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  • I really liked that Village of the Winds sig you posted on my profile. That was such a good time haha

    Posted by Comrade

  • Long time, no talk. How've you been, man?! :)

    Posted by KeeSomething

  • [URL=]Fabulous![/URL]


    Posted by BigGoronSword

  • Hey..

    Posted by Yawn

  • Hai Esh Dee <3

    Posted by Aeffles

  • I was going to post this, but it's a bit too extreme imo considering we don't know each other, so I'ma delete this message.

    Posted by Serenity

  • [IMG][/IMG]

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • Holla, I remember you advising me to sign up to the Operation Moonfall thing AGES ago, this video came up yesterday, almost MM 3DS! Just a matter of the console being a bit more... Wii Uey


    Posted by /watch?v=8UVNT4wvIGY

  • Hi Friend!


    Posted by Honky Magoo

  • I'm still beautiful and I hope that you are too.

    Posted by interestingdrug

  • Long time no see.

    Posted by Yawn

  • Brothers to the Death just got delivered.

    It's not released for another week.

    while it caused issues with my mum's bank account, it was still worth it : D

    Posted by Keith

  • [img][/img]

    Posted by Captain Cornflake

  • there's that one.

    Posted by Super Fergus

  • [youtube]Ab_yGCqHFKI[/youtube]

    u may liek?

    Posted by notthatothername

  • Heya EshDee! <3

    Ik zit in Nijmegen. Jij? :>

    ... Typing in Dutch feels [I]weird[/I]. :B

    Posted by SacredSturgeon

  • I think there is too little SuperDecimal in the [URL=""]Question Tag[/URL]. &#9829;

    Posted by Buu

  • you psyched for the last Saga of Larten Crepsley?

    Posted by Keith

  • hey baby

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • Hi SD. Hope you've been well. ^_^

    Posted by Gaba

  • I love your Avatar :)

    Posted by samuel

  • Good day/night sir, I just want to ask: are my art threads should merged be together (the one stowed away where only Admins/SuperMods/any of them forum power people can see) with the one that public which is [URL=""]ZUers faces - doodles @ sketches, etc.[/URL], or they are totally both different context so alright to be separated?

    Posted by N64

  • SuperDec, I just realized that I look strangely a lot like you with my glasses off. With both of our glasses off (I remember you saying how you wear glasses), we look [I]really[/I] identical. I'm just probably short, and I look slightly younger, and even though I can make my hair look like yours, I don't use any gel, so it goes down a little bit.

    This is... a very good thing, but I can't explain why. This just goes to show that I should keep my short hair.

    But I want looonnggg haaaaiiirr (sem-long anyways).

    Posted by Serenity

  • Hey SD, how are you doing lately?

    Posted by Momo

  • Saw this and thought of you! :D


    Posted by Nesi

  • Welcome back, dearest beloved ZU Admin as Admin again. :3nod

    Posted by N64

  • And I'll be darned, that post I quoted is from 2006. Hooray, necromancy! :D

    Posted by Janus

  • [quote]I simply laugh at the fact that people my age, around eighteen years old, still continue to dress up like retards and celebrate this 'brilliant holiday eva.'[/quote]
    I take more issue with the high school kids who don't even bother to dress up and still go asking for candy.
    If you're too cool for costumes, you're too cool for candy, I say.

    How've you been, Mi?

    Posted by Janus

  • hell yeah. I think I'll be sending a PM to you soon! if I don't see you on skype beforehand. i'm always chill with an IM convo!

    Posted by Jonah

  • Ahhh shushies. I wanted to talk to you ANYWAYS. Even if that means I have to be a *friend* and listen to someone who needs to talk. <3


    Posted by Breeze