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Shadow Link and the Unknown Power (T)
  • First,this is my first TLOZ Fan-fic that I derived from looking at a whole lot of info of Ganondorf in the past games, Shadow Link, the Triforce, the Timeline Split, and the Twili and the TR.

    Not only that but I made up my own Timeline myself, but its not meant to be treated as a legit Timeline or anything, just for this story,


    PS: I'm still new to writing stories, so just try to bear with me and roll with what I'm telling.


    "........I'm coming for.........YOU!"

    A dark figure with red eyes with a peculiar sword lunges forward and Link wakes up with a yelp, his face drenched in sweat. Link finds himself in his tree house in Ordon Village, he looks around but no one is in the house besides him. Soon he hears his friend Fado call his name form outsides. Beckoning Link to the ranch to help herd his Ordon Goats with the help of Epona. Link mounts Epona and rides into the Ordon Ranch and begins to herd the sheep. Soon Link begins to develop a slight headache. Nausea starts to develop and Link eventually loses his motor skills and an Ordon Goat accidentally crashes to him knocking him off Epona and falls unconscious. He later wakes up in Rusl and Uli's house with Colin moistening his forehead with a warm and wet cloth. Fado is also there apologizing for what happened. Link shows him that it wasn't his fault. Colin and Rusl both ask what happened but Link doesn't know.

    That night, as Link was half asleep, he hears a loud scream. He runs out of his house and into the village into a massive rainstorm and discovers that the Mayor's house has been struck by lightning and has caught on fire. Without thinking, Link immediately rushes inside and finds Illa and her leg caught under a burning branch. Link lunges at Illa and removes the branch, picks up Illa in his arms and sprints out of the house right before it collapses. Outside Illa is relieved to see that her father has made out fine, being saved by Rusl and Colin. Mayor asks Link if he will take Illa to the Ordon Spring to heal her leg. Link, still hold Illa in his arms walks to Ordon Spring. Link sets her down in the water of the spring and washes her leg in the mystical water. Illa beings to thank him "When I was in that burning house, that last thing that thought was whether I would be able to see your face again, Link ", Illa says as her eyes fills with tear.
    Link creates a smile as his eyes tear up as well. Both Illa and Link move closer to each, appearing to about to have their first kiss.......... when suddenly.........

    Black lighting descends upon on the spring, the Great Fairy appears screaming in great pain and agony then she disappears. A dark spiraling vortex takes form in the sky and ominous wind blows through the area blowing Illa, the Ordon villagers away into the night sky and destroys the rest of Ordon Province. Then, Ordona appears laying over the spring in wounded "Link.......Hero...."

    That's all that leaves Ordona's mouth before a blinding light flashes, Link finds himself in a gray atmosphere and hears a familiar voice, calling to Link from the Twilight Realm; asking for his help.

    "Link!........Link!!!...Please!.......Help!.....Help Us! Its Midna!"

    "If you don't something, the 2 worlds will combine! Help! Please!!!!"

    "Ordon..................was the last!"

    Link tries to reach out, but then finds himself back in what used to be the Spirit Spring, but dried up. the trees are nothing but branches and all of the fairies of the spring are on the ground, dead. Link then realizes he's back in his Hero's Clothes and has his Hero's Shield. Link races to Hyrule Caste Town, to find it on fire. He ventures into the castle and find the now Queen Zelda with a despaired expression on her face. "Link......the Great Fairies of the Springs...they're gone!

    The same ominous wind blows through the city with more destructive force than in Ordona, destroying the tower but Link catches Zelda giving her one last chance to give one final message before she is finally blown away. "Please...! You must get to the Arbiter's Grounds...! Find the new Queen of the Twilight Realm!"

    That's the last thing Link hears, before she is blown away.

    Before he does, Link immediately heads to Kakariko Village. The village is destroyed, all of the houses are demolished and the Spirit Spring is in the same condition as the Spirit Spring in Ordona. Link fortunately find all of the inhabitants of Kakariko and all the Gorons with a few Zoras in the shelter under Renaldo's sanctuary.

    "Brother! You're Alright!

    Says Darbus

    "Thank the goddesses your alright."

    Renaldo expresses with a sigh of relief.

    "There is a plague spreading all over Hyrule!"

    "Yes, I believe so."

    Says one of the Goron Elders

    "Link, a few days ago I saw a dark, ghostly standing in front of the Spirit Spring that looked just like you with a black bow and arrow. The figure fired a black arrow at the Great Fairy in the spring. When the arrow hit the spring, the fairy was destroyed. I thought it was you, Link but then I realized that it would never be you as you are the descendant of the Hero of Legend plus, when the Great Fairy was destroyed the dark figure disappeared."

    They all gasp but they all know that Link would never do something as evil as that.

    "What.........What about Lanayru Province? The Zora's Domain?" Renaldo asks.

    "I'm afraid that the same thing has happened to that Province."

    The Elder says

    "Brother......Please go find what happened to the Zora's Domain."

    That's about it right now...........I'll continue it soon

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  • Link makes his way to the Upper Zora River,where he finds it dried up and the climate has dropped lower than usual. As he ventures into Zora's Domain, he finds it completely frozen over same condition as it was, when it was engulfed in Twilight.


    Link hears a scream of pain and desperation coming from the throne room. As Link climbs into the throne room, he sees poor Prince Ralis sitting in agony on the throne, his body slowly being covered in ice.

    "Link..........Please....the Zora's Domain....frozen........Your.....Shadow....."

    That was all that Prince Ralis could say before he was completely frozen over. Finally Link decides to go to the Mirror Chamber in the Arbiter's Grounds, even though he knew that the Twilight Mirror was destroyed after Link saved the Twilight Realm.

    When he enters the Mirror Chamber, he slowly walks up to the huge stone slab when the ground beings to shake and a glowing white portal tears open in the middle of the slab and Link gets sucked in.

    Link finds himself back in the Twilight Realm, but in a different area than before. He appears in a field with black grass with white specks of light ascending from the ground. Upon even more inspection of his surroundings he finds himself at the base of a huge, towering volcano with black and white fire spewing from it, with a large mountain trail spiraling all the way to the top. Without a sword, Link cautiously climbs to the top of the mountain, but when he almost reaches the top, the ground begins to rumble and the volcano erupts more ferociously and hears a loud roar.

    Soon, a large black dragon/scorpio creature and lunges at Link, blowing him off the mountain. Link finds himself falling in a dark abyss, then in front of him he saw a small light "Reach Out...!Please you must reach out and grab the sword!"

    Link extended his right arm and closed his eyes and touched the light. When Link recovers he finds himself in another location. Under a black tree with glowing black and white leaves. In his hand he held the Four Sword.


    A small, black and white fairy with black insect-like wings was fluttering over Link's body.

    "You're the Hero who saved our poor realm from the Twilight Usurper, am I wrong?"

    Link nodes.

    " I correct?"

    Link nodes.

    "I'm sure you've already seen what has happened to your realm and our realm."

    "You must get the sword of Evil's Bane back, the Master Sword! You have to get it back! It is the only way to save both our realms, your other side is trying to destroy both realms, please. Let me explain, after you destroyed the evil Zant along with the help of our new queen Midna, our Twilight Realm was living in an era of peace.....until one day.....a dark figure in the same shape as yourself appeared and attack the Twilight Realm, warping us away from our home in a black gale, including Queen Midna. I almost was blown away too but I was luckily able to escape with the help of our Queen, she told me to go find the Hero." You.

    "The sword the you're holding, I believe its called the Four Sword. The guardian deities of the Twilight Realm must've sent you the sword to aid you. It may have some similarity to the Master Sword. That is why we need to find it, we must find some way back to the Sacred Grove, retrieve the Master Sword and destroy your other side in order to save both realms, Please, will you help us?"

    Link nodes his head in confidence

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  • Sorry I haven't continued in a while,

    Link along with the Twilight Fairy, ventures to the same spiraling volcano, this time the volcano appearing larger than before. As they both hiked up the spiral path, the path started to crumble and fall apart behind him, they both started to sprint up the path and when he made it to the summit, he peered down into the lava engulfed hole and then he looked behind him and saw that the path was completely gone, he lost his balance and they both fell into the hole.

    Link awakens, still falling into the heart of the volcano. All he could see were geysers of black and white lava, then in the center he saw a large pool of lava where in the middle a portal appeared and pulled Link in.

    The next thing Link knew, he found himself in an Egyptian temple-like temple with streams of black and white lava mixed with white sand. "This must be the Black Fire Temple." The same fairy that help Link recover appeared by his side.

    "We must find the treasure inside and then find the master of the Temple. Once we destroy the master we will be able to stop the abnormality of the Twilight Volcano, its not always as active as it is now."

    Link understood and proceeded forward, the monsters he encountered looked like the familiar Twilight Monsters he has seen before. Though some were new. Some of the new monsters were the Twilight Gohma, Twilight Claw and the Twilight Saran. The further down Link traveled the more of these monsters he encountered and defeated, once Link hit the fourth room of the dungeon, Link entered a dark arena that quickly started to fill with black and white lava and the in the center of the arena a dark figure that looked reptilian-like monster with black medium-sized wings, a large axe and an axe attached to his tail, and 8 eyes. With a snarl, the Twilight Dinalfos lunged at Link and Link understood that he had to defeat the monster before the arena was completely filled with lava. It was a grueling fight, the Twilight Dinalfos was faster than the Light World Dinalfos and more armored. Soon Link found a way. Link realized that everytime that the Twilight Dinalfos flew into the air, it left itself wide open, so when the Twilight Dinalfos descended upon Link, Link parried its axe by blocking it with his shield, knocking it out of the monster's hand and stunning it. Link finally finished it off by unleashing a Jump Strike attack, sending it spiraling into the lava.

    Soon the lava stopped pouring into the room and a white chest appeared, Link opened it and obtain a new weapon. "That's the Twilight Claw! There are some obstacles that you should be able to traverse with that item", the Twilight Fairy said. Link understood well and equipped the gauntlet of the item onto his right arm. Link then continued further down the dungeon, once Link reached the bottom, the heat intensified instantly as he entered the final room. It was dark and quiet, all Link could hear was his own foot-steps until he looked up. He saw 16 eyes upon the black ceiling, then he saw what it seemed his segmented body glow in black and white lava along with four stinger-like legs. The figure jumped down causing many small fissures along the ground. It was the same monster that attacked Link the first time he traversed the volcano.

    It was a dragon with four large-segmented legs and a large stinger for a tail and 4 eyes.

    All Link could do was gasp...

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  • Link quickly regained his composure and began to run towards the monster.

    " That's the Twilight Dragion!" the Twilight Fairy said.

    The Dragion reared back his head as Link closed in on it and slammed its head onto the floor, the shock knocked Link back but he quickly recovered. Link then tried to grapple black horns on its head with his new weapon but the Dragion's stinger tail lunged forward from behind and nearly struck Link.

    The Dragion lifted up it's head again and a large flame bellowed from it's mouth. Acting quickly, Link targeted a large, round target just above monster and fired his Twilight Claw at the target it and Link was pulled to the ceiling and avoided the flame. Link fell and landed right on the back of the Dragion, the monster started to thrash around ferociously and Link was thrown off, but Link was able to spot a white scar on its back as he was thrown off. Link softly landed and rolled to recover himself.

    "Did you see that scar? Link, that must be the Dragion's weak are we gonna get to it?" the Twilight Fairy queried. Link immediately developed a plan. He realized that the Dragion effortlessly protected it's scar with it's stinger-like tail. If he was to disable it's tail, then maybe he would be able to get to it's weak spot.

    When the Twilight Dragion began to blow a blast of fire from it's mouth, Link jumped to the side and rolled near the back of the Dragion and fired his Twilight Claw at the Dragion's tail. The monster's tail was yanked towards Link and the Dragion was pulled off it's feet and was stunned. Link then pulled out his Four Sword and slashed at the monster's vulnerable tail. After 2 combos the Dragion sprang up. The fight continued for another round until the Link finally destroyed the Dragion's segmented tail. Then Link proceeded to get to the monster's scar on its back. Link positioned himself to the front of Dragion and when the Dragion reared its head back, Link quickly fired the Twilight Claw at the monster's horn and the Dragion was yanked towards Link and fell to the ground hard. The Link fired the Twilight Claw to the target on the ceiling and Link landed on the back of the Dragion with the Four Sword in the Dragion's scar.

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  • The Dragion roared loudly, thrashing about aimlessly and wildly around the arena, then it ran into the center of the arena and roared high to the ceiling.
    It's body cracked and white light shined through the cracks. Then it exploded. A small black crystal, shrouded in a gray aura appeared and floated towards Link.

    "That looks like the Twilight Crest of Rage!" said the fairy. Then Link was surrounded by a vertical portal and disappeared. Link opened his eyes and found himself floating in a dark area with stars and in front of him was a purple crystal with black chains along with another purple crystals in black chains. Then suddenly, the chains broke and a white aura floated towards Link.

    "Accomplished Hero. Thank you for freeing me. My name Sola. I am one of the 2 deities who created and watch over the Realm of Twilight. I was sealed away by your dark self. The crest that you just received was an evil mutation of our Sol created by your dark self. When the darker side placed this seal on me and my brother. He declared his name: Shadow Link."

    "Oh Hero who has already saved the Light. You must free my brother. Only then will you be able to return to your world of Light and defeat your shadow self. The next Twilight Crest is hidden in a dark forest, in the inverted tree ."

    "........But beware.....he holds the opposite of the Goddesses'......."

    Link appears in a field in the Twilight Realm, dazed but understood what has happened. "Oh out of all this chaos, I forgot to tell you my name." said the Twilight Fairy. "Alel, that is my name!"

    "Well, you heard the Goddess, we must find the other Twilight Crest and free her brother so you can return!"

    "C'mon, lets head west! To the dark forest the Goddess spoke of!"

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  • Phew Alright

    Link, treks west. He and Alel. Until they came across a peculiar wooded cave. As they were walking through it, Link suddenly collapses.

    "Link! Whats wrong!?!" shouts Alel worried.

    Link body soon gets cover in a black aura and the dark figure changes shape into a 4-legged figure. Link emerges in his Divine Beast form.

    "Ah! The Divine Beast!!" "You truly are our savior!"

    Wolf Link and Alel continued through the cave until the re-emerged in a dark forest with black trees with glowing black and white leaves. The whole forest was raining with black and white crystal fragments.

    "These are the same types of crystals seen in the Twilight Palace, I see this is why you've changed."

    Wolf Link and Alel wander through the forest but as they venture throughout the forest, Wolf Link begins to see visions of small figures that seemed to look like small children in small, green, leaf-like clothing . And in front of him he sees a girl with green hair in the same green clothing give a shorter boy with blonde hair being given a small object.

    "Whoa!" Wolf Link comes to, and finds himself standing over a large hole with large black roots spiking upwards.

    "This must be the upside down tree, Sola the Goddess of the Twilight Realm mentioned"

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  • Wolf Link and Alel gaze down into the hole, then suddenly a swirling light appeared deep in the hole and gusts of wind blew from within the hole as if like a vacuum, making Wolf Link and Alel involuntarily moving closer to the hole until ultimately being sucked in.

    As Wolf Link and Alel we're falling in the darkness of the hole, strange bubbles started to appear from deeper in the hole. More and more started to rise up and eventually Wolf Link began to experience a strange phenomena, the same type of event that happened while he was in the Twilight Forest. This time, Wolf Link experienced a vision of a bluish, white big figure with fish-like appendages, wearing what appeared to be a red cape and crown. Beside it was another similar figure,except a lot shorter giving the same short, blonde haired figure who was seen earlier a strange object that looked like a 3-pronged object with 3 blue spheres.

    When Wolf Link finally regained his composure, he and Alel appeared in what seemed to be some sort-of pocket dimension in the shape of a large water droplet, strangely as Wolf Link and Alel were swimming through the dimension, even though it was infinitely full of water, Wolf Link was able to breathe.

    Later, Link and Alel came across something odd in the center of the dimension. It appeared to be a very long, segmented, tunnel-like structure with spikes all over. But once Wolf Link and Alel made it to the front of the structure, it revealed not to be some kind of tunnel like structure but some sort-of inert segmented centipede-like monster that had a mouth-inside- a mouth with a pair of large pincers coming out of it's inner mouth. The strangest thing was, that it seemed like the monster was wearing some kind of mask with 4 eyes in a diamond-shaped pattern.

    " this........?" says the Twilight Fairy

    Before Link has time to say or think of anything, waters suddenly begins to rush into the gaping maw of the creature, sucking Wolf Link and Alel inside the monster's mouth as well.

    When Wolf Link and Alel soon opened their eyes they found themselves in yet another pocket dimension of the same shape, but much smaller. This time in the center of the dimension was a peculiar crystalline castle, yet when the couple swam up closer to the palace the image began to get hazy, as if it was an illusion.

    Sorry it took me so long to continue, being a junior in high school is not fun -_-

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  • Okay, I'm back.

    Wolf Link and Alel entered the illusionary, crystalline castle. When they finally arrived inside, they appeared in a room that appeared to have endless moving streams of black and white sand. The room also appeared to have a dreadful sensation. Dark spikes were coming out of the ground and coming down from the ceiling as well.

    "Link....I....I can feel as if there were spirits of despair and anguish all over the dungeon. I think this maybe the Shadow's Domain. This place, not only is it filled with sand that can suck you in if we wait for too long, but this place also seems to be a torture chamber! says the frightened Twilight Fairy.

    Wolf Link quickly comforts her and makes the expression that everything will be alright. They begin to move forward. As they continue through the dungeon, Alel begins to wonder if Wolf Link will be able to conquer the dungeon and rescue the second Twilight deity. Wolf Link again, tells her that everything will be fine and that they'll find a way. Eventually they enter a room without a floor. Nothing but an endless river of sand that filled the room.

    Wolf Link and Alel look towards and they see something odd slowly rise out of the sand. Red eyes gleamed from the pouring sand; then suddenly, the figure leaped out of the sand. The figure wore a black cloak that shrouded its entire body, only revealing what appeared to be a skeletal head with red glowing eyes. It then revealed a large red and black scythe in its right hand and a large red claw as his left hand. Its eyes landed on Wolf Link and Alel with obvious malicious intent.

    "Link! The Shadow will you be able to defeat it in your current form?

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  • I'm BACK!!! Sorry for the long absence. Lets Continue on.

    Wolf Link and Alel were glaring at the Shadow Knight, hesitant to move. But the Shadow Knight was different. It immediately attacked by firing a blast of black sand from its mouth, completely engulfing Wolf Link and Alel. Wolf Link and Alel emerged from under the pile of sand a few seconds later.

    "Link! How are we gonna defeat him!?! Alel said, terrified.

    Link started to dash toward the monster. He lunged in the air, baring its fangs and claw. Unfortunately, the Shadow Knight caught Link by the neck with its claws and tossed it aside with an evil laugh. It then tossed it's scythe at Wolf Link like a boomerang. Wolf Link just barely dodged its attack by flipping over it. The Shadow Knight then charged full force at Wolf Link with its claw straightened. Wolf Link jumped forward as well and somersaults over the monster. Wolf Link lands in back of the demon, he turns around and notices something. Wolf Link sees a red crystal wrapped in white chains in the Shadow Knight's back.

    "Link, that crystal! It must be it's heart!"

    Wolf Link immediately lashed out that the chains. The Shadow Knight, reeled back in a loud banshee-like scream of pain. Wolf Link quickly jumps back glaring at the anguishing monster, smiling triumphantly. Though, his expression only made the demon angry. The Shadow Knight quickly threw his scythe at Wolf Link followed by an enormous wave of sand. Wolf Link, recklessly leaped towards the attack and emerges through the wave of sand with the scythe in his mouth. The Shadow Knight then charges at Link with his claw and Wolf Link mimics him. Wolf Link dodges the Shadow Knight's attack at the last minute, darting behind his back and slashing at the Knight's red crystal. The Shadow Knight's dark cloak dissipated and Wolf Link didn't waste anymore time. He lunges at the Shadow Link one last time with his claws digging into the chest of the Knight and his fangs on the red crystal. The crystal breaks apart in many fragments and the demon's body cracks apart, breaks down and dies.

    The sand in the room begins to whip up and forms a big cyclone in the center of the room. The cyclone soon settles down and a white chest appears. Wolf Link opens the chest to finds what looks like a crystalline trident. The trident begins to shine expelling the twilight, Wolf Link begins to glow and his forms begins to change. Link appears in his normal form with the Hylian Shield and the Four Sword in hand.

    "Link! Your back to normal......I....I had forgotten how handsome you were...."

    Link grabs the Crystal Trident and continues further in with Alel.

    Link finally makes it to the center of the dungeon. But as they walk through the room, they find themselves in an arena of sand, suddenly the flow of sand under their feet begins to accelerate pulling Link and Alel with it. At the center there was a huge hole with the sand pouring in to it. Link immediately notices and fires his Twilight Claw at the ceiling pulling Alel and himself out of the sand. Then suddenly...they hear a loud roar and bright red eyes shine from under the sand.

    A huge explosion of sand engulfs the enter room. In the center stood a large figure. A large four-armed monsters with a mouth that opened in four parts and an inner mouth. Rows and rows of spiraling teeth in his mouth. The monster head was pouring out sand and it had a large scar on its forehead in-between it's 8 eyes. Lastly, it's body was covered in crystalline chains, as if bounded by them.

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  • Sorry, its taking so long. Now with Xmas coming, I'm VERY busy. Since I'm getting a my own computer for Xmas hopefully it should make things easier.

    Lets Continue.

    "Link! Its the Shadow Incarnate" Alel stated, fear-stricken.

    "Even the Twilight Realm has laws and regulations. Long ago an evil man was arrested and imprisoned by Queen Midna. He was bounded by countless crystal chains and locked away forever. Enraged, the man allowed the dark side of the Twilight to posses him and it turned him an atrocious beast, Queen Midna had no choice but to kill him. Shadow Link must've resurrected him! If that thing frees itself...".

    Link quickly comforted her, and moved forward slowly.

    The monster quickly lashed at Link with one of its claws. Link quickly dodged out of the way but he was caught off guard as the Shadow Incarnate quickly inhaled and unleashed a huge surge of black sand from his mouth. Link was quickly buried in the sand.

    "Link!" Alel cried, un-sure of what to do.

    Then suddenly, Link burst out of the large pile of black sand, in his Divine Beast form. Wolf Link then quickly dashes towards the monster with snarl, but is effortlessly swatted away. As Wolf Link recovers he noticed a red glow coming from the joints of the monsters arms. It was the same red crystal glow from the the Twilight Knight.

    "Its the crystal from before! That must be where to strike!"

    Wolf Link immediately knew what to do. He dashed forward and the the monster began to swing its arms again. But this time, Wolf Link evades and quickly jumped onto the monsters arms. He then quickly runs up the monster's arm, when he arrived at the crystal he quickly and relentlessly bites down hard. The red crystal then cracks and shatters. The monster's arm then quickly deteriorates into black sand. The Shadow Incarnate had 3 arms left.

    "Link, you did it! Just 3 more to go"

    The fight continued until the remaining arms were destroyed. Once Wolf Link destroyed the last arm, the fragments of the destroyed crystals began to rise and converged onto Wolf Link. Wolf Link then appeared as his original self once again.

    "You're back! Link, we need to end this fight before things get worse.... the crystal chains! The chains that are bounding the monster back; if we can break them, the monster will fall to ground where you can deliver the strike."

    As he acknowledges Alel, Link immediately took out his Crystal Trident, somehow, immediately knowing how to break the chains. He carefully aimed at each of the chains and tossed the Trident. The Trident spun around towards the chains, severing each of them. The Trident then came back to Link like a boomerang. The monster's head came down hard. Link then walked slowly towards the head, when he heard a voice.

    "You......Link.... you won' won't stop your matter how hard you endeavor. Everything WILL be destroyed!!! "

    Link, enraged by what the monster had said, he fiercely drove the Crystal Trident into the monster's mouth.

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  • Phew! 2 months since last post ! Sorry, studying for the SATs is painful.

    Okay now where we're we....

    The monster's body began to crack severely and light shown through, its body then exploded. A black crystal appeared with a white aura floated towards Link

    " .....The Twilight Crest of Sorrow...! Link...I think we did it! We found the other crystal!"

    Link nodded in response. Immediately then same vertical portal appeared and took Link and Alel away. They appeared in the same dark area with stars. Suddenly another purple crystal surrounded in black chains appeared before them. The chains then broke and the crystal followed and a gray aura shown forward.

    " Accomplished Hero, thank you for saving me. My name is Luno. I am one of the 2 deities who created and watch over the Twilight Realm. I was sealed away by your dark self. The crest you've received was an evil mutation of our Sol created by your dark self. When the darker side sealed me and my sister away, he declared himself: Shadow Link.

    Oh Hero who has already saved the Light. I thank you for saving us, now it is time for you to return to your world and destroy your dark self. But must re-obtain...your sword...your Sword of Legend"

    "Sword of Legend......does he mean....?"

    Before Alel could continue, Luno interrupted.

    " Now Go! Hurry! The sake of both worlds is in your hands...oh chosen Hero!"

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  • Woot! SpringBreak is going great!

    Okay where was I...

    Suddenly Link and Alel were plunged involuntarily into a white portal and Link fell unconscious. Link awoke to see himself and Alel in the middle of the Sacred Grove. As Link regained his footing, he notices to the shining glow of the Four Sword, as Link drew the sword he felt a strange sensation as his body started to vibrate and white line appear down Link's body. Suddenly Link's body split...into 4! A Red,Purple and Blue Link appeared from the original Link's body. Link somehow immediately understood, the same with Alel.

    "I see, the Four Sword's power is to split the hero into four bodies, but apparently the darkness of the Twilight Realm, restricted the powers of the Four Sword."

    Link agreed.

    Soon, a wind blew from the entrance of the Sacred Grove along with it came a voice: " the wooded Temple....."

    "Link...did you feel that?" Alel asked.

    Link replied with a nod. Link then knew what the voice meant. Link and Alel then ventured out of the Sacred Grove and back into the Faron Woods and into the Forest Temple. Link still remembered his way to the final room. When Link and Alel made it to the final room where Link destroyed the Twilight Parasite, he looked down into the abysmal body of water.

    Suddenly a huge wave of water erupted, pulling both Link and Alel into the water. Link and Alel were sinking deeper and deeper and as they descended, bubbles began to appear just like when he was sinking in the upside-down tree; this time Link began to see visions in the bubbles of a the same short blonde- haired in green cloth figure but this time in-front of him was figure of green cloths and green hair of same size but this time a feminine.

    The blonde-haired figure was being given a small brown item by the green-haired figure. Link then had another vision of the same 2 figures, but this time the blonde-haired being given a small gold and green crystal.

    Soon Link regained his senses and eventually; he and Alel landed in a strange area with walls, ceilings, and floors completely made of vines.

    "A strange dungeon...." Alel said, awe-struck. Link and Alel ventured through it. Strangely enough there weren't any monsters, until Link and Alel made it to the middle of the dungeon where the giant mass of vines on the floor began to come alive and move towards the center. The vines then rose up and formed a humanoid figure with four arms. Not even Alel knew what it was.

    Link immediately knew what it was and quickly drew the Four Sword, causing Link to split into 4. The 4 Links then charged at the monster; quickly overwhelming the monster and defeating it when the four Links severed the monsters' arms and ultimately the four Links skewered the monster in the center. As the monster fell apart in the center revealed a blue, oval-shaped object with an opening and numerous holes and the Triforce symbol.

    "Ocarina of Time!!!" Alel said, excitedly.
    "I've heard the legends about it. Its said that it helped the Hero of Legend save Hyrule once before. Link, aren't you the reincarnated descendent of the Hero?"

    Link grabbed the Ocarina from the vines and began to play. Somehow the notes to the Song of Time appeared in Link's mind and has he played the Ocarina, all the vines then quickly disappeared, revealing a small pedestal with the same Triforce symbol. In the pedestal, stood a large sword with the Triforce symbol on the blade and a purple hilt and handle. Link knew what the sword was and so did Alel.

    "Its the sword Luno said......the Master Sword." Link drew the sword and with a large surrounding column of blue light, Alel and Link disappeared from the dungeon and out of the Forest Temple.

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  • It's been a while, since summer vacation started and school got out 3 weeks ago, I've been busy doing other things, mainly relaxing. Continue? Yes.

    "Great! We have the Master Sword back! But...what next...?"

    "Well all of Hyrule is destroyed, maybe we should go and restore all of Hyrule and then maybe we'll be strong enough to defeat your shadow." Link agreed.

    "Maybe we should start with Ordon Providence, we should try and restore the Light Spirit, Ordona."

    Link and Alel travel back to Ordon Providence; the entire providence still the same way it was before. Ordon woods, leafless and dead. The trees were gray and black. Link and Alel make it to the Ordon Spirit Spring. The spring was lifeless, dead fairies everywhere and completely void of water.

    The Light Spirit, Ordona was lying, inert on the cold, hard ground; it's figure fading in and out. Link quickly ran up to Ordona and knelt down to it. Suddenly, the Triforce mark on his hand began to glow and Ordona was suddenly revived. Ordona slowly started to rise into the air.

    "Hero....thank have saved me from your Shadow, now you must revive the fairies of Ordona. Go deeper into my spring and see the way to the despaired Great Fairy."

    Link and Alel then traversed further into the spring. Soon they found a small swirl of water, a small portal. Link and Alel were drawn into it. Soon Link and Alel found themselves, in what appeared to be a darker version of the Cave of Ordeals.

    "It appears to be a Twilight parallel to the Cave of Ordeals in the Light World."

    Alel exclaimed. Familiar with the Cave of Ordeals, Link knew what he had to do. Link and Alel traverse through the Cave destroying 50 different types of Twilight monsters until reaching the final room where he and Alel encounter a large winged-insectoid monster radiating of black and white fire and black and white pollen pouring from its 4 black and white fluttering wings. It was clutching in between it's 8 legs was an unconscious naked, long green-haired woman.

    When Link and Alel arrived in the room the monster was just sound asleep fluttering it's wings, levitating and clutching the woman, but then suddenly it's quickly opened it's one big black and white eye and began to flare it's large black pincers and white fangs, setting it's sights on Link and Alel.

    "Link! The Twilight Mothula!"

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  • Link draws the Four Sword and the Master Sword but is alerted by Alel;

    "No Link! We have to free the woman first!"

    Link then re-sheathes the 2 swords and discovers that he still had the Twilight crystal Midna used to change Link's form into the Divine Beast. Link uses the crystal to transform into the Twilight Wolf form, Wolf Link. Wolf Link then lunges at the Twilight Mothula and latches onto its' legs and immediately begins to bite down hard at its' claws until all 8 of them broke away, the naked woman falls to the ground unconsciously. Wolf Link again tries to lunge at the Twilight Mothula but this time, he is swatted away by the Twilight Mothula's proboscis. It is then that Link decides that the Divine Beast form was no longer effective and instantly changes back to his Hylian form and draws the Four Sword and the Master Sword again. The Light of the Sols once again envelope the Master Sword, just like before.

    As Link tries to attack the Twilight Mothula but the Twilight Mothula began to flap its wings faster and harder creating a gust of wind that made it hard for Link to maintain his footing. The Twilight Mothula immediately followed up by firing a bright, burning beam of fire from it's mouth. Thinking a bit too quickly, Link attempts to reflect the beam right back at the monster using the reflective surfaces of the Four Sword and the Master Sword. The beam touched the 2 swords and reflected right back at the Mothula, burning its body.

    Immediately the Twilight Mothula begins a dead-on rocket-propelled charge towards Link but Link responds by charging dead-on as well. Before they collided, Link quickly jumps up and somersaults over the monster with his 2 swords extended slashing right down the middle the monster's body, slicing it right in half. The Twilight Mothula explodes in a flash of black and white light and Link and Alel quickly turn to see the naked woman slowly begin to awaken and rise to her feet.

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  • I didn't read everything yet, but so far I am very impressed on how interesting your story is.

    I hope you contine for a long time.
    I just have one bad thing in the first and second post you used said a lot, try to find other words instead of said.
    Check out my Video Game Blog and Forum

    There's also sheet music there :D (Even for SkywardSword)

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  • " Hero Chosen by the Gods, I thank you for releasing me"

    Link and Alel stood transfixed as the Great Fairy began to continue.

    " Please you must listen, your shadow has imprisoned all of the fairies of Hyrule and plunged the lands into darkness. Listen...we Fairies were created by the Three Goddess in order to aid and heal the people of Hyrule and of the world and to help maintain peace and tranquility for the world alongside with the Light Spirits."

    "One day, a dark figure with the resemblance of you appeared and with an evil Shadow Arrow, wounded the Spirit of the Spring and pierced through my veil and sent me from the world of light into the Twilight imprisoning into it's darkness, thus unsettling the peace in Hyrule and allow evil to reign."

    As Link and Alel began to understand, the Great Fairy continued.

    " Hero Chosen by the Gods, you must find the other the Spirit Springs and heal the Light Spirits and save the remaining Great Fairies that we might help break the seal of darkness over Hyrule and defeat your shadow".

    Link and Alel understood as they were then surrounded by by a bright column of light and were found back in the Spirit Spring in Ordona. Link's first thought was to go to Ordon village but he knew it would be futile as the village would be destroyed and void of anyone, so he and Alel decided to make their way to the next Spirit Spring in the Faron Woods and to the Light Spirit of Faron.

    Link and Alel make their way to Faron Province to the Spirit Spring as they discover it in the same condition as the Spirit Spring in Ordona. He then sees the Light Spirit of Faron in the same manner as Ordona. Link proceeds to heal Faron in the same way as Ordona.

    "Hero....thank have saved me from your Shadow, now you must revive the fairies of Ordona. Go deeper into my spring and you'll see the way to the despaired Great Fairy ".

    Link and Alel then proceed deeper into the spring, eventually coming across a large black tree. Suddenly a large white glowing tear appears in the side of the tree and Link and Alel are then sucked into the light.

    Link and Alel then find themselves in a very dark, black and white eerie complex like dungeon. With black and white bricks, walls and stairs. The walls were also covered in black and white vines as well.

    " Link this's looks like a surreal mansion of some sort, could this be another Forest Temple .....?

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  • Back after a LONG hiatus, sorry.

    Link and Alel stood around in the Black Vine Dungeon, confused on what to do next.

    "This Temple.....its nothing but moving black and white vines....what...should we do?"

    Link responded by turning into his Divine Beast: Twilight Wolf form and by using his senses, he moved forward. He knew exactly on where to go and what to do.

    Wolf Link and Alel traveled through the dungeon for some time but as they traveled deeper and deeper within the dungeon they noticed something peculiar.... the dungeon was completely empty...there were absolutely no monsters...

    As Wolf Link and Alel moved further through the dungeon, they started to hear a sound as if was cackling but it was soft. Wolf Link and Alel decided to follow the sound and it began to get louder and louder. Eventually the reached a large, spaced-out area. In the center of the room was a hole. All the vines on the floor of the room were all moving towards that hole. Suddenly,Wolf Link and Alel instantly became entrapped by the surrounding vines and were being pulled near the whole and were then pulled into the hole.

    Wolf Link and Alel woke up to find themselves in a large arena made out of the vines and large tree-like pillars scattered around the arena.

    In the center of the arena they suddenly saw something odd. A large stream of what seemed to be white fire appeared and began to fly around, igniting the pillars around the arena. At the same time, another large stream appeared. This stream appeared to be ice, but it was black. The stream of black ice flew around freezing the blazing pillars. The 2 streams began to fly around each other and soon Wolf Link and Alel then heard a loud, feminine voice.

    "With my white fire, I shall burn you to your bone!"

    "With my black ice, I shall freeze you to your soul!"

    Soon the 2 streams formed a glowing double helix and the helix glowed brighter and soon a black and white woman with black and white flaming hair holding two large black and white wands of white fire and black ice appeared.

    Wolf Link quickly transformed back to his Hylian form and drew his Four Sword and Master Sword as Alel said:

    "Twilight Witch: Twinrova!"

    With just a loud cackle Twinrova's eyes glow black in one eye and white in the other. And attacked Link and Alel by firing a blast of white fire. Without a shield to defend, Link hesitated but then reacted by blocking the blast of fire with his 2 crossed swords and swung the blast of fire away, hitting a frozen pillar. Without a way to combat Twinrova, all Link could think of was to keeping dodging the witch and deflecting her black ice and white fire blasts. As the fight continued, the arena was being frozen and ignited constantly making the vines of the arena erode.

    But soon as Link continued to deflect the blasts, he began to notice that both his Master Sword and Four Sword were glowing black and white.

    "Link! Your swords are glowing! It seems as if their absorbing Twinrova's power, maybe you can use her power against her..."

    That was when Link got the idea. He jumped towards Twinrova and the witch fired 2 blasts of white fire and black ice. He blocked the blasts with his swords and instead of deflecting the blasts, he stood his ground and the swords fully absorbed the fire and ice.

    Link felt the power coursing through to 2 swords and he then leaped forward towards Twinrova, taking advantage of the Twilight Witch's confusion and surprise Link spun around in the air unleashing huge crescent-shaped waves of white fire and black ice.

    The blast wave instantly flash froze and incinerated Twinrova injuring her severely. She fell to the ground hard; her body halfway covered in black ice and white fire and in constant pain.

    "You...won't....succeed. My master....will become one with you...and destroy"

    Twinrova said as she breathed her last breath. Link filled with rage then impaled the witch with both of his swords and with a loud scream, the Twilight Witch exploded in a flash of black light.

    The black light then revealed a large, naked green-haired women, same as before.

    The women opened her eyes and Link and Alel were then surrounded by a ring of light and disappeared. They then reappeared in the Faron Spirit Spring.

    "Hero Chosen by the Gods, I thank you for releasing me"

    "As you already know of the plight currently happening, you must find the remaining Spirit Springs and heal the Light Spirits and save the remaining Great Fairies that we might help break the seal of darkness over Hyrule and defeat your evil self."

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