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  • you
    come here

    and say hello

    and then i say hello

    and you fuckin


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  • Yoooo

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  • Happy birthday! :D

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  • Sure thing man! I can probably get to it later today, or in the next few days.

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

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  • i think those are actual photographs

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  • [IMG][/IMG]

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  • lol yeah bro

    june 27th

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  • Thanks Lunchy :)

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  • No prob broi

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  • [URL=""]BLAMO![/URL]

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  • It's Ico fanart! I will link you to her when I am not on cellphone.

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  • [IMG][/IMG]

    There you go, pal. :v:

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  • thank you &#664;&#8255;&#664;

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  • You know what, I get you; there are a few things I go eeehhh over after I finish a trip:

    1) going back to work
    2) unpacking my suitcase
    3) uploading/sorting photos

    I don't think I got my wedding photos up 'til like a month after I got married lol, so take your time, I will enjoy them just as much as I would tomorrow as I would a month from now haha.

    Posted by Malia

  • Sounds like an experience that most young people should try at least once 8D When are the pics going up?

    Posted by Malia

  • WHOA @ four countries in two weeks!!! Man, I would've slept like the mother fucking dead after something that action-packed! I dreeaaammm of doing a Eurotrip, so you have all my jealousies (Holy shit what jealousies isn't underlined like it's a typo--that's a word? lol)

    Posted by Malia

  • that'll do ya

    Posted by Holden

  • isn't there like, a filter for that or something? i guess it depends what that actually filters though

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  • oh lol what for?

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  • I was going to step down before school started next fall anyway, and I didn't think there was a great need for me.

    Posted by Holden

  • I went to a science museum! xD GEEKY I KNOW, and it was greeaaatt :heart:

    Holy balls, Eurotrip? That's amazing!! How long did you go for?

    Sorry to hear about sicky, though. Hope you feel better soon :heart:

    Posted by Malia

  • I was! I stopped in mid-April, I think.

    Posted by Holden

  • It was FANTASTIC :heart:

    How u?

    Posted by Malia

  • THANKS PUNCHBOX* :D:D:D:heart:

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  • Happy birthday!

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  • Happy birthday~

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    10 MINUTES


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