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    • Hey guys,

      So I am part of a community that I help run, it’s based off of the Berserk manga series. For those who are unfamiliar with the series, it is a manga based on the character named Guts who is a mercenary who joins Griffiths group called the Band of the Hawk. Things go good for Guts until things take a major turn for him and Griffith. I would go into detail about the manga, but it is violent and has a lot of adult themes in this, and I don’t want to spoil the story for those unfamiliar with the series. Overall it is a journey about Guts extracting revenge on Griffith for the major events that happened, and along the way Guts fights lots of bad guys with a huge sword.

      Now the server itself, it’s not linked to the community, but I definitely would like to share this server for those who are interested and would like to meet others with similar interests. I know the majority of them are familiar with the Zelda series, so there is already something in common.

      There is a few channels to where you can share artwork, talk about the weather, and since the manga has a lot of adult themes, there is a channel where it’s around those themes, so that is a fair warning.

      I definitely wouldn’t recommend the channel/ manga for those of light heart, or under the age of 15, but I definitely would like to post it here so those who enjoy the series is there for your leisure.

      Link to the server;