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    Goodbye Mors Syphilitica... ::sniff::
    • Mors Syphilitica- Dreams of the Many

      I found out about the divorce of Lisa and Eric Hammer and the breakup of one of the best damn contemporary gothic acts existing just a few months ago. The former members of Requiem in WHite, Mors Syphilitica(My no questions favorite band) released three wonderful albums: their self titled, "Primrose", and the Projekt release "Feather and Fate".
      The most notable tracks would be "Whispers in the House of Truth" and "Below the Baleful Star" from their first album. "Roses from the Yard" and "Ungrateful Girl" from Primrose...also "Galatea" and "Fountain of Tears" from Feather and Fate.
      The sound of Mors Syphilitica was defiined by both of the artists. Eric wrote all the instrumental music..which included baritone guitars, electric guitars, mandolins, dulcimers, violins, name it. All played and written with fierce passion.
      Lisa's voice is dripping with intense and beautiful decadence. Slightly operratic, yet open and powerfully beautiful.
      These elements together along with some very deep and hearbreaking emotions have a victorian- esque intensity sometimes with a tinge of something medeival, middle-eastern, or bluegrass even. The music creates cinematic imagery in the mind while also keeping the pace of rock music so the listener isn't bored. Universal and powerful. There were no interviews with the artists, they were purposefully obscure for the sake of the music.
      There was a side project later in their career called "Order of the NCS". A live performance by the band doing some kind of ritual and recording it for the inspiration of Eric Hammer's paintings...according to him, the music was very personal and had no business being released.
      Lisa now does independant films. I have watched a few. I loved "Empire of Ache" as well as "Period Peice" which was a humorous take on a 1970's sex ed commercial.

      The video for the band's "My Virgin Widows"

      She also plays "Triana" on the adult swim program, The Venture Brothers"
      Doc Hammer also collaborates with the the writers for the Venture Brothers, as well as voicing "Dr. Girlfriend" Both Eric and Lisa are heard in this scene.

      Here, also is a fan made video for "Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier" on the Primrose album...A take on a civil war song. Very slow, but full of emotion. YouTube - Johnny Has Gone For a Soldier

      It is sad how bands like this that are so amazing, seem to earn none of the attention they deserve. More people should be exposed to this beauty, there is something obviously intimate and wise about them. Something that should be preserved for eternities...

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