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    Zelda Forest
    • Zelda Forest is a site I plan to make in the future. It will be very different from most Zelda sites. It wont be focussed on content unlike most gaming sites. Most of it will be on fanfics, fan videos, or fAN art. You can register once you do that you have options. You can be on Gannon's side, Zelda and Link's side, or you can be on your own you can be evil or good. You then have to send fanfics, art ect they will be showed on the site with a poll so people can rate the fanfic commenting on them is also an option. If most of the scores is perfect you got a point. All the people who register have profiles on how many points they have. There will also be ranks. I wont tell what they highest one is but you do need to get 1,000 points as the highest rank. Oh also in the site we have a war story.
      If you have 20 points you get the triforce of courage
      If you have 50 points you have the triforce of wisdom
      If you have 100 points you have the triforce of power
      Getting all three of them you are the leader of Hyrule choosinjg to use it for good or evil. If you choose Gannon then you give all 3 triforces to Gannon and he rules Hyrule.
      If you choose Zelda and Link they rule Hyrule.
      After the war it will be written down in a page called the history book where your username will be written in gold and when you did it. Then the war will start over again. You might want to try and challenvge yourself with getting the most war wins. The site will have game content though. Not much. Also forums where people can advertise about their upcoming work.
      One more thing, if you get a perfect score on a fanfic you get 5 points because that is the hardest to get a perfect on.
      I want to know if you people think it is a good idea though. No copying please.