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  • [COLOR="white"]You got a [COLOR="red"]Happy Birthday[/COLOR]![/COLOR]
    Dun da da duuuun!

    Posted by Bastian

  • You've got two of the same picture on your sig. since there are sig limits, you should take one of them out.

    Posted by Chad

  • Nice avatar/sig, dude. ^_^

    Posted by Raddy

  • *pokes CL* Psst...Hi...:P

    Posted by WindWakerrules

  • What is ZU a bloody social network now? eww.

    Posted by trinest

  • DUUUUUDE!!! =O
    'Suuuup! :D

    Hiya, AQ. ^_^

    Posted by Raddy

  • Hm, I can't say I recognise your nickname at ALL. However, I'll accept your friend request familiarize myself with the character that is you, over the next while =D
    You're under watch, now! *laughs*

    Posted by MovieKing