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    • Admittedly, I did slip up in a number of the noted respects, and I acknowledge that. I'll blame it on not having played the game since entering university, but acknowledge that a handful of my mistakes were very stupid. ;)

      However. There's never any clarity regarding Cloud's origins. There's just as much evidence against Cloud being born in Nibelheim as there is against it. I've always accepted that Cloud's own origins were cloudy, and that it was Zach who originated from Nibelheim, although perhaps you can disprove that for me. ;)

      I was glib in describing Sephiroth's seperation from Shinra in part due to the fact that I've never considered it a cut-and-paste issue. With Sephiroth's connection to Jenova, and Jenova's connection to Hojo and Shinra's Mako-infused members, the umbilical cord was only cut in my mind in the Northern Crater. This, of course, requires justifying his previous hostile actions as those of self-preservation.

      It's the previous murkiness of Cloud's origins still furthered by my own impression that lead me to believe in a stronger connection between him and Sephiroth. Obviously Shinra's influence in experimentation extends before Cloud's birth. Again, this would be disproven if my previous assumptions are false.... and to spare you the aggrivation of dealing with me more than you have to JW, I'll dig through my own transcripts. ;)
    • Originally posted by Jenova's Witness
      Mercutio, why did you contradict me with such certainty if you weren't sure?

      It's called human error, you have an extremely bad attitude towards me and I would like it to end here. If not I'll be forced to report your attitude to the moderator of this forum, this is not the place for such rudeness. You seem to contradict Dryth quite with so called "clarity" when you just said.

      It's only been a year since I beat it and I'm already forgetting stuff.

      So really, you're just being hipocritical, aren't you? This was made for discussion on video game storyline help, not debating. I suggest it ends here.
    • I'm forgetting some stuff, but not everything. I'm forgetting the names of certain towns, I'm forgetting some of the sequence of events but most of the time I remember the story quite well, and when it starts to go away I read a plot analysis and it all comes right back. What you guys said directly contradicted the stuff I solidly remembered.

      And Mercutio, warn me that you're going to get someone to warn me in a topic where I have been a jerk. I've been perfectly fine in this topic, so there's no reason you should be upset in it.

      And furthermore, with a story like FF7, there's just about no way you can discuss it without debating it.
    • It's been a very long time since I've played final fantasy 7, but don't hit me if what I say can be easily related to what someone has already said or is just wrong.

      When you went through that whole nibleheim thing where sephiroth completely destroyed that Jenova thing, those large capsules with monsters inside of them, weren't those the things that Sephiroth was produced in, and possibly Cloud? If not, who gave birth to Sephiroth?

      *readies himself to dodge flying punches*
    • Lucrecia gave birth to Sephiroth, and he and Lucrecia were experimented on then. And those monsters weren't created in the capsules, and neither was Cloud. They were human beings, who led a normal life until Hojo got them and tried to make more Sephiroth clones. However, he failed, and that's what they became. They didn't use the test tubes on Sephiroth, but they used the same chemicals. I think the reason Sephiroth did become super powerful and the others failed was because he was experimented on during Lucrecia's pregnancy.
    • I was wondering about Animal Crossing:

      How in the world does a video game console that is OFF still be able to keep track of real time for a game that plays like it is in real time? Doesn't it need power to work? Is there a battery:confused:

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    • Originally posted by Frodo
      I was wondering about Animal Crossing:

      How in the world does a video game console that is OFF still be able to keep track of real time for a game that plays like it is in real time? Doesn't it need power to work? Is there a battery:confused:
      The Gamecube itself probably has a battery, but the clock itself probably draws from the console's power supply so long as the console's plugged in. Either way, there's a clock constantly active within the Gamecube, as with most modern consoles. The PS2 and Dreamcast will lose their time settings after a long period of being unplugged, from my own experience, although I've never tested with the Gamecube. Even when a console's off, chances are it's still drawing power.