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  • Wishing you a courageous birthday, man. Wish we could meet in Farore to celebrate it.

    Posted by N64

  • Dude... FYI; Hyrule Realm hasn't been online in ages now, let alone at the old OLD guardianarchives location... the fonts you have of mine on there are all outdated, especially the old version of my Hylian Language Project Hylian Alphabet. Don't know when you'll see this or if you even have access to your old site anymore since it's so outdated as a whole; but if you ever do and can, would you please take the old Hylian font down? You can replace it with the up to date remake if you'd like, I just really don't want the old "HT" version being spread around anymore. x_x

    Posted by Sarinilli

    • Sorry I haven't replied to this but I did read this a while ago and do what you asked!

      Posted by Sabooru

  • Hey there! I just checked out your website and it looked really cool, even though it is outdated.

    Posted by Ericzander