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  • Happy birthday Froopy Dood~

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  • Aye. Like I said, I don't think it's particularly pervasive. It's there, but not in-your-face like some. Though the second game does have a character I wish never existed because FFS, even if it was satirical.

    Also what go watch Steins;Gate oh my god man what

    (The link was an attack in the second game which was based of that anime, because the people who made the S;G game and anime helped make Neptunia)

    ((Most characters are based off game companies or consoles))

    Posted by Soeroah

  • Also, since you were in the anime thread I am going to assume you watched Steins;Gate and link this:


    Posted by Soeroah

  • Oh god you don't know what you've done asking me that.

    I haven't played the one on the Vita, but my understanding is that it's a remake of the first game for PS3, which was needed, because the first game had rather terrible game play.

    The Neptunia series is a lot like a visual novel, in that there are a lot of reading-and-voice-acted event scenes driving the plot, with a few cutscenes sprinkled about. Other than that, you pick up quests and select dungeons to go to from a central map screen, rather than running through a large world ala Final Fantasy or Xenoblade Chronicles.

    There is some fan service of characters that look a bit young, sadly, but nothing that's been too obvious or in-the-way in my experience. There's more fan service of the older characters, both in the plot, illustrations and attacks. So, hopefully you don't have too much of an issue with fan service..IMO it's not as bad as some make it out to be, and it's not nearly as bad as some other series.

    But the main reason I play the games and watched the anime are for the character interactions and the humour. God, the humour. I love it. The whole premise, the core of the series, is a massive joke at the expense of anyone participating in online arguments about games and gaming systems.

    There are so many in-jokes, so many references to famous franchises or 'arguments'. It's a satirical masterpiece, in my opinion, though it's the kind that's in-your-face about it rather than subtle. In fact, they also have meta-humour, poking fun at their own game, which I love.

    I basically fell in love with the series a few minutes in to the first game, when a character said "I'm an amnesiac, so I need you to explain things in a way that's easy for the player to understand".

    I do hope you like it and I'm interested in hearing your thoughts as you progress- though I might wind up playing the Vita game some day, so no spoilers =P The story was completely re-written, so it likely doesn't represent the original game at all, any more, so it might as well be a new game, to me.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Posted by Soeroah

  • Just a heads up that I moved your post about Gravity Rush's OST into the video game music thread. :)

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  • Bring back the thundercats logo.

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  • You know it!

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  • Ahh, I worried that was me :P

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  • Just started a private lobby. Try joining!

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  • Is your avatar a chibi Aigis?

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  • It's going fine, man. Yourself?

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  • Hey, mate!

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  • Hey, thanks. Same with you. :)

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  • Oh CK2. I don't have EU4 yet.

    It's so incredibly fun. I love playing as all the different kingdoms.

    Posted by Gaba

  • I've been really into paradox interactive games lately. Idk if you've heard of them.

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  • Dude it's been forever! What you been up to?

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    (it's gaba)

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  • Hahaha, that was you? I remember that fight! :D

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  • aww haha i actually never finished watching the anime haha. I got to the episode where her little cousin came to visit or something then stopped ;p

    Posted by Peekay

  • Oh don't worry about it. ;) Yeah sure, sometimes reviewers can be very wrong... But I played bits of the game and I totally recognize what the reviews are saying. So I know it's not the right game for me.

    Posted by Canyarion

  • Yo....I JUST NOW entered the 5th stratum in EO1, and [I]whoa[/I], I should've expected something like this. First enemy I've encountered is a Maul - nice callback to those pesky enemies in the first floor.... The music suits the atmosphere...for the most part. Part of it sounds like something out of a creepy but mystifying circus, lol

    Posted by Bobby Emerald

  • Ok.
    Heres the skinny.
    Golden Pack is by far the most useful if you are into grinding and money and items. Golden Gaffe is all about killing Risen and them dropping piles of cash. EXPonential Growth is the one where you beat on Entombed Risen for loads of experience. Infinite Regalia (is harder) has three chests at the top of the map that yield legendary weapons. (each at random) But you got to be able to beat the thieves to the prize, and the enemies are tough so beware. Still a really useful batch of DLC.

    Lost Bloodlines Pack has two maps you may want. LB2 is what gets you the Dread Fighter Scroll to make any male character a Dread Fighter. Its not that tough to beat either. LB3 yields a Paragon (skill) scroll which works the same as the Tellius Paragon. (More experience gain to those with it.) So its pretty worth it if you like minmaxing and that Dread Fighter class is awesome.

    Smash Brethren is also cool. SB2 has the Wedding Bouquet item which allows for any female to reclass to Bride. Bride may seem kinda wimpass, but in truth, its pretty awesome. Rally Heart is a great skill and Bonds act like the Heron skill in Tellius where units adjacent to the Bride will heal about 10 hp each turn. In this case, its anyone within three spaces of the Bride. Not bad. Plus the Bride's speed caps are cool.
    SB3 nets you the Iote's Shield skill which is basically like the Fili Shield from FE8. Negates bonus damage on fliers. Meaning wind and bows no longer gives bonus damage. Nice.

    So you got the Scramble pack? Or just Summer Scramble? Id get the whole pack but thats just me. Hot Spring Scramble has some fanservicey moments involving yukatas and Lucina, Inigo, and Severa.

    Id also snag the Future Past pack for excellent story add-ons involving the kids' bad future. Rogues and Redeemers 3 has the Limit Breaker skill.
    [QUOTE]Raises the character's maximum stats by 10
    (Learned by using the Limit Breaker item *2)[/QUOTE]
    What this means, is that that skill will allow a character's stats to keep proccing by ten [I]after they have reached the stat cap![/I] So for extreme face raping with guys like Morgs, that shit is fun. The map is pretty tough though.

    Champions Of Yore 3 gets you the All Stats +2 skill which gives a character +2 to every stat. Its not THAT useful, but it can be for peeps who have a hard time getting off the ground.

    Thats the low down. There are others and take a look at Serenes Forest's Awakening DLC page [URL=""]here[/URL] for the low down on everything. :)

    Posted by Florina Laufeyson

  • To the Moon. I also have Super Lesbian Horse RPG which I will do as soon as its released plus my spin on a typical minecraft LP in the works

    Posted by Fluttershy

  • Nothin much. Just started an LP channel, that's why I asked :3

    Posted by Fluttershy

  • Hey you're like a let's player an stuff right?

    Posted by Fluttershy

  • I really like efficiency, so the run option sounds awesome! I'm interested in what a Highlander can do. I think I've heard of the term, but I've never used it in a sentence, so I have no idea what it means. xD Have you found the troubador useful at all? I haven't even bothered looking at what one can do, all I know is that he/she plays instruments haha.

    Posted by Bobby Emerald

  • Yeah I like playing games in order too... In fact, that's what I'm doing with Final Fantasy (although I'm finding it a bit harder to do now since I have to rely on emulation, and I'm currently on FF7) I'm REALLY occupied with the first Etrian Odyssey and finding out all its secrets, so I can definitely wait to play the rest lol. I didn't know there was a remake coming out for EO1 though, that's interesting. I wonder what changes were made.

    Posted by Bobby Emerald

  • Oh wow, only one month? That's some hardcore playing O__o. Then again, I usually don't play for more than an hour a day due to college and stuff.... I'm really particular about drawing my maps too haha. My team is a Protector and a Land....something...... let's just call him Fighter lol. Those two in the front row; I have my medic, Alchemist, and Survivalist in the back. Proud to say I think I picked the perfect team without any help from a guide. Can't survive without a medic, those guys are awesome.

    I recently started training a Ronin by himself, but I'm starting to think he isn't worth the trouble, considering he has to take a turn just to get into a stance and then do a corresponding move and get back OUT OF STANCE SO I HAVE TO TAKE ANOTHER TURN TO DO THAT SAME MOVE AGAIN - that's annoying. An alchemist is much more worth the trouble imo. I haven't tried the Troubador and the Hexer yet. I'm excited to play the second game, I hope there are more classes to choose from. And isn't the fourth one for the 3DS? I don't have a 3DS yet, and I'm not particularly interested at the moment either, I have plenty of other RPGs on my mind....

    Posted by Bobby Emerald

  • I see your Etrian Odyssey references 8) I'm still playing the first game, only gotten up to like, the 12th floor so far. The game is ridiculously hard in the beginning, I totally cheated and gave each of my characters 80 skill points after they got to level 5 lol.

    Posted by Bobby Emerald

  • Oh, same old. I was in ZU's Brawl tournament but had to drop out three matches in because we switched ISP's and had a stupid plan. But by the time we switched back it was too late.

    Good to see you're doing well. :D

    Posted by Coconut Water