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  • Happy birthday, Chukapi! You probably don't know me, but I remember you! Hope you stop by again soon!

    Posted by EzloSpirit

  • Happy birthday. ^-^

    Posted by Linkle

  • Happy birthday, if you get this!

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • :o

    Posted by Cody

  • Hi! I was just reading through one of our old RP's. (Apocalypse: Through Mortal Eyes) Kind of takes me back. :D (Back then I believe I was known as Chrono Runner...)

    Anyway, I just felt like trying to catch up! So how have ya been?

    Posted by Hero

  • Hello to you too!

    Posted by Cody

  • wait that can't be piglatin but it's obvioulsly pikachu in some way....

    Posted by ModernZelda

  • Hello!

    I'm dropping in on you.

    How are things going in your life on and off ZU? I've been really busy at the minute - crunch time before the GCSEs and all that. But my friends were talking about NaNoWriMo and they made me get into a real good writing mood (RHYME!), but I couldn't think of any ideas. So I came here for awesome little short bursts of prose-y goodness.

    That was a quite a speel. I do apologise. Once again, I hope everything is going well with you :]

    Posted by Euphoria

  • [IMG][/IMG]

    Posted by Michael

  • Hello.
    How are you? :3

    Posted by Aurelia

  • wow it was sposed to make you think of the halo 2 level (my fave halo 2 lvl)

    Posted by Metropalis

  • Why you never get my vms?....or maybe you just dun respond cuz you don't like the forte. :disappointed:

    Posted by forte

  • haiya there.

    Posted by forte

  • I felt it was moar float-y than Awkin.

    Plus I started using the name Awkin at the age of 8, and I'm approaching 16 now. I think that some of the connotations of the old name might not go with the present 'me'.

    Posted by Awkin

  • xD!

    Alright then, as soon as I can get my camera, I promise to send you a picture =D

    And yes you should :>

    Posted by Nénuë

  • I just wanted to say that your last photo in the scrapbook is absolutely lovely ^-^ Having your hair like that suits you perfectly! It's beautiful :>

    Posted by Nénuë

  • You avatar has always been one of mah fav-orr-eets for muy muy longo timeo.

    Posted by Notsil


    Alright! Yes, Morocco is hot. At least it isn't humid.

    Posted by forte

  • [QUOTE=Chukapi;2979024][font=franklin gothic medium] nyoro~ :3


    Awww, Chukapi, it's just sooo cute! ^˛^
    Suits you, as well. x3

    Posted by Nesi

  • Your signature is still pretty adorable.

    Posted by Sailboat


    Posted by forte

  • I absolutely love your signature.

    It's the best thing ever.

    Posted by Sailboat

  • I'm pretty good with words, myself. ;p


    Chicago was fun. I didn't learn to rap though, unfortunately. Oh, I'm sorry about that. I dun like bad weather. Camping is fun. I haven't done it since I was a little kid. You should go camping with Forte.

    Posted by forte

  • haha, I'm actually only good at drawing things that already exist. I could never ever make up my own creation. WELL I'VE GOT I-RAY VISION. I CAN SEE THROUGH THE INTERWEBZ. I DID HAVE REFERENCE.

    ZU is clearly a jerk. Nothing new. Well. I went to Chicago. That's it. How is Chukapi? Anything new for her?

    Posted by forte

  • Pikachu is brokenjoker's favorite thing ever and it was her birthday so I drew it for her. The only reason I uploaded it was to prove to Solink that I drew her a picture.

    hmm, that is odd. Also upsetting. I WAS SADDED THAT YOU DIDN'T RESPOND MISSY.

    Posted by forte


    Posted by forte

    I'm not up to anything. Just jamming. Yourself?

    Posted by forte


    How has Chukapi been doing?

    Posted by forte

  • Hey! Talk to me more often and ****.

    Posted by forte

  • *Aishimisu throws a pokeball on Chukapi*

    Posted by Aishimisu