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    Happy Mask Salesman is a deity
    • ^That story was told by Anju's Grandmother, after you obtain the All-night mask. She tells two stories, one about the Carnival of Time, and another about the Four Giants and their role in regard to the four worlds and Termina as a whole. Incidentally, Skull Kid was apparently a friend of the Giants prior to their seperation. Here is the story, as told ingame.
      "The Four Giants." This tale's from long ago when all the people weren't separated into four worlds like they are now. In those times all the people lived together, and the four giants lived among them. On the day of the festival that celebrates the harvest, the giants spoke to the people... "We have chosen to guard the people while we sleep..." "100 steps north, 100 steps south, 100 steps east, 100 steps west." "If you have need, call us in a loud voice by declaring something such as, 'The mountain blizzard has trapped us.'" "Or 'The ocean is about to swallow us.' Your cries shall carry to us..."

      Now then...There was one who was shocked and saddened by all this. A little imp.

      The imp was a friend of the giants since before they had created the four worlds. "Why must you leave?" "Why do you not stay?" The childhood friend felt neglected, so he spread his anger across the four worlds. Repeatedly, he wronged all people. Overwhelmed with misfortune, the people sang the song of prayer to the giants who lived in each of the four compass directions. The giants heard their cry and responded with a roar. "Oh, imp. Oh, imp. We are the protectors of the people." "You have caused the people pain. Oh, imp, leave these four worlds! Otherwise, we shall tear you apart!" The imp was frightened and saddened. He had lost his old friends.

      The imp returned to the heavens, and harmony was restored to the four worlds. And the people rejoiced and they worshiped the giants of the four worlds like gods. And they lived happily...ever after...

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    • Skulls Kids are children and spirits of some sort, so they never age or die.
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      Got a quote for that?:3nod
      Well, according to the above story the disbandment of the Giants appears to be a story that has passed into legend, but there can be no doubt that the Imp is Skull Kid - it is confirmed by quotes at the ending. Anyway, this would place Skull Kid's age before the building of the Clock Tower, which was built after this time, and probably prior to the building of the Temples, considering the idea that they were probably built with the Giants in mind.

      ^Perhaps I'm reading in too far with that, but it's clear that Skull Kid existed deep in Termina's past, because those stories seem to regard the foundation of their traditions. So I would at least say that Skull Kid's can live for quite a long time.

      It should be noted, however, that Skull Kid appears exactly the same in the illistrations of those stories, provided ingame.
    • Cukeman wrote:

      It's an option, but saying "he has to be some kind of deity/immortal" is going too far.
      You yourself point out that he might be just a spirit, and spirit /= deity.

      The fact that the HMS appears in "two generations" does nothing for your
      argument, unless you also think that the postman, mamayu yan, malon, talon,
      anju, the carpenters, mutoh, the hurdy-gurdy man, the snot-nosed kid, etc. etc.
      are all deities as well...


      Also, the HMS went to great lengths to get Majora's Mask, I'd bet he isn't the original owner.

      Isn't HMS in MM same one from OoT?
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    • Twilit_Hylian wrote:

      Isn't HMS in MM same one from OoT?

      I'm pretty sure they are the same...He says right at the start that he owns The Happy Mask Shop. Thats pretty strong evidence for that case IMO lol. He also seemed to know alot about what Link had done.
      As far as him being a deity, I don't think thats the case. I think it is more likely that he was a spirit in charge of keeping the mask safe or getting it back from someone/something. Perhaps the Happy Mask Man was in Termina to get the evil removed from Majora's Mask and since that was done he could be at rest or go to find another mask that was cursed.

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    • Disenchanted wrote:

      ^So does that mean if Link had stayed in the forest he wouldn't have aged? Or would his Hylian blood rule out the power of the forest?

      i suppose i didnt think of that.
      stupid fan-websites and there not explaing stuff....>_<

      but i would imagine that since he was destined for something greater, then he would of still grew up. or maybe the Great Deku Tree made it so he would of grown up regardless.
    • I like the Miyamoto - Happy Mask Salesman connection. I also think Lenzo, the pictographer from TWW, might have some Miyamoto in him. There's a gag about Lenzo sneaking up behind people without them noticing that strikes me as an inside joke on Nintendo's part.

      I also suspect that the Salesman might masquerade as the owl in Termina. Just a gut feeling.

      I think the children on the moon have the form of the Salesman since the Salesman seems to represent a rather ideal person - someone who is entirely filled with happiness and who spreads that happiness to the people around him. Thus the masked children on the moon have that form to symbolize the potential that all children have to reach that ideal, if they can let go of their masks.