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  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Amariel


    Posted by Zarah

  • [COLOR="white"]You got a [COLOR="red"]Happy Birthday[/COLOR]![/COLOR]
    Dun da da duuuuuuuuu!

    Posted by Bastian

  • Matthew!!!

    Posted by Void Phantom


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  • It is fairly badass.

    Posted by Puck

  • Penalised? No. Since when did the BA care about Chemistry?

    Posted by Puck

  • I do not know. I just know rain ruins leather.

    Posted by Puck

  • But...Leather get's ruined in the rain...

    Posted by Puck

  • LIFE IS GOOD! HOW IS Euphoria?

    Posted by Puck

  • [font=franklin gothic medium]Hi! My god I'm sorry this is so late, and I'm wondering whether you'll get this message since it's been so long >__> I was dead from ZU, well, technically I am still dead as I'm not really active around here anymore, but I really want to keep in contact with everyone, you being one of these people! :)

    Aye I know that crunch time feeling. Been there mai friend. :) Good luck with your GCSE's!

    If you gotz facebook or MSN send me it over and we'll have a nice long catch up sometime soon! :) [/font]

    Posted by Chukapi


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  • Euphy, <3

    Being a Teacher is hard work because I hate being the center of attention. And no, I got the job during the summer. But they always do come back! YOU ARE BACK AND YOU CAN'T LEAVE

    Posted by Puck

  • That's fine with me. Don't worry I remember the days of homework. It sucks balls.

    Posted by nikuvillain

  • Hello there. Just dropping by the say hello and that I miss talking with you.

    Posted by Selah

  • Posted.

    I blame my own laziness. :<

    Posted by wulfen

  • Yeah. I was just in North Carolina for the past few days and have also been busy with gradation.

    I'll get to it sometime today.

    Posted by Brotagonist

  • [font=franklin gothic medium] Wow! So you do GCSE's a year earlier then? Impressive stuff, I must admit. And a-yup, I am still GCSEing, but I finish exams this June and will join Sixth form in September. ;D

    Agreed. All form of studying is bad ;D (well, I don't mind it when it's a subject I enjoy).

    I do indeed! But not so much around ZU anymore. I feel that it's difficult to RP so strictly, especially with people of extremely different styles. So I do RP's with a few odd people here and there. How about you?[/font]

    Posted by Chukapi

  • [font=franklin gothic medium] Yes, excitement : D And you're lucky to have study leave perfectly timed for your Birthday. Swwish! Your date of birth confuses me though - it says you're 14 D: so is it lying or are you one of these smart people who got moved up two years? XD

    I had two exams this week so far, but its all over for a couple of weeks now. Study leave is in two days. Looking forward to it. SO looking forward to it.

    Yes I am aware >D I invented it.[/font]

    Posted by Chukapi

  • <3 your set

    Posted by Zarah

  • [font=franklin gothic medium] xD No worries. I should have probably told you that I was Paine, but then again, it's been forever since I changed, so on some level [i]I[/i] forgot I was Paine! XD

    Stuff's good! End of year 11 soon, and stress levels are at a peak but stuff's great otherwise. Last I spoke with you it was last year I think. What's new for you since then, then? : D

    (its your birthday soon!:D) [/font]

    Posted by Chukapi

  • surgery.

    Posted by Kitsuné

  • get out


    Posted by Kitsuné

  • my mother is lady gaga

    Posted by Kitsuné

  • lady gaga is a whore

    Posted by Kitsuné

  • No problem.
    Good luck on all!

    Posted by Agent Orange

  • To Rosalie it might be...

    Anyway, I'll see if I can whip up a post today.

    Posted by Agent Orange

  • But still, it's... Scary...

    Especially because Iro has no idea what's going on... and he's [B][U][I]13[/I][/U][/B].

    Posted by Agent Orange

  • [QUOTE]She breathed on his hair and let her cold metallic knife dance along his back. &#8220;But do you know pain? Torture? Terror?&#8221; Rose allowed herself a moment of weakness, and licked the boy&#8217;s pulsating neck.[/QUOTE]


    No, seriously... That's... Frightening...
    Like... Really scary... Why would a grown women do that to a teen age boy... One she has to fight and kill?

    Posted by Agent Orange

  • Good. Very good because I just found out that my tournament thread is finally up.



    Posted by Euphoria