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  • Blizzaga: the man, the myth, the legend. Also, the coconut. Hello! Maybe you'll see this someday!

    Posted by EzloSpirit

  • Hi there. I noticed you only have 2 likes out of the bazillion posts you made. How is this possible? Haha.

    Posted by Guinea

  • how do i join a clan?

    Posted by Benchanted24

  • where are youu

    Posted by ich Will

  • Blizzaga

    Posted by Lady Blaze

  • Hope you've been doing well :)

    Posted by Viajero de la Galaxia

  • Many different ones, actually. I rarely stick for one game for any long amount of time. I've been playing a lot of Civilization V with a few people from Din though. I won the game with a science victory 4 turns before one of the other players did.

    Posted by Tabby

  • Hey man! What are you playing these days?

    Posted by Tabby

  • Fffff, gonna have to add you some other time, my Wi-Fi is super awful and it doesn't even let me get into the friend list.

    Think I'm gonna buy a Lan adaptor thingy one of these days.

    My NNID is KhaoMortadios by the way.

    Posted by Khaoabunga

  • Already got one! :P Just bought it like, last week.

    Posted by Khaoabunga

  • awww lol! Whats new, stu?

    Posted by Florina Laufeyson


    Posted by EmptyStar

  • The closest thing to a Mario 64 HD remake:


    Posted by ich Will

  • I suppose my only complaint with it is that... DK still jumps like he did back in the SNES days. I often fail jump, and fall... a lot. Or sometimes miss K-O-N-G letters, but otherwise it's fun. I'm liking it. It's worth my struggle, considering SM3DW was almost too easy XP [but was also crazy fun]

    Posted by Kafei&Anju

  • Blizz, is it safe to say that this new DKTF game is a challenge? :o :D I like this. I just bought it yesterday it's pretty awesome. I haven't touched a DK game, since I last played it on a GBC! So, pretty surprising. ;)

    Posted by Kafei&Anju

  • SO what time is best for you for MH3U, assuming you're up for online hunts?

    I'm free most weeknights, what about you?

    Posted by EmptyStar

  • [CENTER]
    [SIZE="6"]I like your humour, coconut lover.
    This time, this [i]almost[/i] rhymes![/SIZE][/CENTER]

    Posted by N64

  • And I can have them errrrday, man. Wish you're here. :3nod

    EDIT: Owait... New Zealand got coconuts as well, right?

    Posted by N64

  • They're basically little doughnuts.

    Posted by Ty.

  • it took me longer than needed to figure out who you are xD

    Posted by Aurelia

  • Lotsa coconut water I see.

    Posted by N64

  • I BEAT U :'D

    Posted by Strawberry

  • The lights blink constantly, and it seems to make my wii turn on and off while the lights are blinking. No solid blue lights at all. :/ Spoke to someone else about it, they think it's fried.

    Posted by Kafei&Anju

  • Oh Lost how I miss thee ;-;
    Have you watched the entire series?

    Posted by Catch

  • What did one snowman say to the other snowman?

    Posted by Catch

  • Check my PM. I need people to play 3DS and Wii U with :P

    Posted by Jeff

  • Are you tech savvy? I ...need to know something ;_;

    So my family over here has been real sick, k? Well... the wii motes often get lost on our couch with the blankets and stuff. As I was getting my kid ready for bed.. a wii mote fell in the puke bucket and I didn't know it. [said bucket was just water in it. Nothing nasty] Well, I hadn't noticed this item in the bucket and was emptying it... and....................... now the wiimote has connection issues.

    Should I keep fiddling with the wiimote in hopes it may work again one day? Or just... replace it?

    Posted by Kafei&Anju

  • Uh... no...

    Posted by Yawn

  • I spent a couple minutes trying to calculate the mathematical pattern within your CR.

    Posted by Yawn

  • No wonder the rebels won the civil war.

    Posted by Tabby