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  • How's it been? You're account's been dormant for quite a while. It would be great if you'd come back to Zelda Universe. We'd certainly all appreciate your return.

    Posted by Valhelm

  • [IMG][/IMG]

    Posted by SuperDecimal

  • I love your avatar, signature, and CT.

    That part is one of my favorite excerpts of Homestuck.

    Posted by Valhelm

  • That's the plan! Ain't left yet though, just don't have internet.

    Posted by Avalanchemike

  • Just wanna say I love your title. I agree that alot of "Kid" shows these days seem like they are marketed to older audiences. The fact that Mordecai says "Blows" made me do a double take

    Posted by 齐天大圣

  • lol, I've started to get inactive as well. My birthday was yesterday and I've got some new games. Been playing Demon's Souls, Resistance, and Uncharted. :B Still prone to play it on occasion, though.

    Mine is Brian Doomjoy@Qwarktastic or something.

    Posted by Quark

  • Been playing some of that Champions Online. Pretty snazzy. Have a character named Brian Doomjoy and I play him out in-character. Pretty fun.

    Posted by Quark

  • ...Regular Show? Favorite thing ever. Just sayin.

    Posted by Ethos

  • Happy belated birthday!

    Posted by theresa

  • You share a birthday with my brother

    Happy birthday dude

    Posted by Red

  • Happy Birthday. =]

    Posted by Aurelia

  • so I hear that you've got a lot of Din into Champions Online. I'm goldwright on it. :D

    (I'm Holly that Red was refering to by the way)

    Posted by Gold

  • happy birthday

    Posted by Zarah

  • I really have no idea. It's the timezones I'm thinking of.

    Weekend would probably be the best time

    Posted by Red

  • That's gonna be a pain in the ass to organize

    Posted by Red

  • Like, at the same time?

    Posted by Red

  • Heyo, it cool if Holly joins the group?

    Posted by Red

  • Huh... looks cool, I'll check it out.

    Posted by Quark

  • it's kreebby lol

    Posted by molph

  • thankyoderpaherp

    Posted by Kenzymandias


    Posted by Kikaider


    Posted by Zarah

  • Take a guess, :P

    Posted by Avalanchemike

  • I like your sig.I'll have to have Super Decimal make me one.

    Posted by SoulofDeity

  • Guess not. But goddamn is that strategy [I]fun[/I]. It makes me feel like


    Posted by Red

  • So do I, I'm turrible

    Posted by Red

  • Trust me, the story doesn't get [I]any[/I] better. Especially not the dialogue in the middle of the game.

    Posted by Red

  • Oh god the story is terrible. Hell, the campaign doesn't need any more strategy than "throw all your units at the other guy". I'm hoping the online'll be fun though.

    It looks nice and the gameplay/upgrade system is pleasant. S'about all I got though

    Posted by Red

  • Lemme know how ya like it

    Posted by Red

  • I just tried the tutorial. It's pretty interesting for sure. So far my only gripe is that scrolling the map feels kinda clunky, but it might just be my ghetto laptop.

    So far so good though, robots and explosions

    Posted by Red