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  • Would you be interested in trying out mafia?

    Posted by Solsetur

  • Hey! I’m glad you found a place with better people, finding a good living arrangement makes all the difference!

    Posted by Winnie

    • Cheers Winnie, I’m looking forward to the change! It was my first time living with total strangers so it was a good lesson if nothing else! How’s life with you?

      Posted by Fal Cie

    • For sure! My first time living with roomies was a learning experience too! And things are good, so happy it’s Friday haha

      Posted by Winnie

  • Greetings! For your consideration, I added you into the Story Board conversation. :)

    Posted by Setras

  • Happy birthday!

    Posted by Lady Sunshine

  • Happy birthday, Fal'Cie!

    Posted by EzloSpirit

  • :3

    Posted by Cody

  • I've always loved your username. XIII needs more respect. I loved Lightning, especially when she started wailing on the Fal'Cie at the beginning and everyone was like "ARE YOU INSANE?!" and she was like "THESE THINGS NEED TO DIE!!"

    Gah, its a great game. XIII-3 is one of my favorite FF's.

    Posted by Guinea

    • Ha in spite of it’s bad rep XIII does hold a special place in my heart. I think the sequels did improve the system, but I loved the original cast. I chose this username because of my favourite moment in the game. “I am more than that. I am fal’Cie!”

      Posted by Fal Cie

  • Oh wow, you've been on ZU for a long time. Has it changed much since then?

    Posted by Pavlova

    • Well there have been a lot of members that came and went, but I wouldnt exactly say it changed much. I mostly stuck to the zelda sections so I couldn't say about the rest of the boards. In terms of memorable periods I remember when the theory section was dominated by the Wise Men, which led to some staff taking action because they were a bit hostile to newbies!

      Posted by Fal Cie

    • Edit: a double post on my own wall! The shame...

      Posted by Fal Cie

    • I remember how I was hostile to newbies in the past, whenever they didn't read all the retranslated lore and sources we had or used the search function.
      I was quite a elitist back then.

      Posted by Thanatos-Zero

    • Wow haven’t heard mention of the Wise Men in years!

      Good times. Do you know if any of the other wise men are still active?

      Posted by HeroOfTime5

    • Nah, can't say I have. You've made me feel a bit nostalgic, so I went back to check some of the highlights. Seems a bit mad that was over ten years ago now.

      Posted by Fal Cie

  • Happy birthday!

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • Your picture gives me the heeby jeebies.

    Posted by trolliface

  • awesome name. I always love FF13

    Posted by loslocolibre

  • Happy birthday!

    Posted by The Wizard of LoZ

  • I beat it and I'm so excited and sad and emotional ;-;

    Posted by Caleb

  • I am super duper hyped, cause Lightning Returns is tomorrow and I am going to play it FOREVER :D

    Posted by Caleb

  • I love you now because Fal'Cie, and we are going to be friends now, okay. <3

    Posted by Caleb

  • Epic post, I can't help say that with a Schwarzenegger-voice. :DD

    Posted by Canyarion

  • I have mega love for it. Lightning and Fang are totally my girlfriends! I'm on the second one right now. The Crystarium system is hard to catch on to though!

    Posted by brokenjoker

  • Am I sensing a Final Fantasy XIII fan here?

    Posted by brokenjoker

  • I severely doubt he TRIED to kill the guy with a balloon. He was there to drop off a body, after all. Plus, never bring a balloon to a gunfight.

    Heh, both options seem likely if they weren't both in prison.
    Have you played Ghost Trick?

    Posted by gamtos

  • While the final reveal was most [I]certainly[/I] an amazing one, the likes of which JFA can't rival, it HAS been done before, so I was a bit disappointed about that. Still, I did NOT see it coming and he was definitely one of the more amusing bad guys; certainly better than the likes of Oswald Furst who felt like just another Gant or Alba or Wang. I'm glad it turned out to be such a charismatic villain. His animations and theme were just great.

    Still, I had some question marks as to how anyone could convict him for crushing a man with a balloon as that was obviously a desperate act of self-defense and certainly not premeditated.

    I also think the final villain from Dual Destinies may very well be my favorite villain; certainly even less predictable. Plus, that theme also rocked pretty dang hard.

    There are some weird theories about how the two might even be the same person. Highly unlikely, though, but they do have similarities.

    Posted by gamtos

  • Heh, I'm not a fan of the whole cursive underline situation going on, but I suppose it's now my trademark.

    Posted by gamtos

  • [YOUTUBE]81dpgDvY6x8[/YOUTUBE]

    A little gift, you seemed enthusiastic about guessing Manbo.

    Posted by gamtos

  • Let's just say that I did NOT see that last revelation coming. I should've, but I didn't.

    Posted by gamtos

  • I was just about to watch the latest three videos uploaded! What a game @_@

    Posted by gamtos

  • You are the coolest! Thanks, I'll go check it out right away!

    Posted by gamtos

  • Please tell me, is Serah safe? And what of Lightning?

    Posted by Lil' Kim, the Queen B

  • Happy Birthday! :D

    Posted by Cataclysm

  • Hey! another FF13 fan yay!

    Posted by Lil' Kim, the Queen B

  • Saw you post in the Game of Thrones thread. Thought you might be interested in joining the A Song of Ice & Fire group. It's mostly for readers, so spoilers ahead if you haven't read everything.
    [url=]Zelda Universe Forums - The world's largest Legend of Zelda fan community - A Song of Ice and Fire fans[/url]


    Posted by BigGoronSword

  • Oof oof oof, you wouldn't believe how crazy my week has been. Like, last Thursday I tried pot for the first time (that turned out to be a one-time thing, haha)
    On Friday my mom and I decided to go out to have dinner. I thought it would be cool to order a pitcher of Sangria for us with crazy long straws since it was a pretty quirky restaurant, but it soon turned out my mom had already had way too much wine so I ended up drinking the whole thing through a straw. (again, a one time thing, heh.)
    Saturday I had to help my dad move all of his furniture to the second floor because the floor needed to be polished. I did some heavy lifting and my room was full of chairs, but other than that I had a regular sober night.
    Sunday, bloody Sunday. I had prepared all the supplies to surprise my dad with breakfast since it was Father's Day, but he decided to get up at a ridiculously early hour and make himself breakfast instead. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Anyways, we dragged the last heavy pieces of furniture into a big tent we put in the backyard so now the floor was completely empty. Looks a bit like when we first moved in there. Later that evening, out of the blue, my ex calls me and asks me if I want to watch Adventure Time with her. Let's just say that was a fun night and keep it at that.

    Crazy stuff, man. And now to explain to my project group why I didn't get my stuff done in time.

    Posted by gamtos