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    The ZU Mother's/Father's Day Song Writing/Singing Contest! First Ever!
    • You knew someone would come up with this eventually. You just probably didn't think it would be me! I've got the go-ahead from Tiroth to begin this!

      I, EzloSpirit, present to you ZU's first ever Mother's/Father's Day Song Writing/Singing Contest! Yes, I kind of ripped it off of that Christmas carol contest, but that's okay! Now, the details:

      Your Objective: Write and sing a song of your own related to either Mother's Day or Father's Day, to your mother or father, to someone else's mother or father (as long as it's not offensive and you have that "someone else's" permission), or mothers or fathers in general.
      EDIT: Songs can be no longer than 6 minutes and no shorter than 30 seconds.

      What You'll Need:
      • Paper and pencil (or computer with a word processor)
      • A computer (Mac, Windows, whatever. It doesn't matter)
      • A decent computer microphone
      • An audio recording program (Audacity, as an example of a free downloadable software)
      • A voice (if you have a cold or laryngitis or something, don't record your song until you get better; you wouldn't have a good chance of winning!)
      • ENTHUSIASM!!

      What to do when you've recorded your song:
      Make sure your song's file in in mp3 format. If not, convert it! Then, upload your song to the internet (a couple sites you can do this at are Tindeck and Mediafire) and PM me a link. If you're feeling extra lazy, PM me and I'll send you my e-mail address to which you can send your song.

      Who's judging:
      Well, to start with, I will be. As for others...that's where you can come in! If you are willing to give up your ability to win, PM me and I may pick you as a judge! Please only do this if you think you have good taste and know what you're doing. As judges are picked, they will be listed here:

      Judging Panel:

      The Winners' Reward: Well, you get your username displayed here, as well as a link to your song (only if you uploaded it!). If completely approved by ZUBC executives, your username will be mentioned in an upcoming episode of the ZUCast, along with a short sample from your song! Just like the Christmas carol thing! The top three entrants will be picked as winners, judged on the song and singing (mostly the song, though). First, second, and third place.

      DUE DATE FOR SONGS: Saturday, June 6, 2009 12:00 AM EDT/ 4:00 AM GMT

      Nead Moar Informashun? Ask general questions in this thread! Or you can PM me (this is a requirement if you have a question regarding a song you have in mind or are writing/recording already; you cannot use this thread for those kind of questions) if you feel like it.

      I hope this will be a great experience for everyone: the songwriters/singers, the judges, and everyone else as they wait to see which of their fellow ZUers will win! I, myself, have a song that I have yet to record. It is called "Lament" and it was originally written for the soundtrack of one of the books I'm writing (don't ask why I'm making a soundtrack for a book). I will be posting it when it's recorded (I can't win, of course) just in case anybody will need a frame of reference. It has to do with a young boy that lost his father, and I will be dedicating it to all whom have lost their father, or even their mother.

      I just spilled about my own song, but THOSE ENTERING A SONG TO BE JUDGED CAN NOT TELL ABOUT IT UNTIL THE JUDGING IS COMPLETE!!! This thread is to be used for general questions and discussion only. Nothing else!

      Happy singing!

      EDIT: You know the song that I wrote that I mentioned before? "Lament" is now online, and you can listen to it! It can be used as a frame of reference if you want. It could be catagorized as a "fathers in general" song. It's a sad song, just as a warning. Download/listen to "Lament" here!

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