind). I am hoping that my husband didn't do it after I told him to leave my stuff alone. >_<

    Posted by Jehanne

  • delete

    Posted by goronmario

  • I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Pietro!

    Posted by Guinea

  • Hey there Pietro, still a Broncos fan?

    How long have you been an admin?

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

    • Yep, still a Broncos fan, what a shitty season.

      Maybe 6 months, I'm not really sure actually.

      Posted by Pietro

    • I hear you, I’m not thrilled with the Lions either. They seem to fall apart the second half every season.

      Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

  • Hey Pietro, could I participate in your top 100 thingymabob.

    Posted by Mozly Alice

  • Hello Pietro,
    How have you been?


    Posted by Tead

  • ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓

    Posted by Aquamentus

  • Hello there, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day :3

    Posted by Lady Sunshine

  • HA Pietro oooooh snap. Lookin fancy fam

    Posted by Hector

  • Hello! How are you today!

    Posted by Mozly Alice

  • ...that avatar is more clever than I anticipated, when reverse Googling it o___o

    Posted by FroyoClaus

  • <pokes>

    Posted by linkthezora

  • do you watch Game Sack? like, i dont like playing snes and nes stuff but i LOVE hearing them talked about and stuff. :3

    Posted by Mercedes

    • Never heard of it, I'll look it up. But I love me some SNES!

      Posted by Pietro

    • I really like them, lol. Its these 2 guys who are collectors? And they have like, consoles I've never even heard of like the 3DO or TurboGraphics. But they just talk about these games and its really interesting, and they talk modern stuff too. :3 I've never played those games so its interesting to see them and have them talked about. See how far we've come!

      Should watch one of their new videos, like they did a review of the SNES.

      Posted by Mercedes

    • These videos are pretty good thanks! This is bringing back some great memories of the SNES and I want to break out some of these again. I haven't played some of these in ages. I have probably over 100 games and I keep getting more because it really isn't nostalgia I enjoy some that I never played before :). Like even the licensed properties like Disney stuff and the Pink Panther were fun.

      Posted by Pietro

    • Yeah I saw your post in SNES thread and just thought you either like Game Sack or might do. :3 And yeah, lol, you should do! Go play dem old classics. Since my first games were on PS1 its hard for me to go back but I can enjoy SOME of those old games. :) Are SNES games not expensive now? Since they're old and maybe rare.

      Posted by Mercedes

    • Depends on what games you get, most sell at below what they sold at back in the day. Its only when you get into the rare stuff like Earthbound and a lot of the Square, Enix and Natsune stuff that it gets ridiculous. But you can also get some really good stuff at 30-40 Canadian and even less. I got Chrono Trigger for 70$ a few months back which is great, I can easily sell it for 150 or even 200$ if I'm lucky.

      SNES was my first real console, we had an NES but I didn't play it much when I was a kid, I only got into it maybe a couple of years ago, but yeah its dated. I actually can't go back to PS1 because I find that its 3D graphics seem more dated than SNES 2D graphics, I don't like early 3D style even on PC. But I guess it was necessary to get where we are now, so I appreciate that.

      Posted by Pietro

  • i really wished that your sd bookshelf thread had worked out D: i have been reading so many cool books i wanna share!

    Posted by Lucretia

    • Same here, for the past few months I've been getting good use out of my Library card. I'm going to bump it soon, hopefully it'll get a little activity.

      Posted by Pietro

    • actually have you ever read Contingency, Hegemony, Universality: Contemporary Dialogues On The Left, by Laclau, Butler and Zizek?

      it has an interesting structure and gives me an idea for some form of dialogic thread, kinda like in a debate format, but between three members

      Posted by Lucretia

  • We played through Frostrune yesterday :) It was very enjoyable to us. Fairly classic point and click adventure as far as I know. Very thorough in research for background, items and everything since it was made by viking re-enactors. That, of course, added an additional layer of enjoyment for us. I'd recommend it, at least :)

    Posted by Moriquendi

    • Its also fairly cheap and appears to have reviewed well. That's for the recommendation :)

      Posted by Pietro