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    Zelda Wiki/Zeldapedia Community Merge
    • Hey everyone, today we have some exciting things to discuss.

      The staff teams of Zelda Wiki and Zeldapedia have been talking and we would like everyone to be aware that we are open to merging our two communities together into one. The reason for this potential change is so that we can align our talents together to make a single, great wiki as we will have the power of both teams working together. Naturally, this comes with a lot of questions. I will do my best to answer the basic questions about what this means for our two wikis and what options we have. Also, please be kind to all parties connected to Zelda Wiki and Zeldapedia. This is not the place for hating on any communities, including NIWA or Fandom/Gamepedia.


      Is Zelda Wiki moving to Zeldapedia/Wikia/Fandom?

      Is Zeldapedia moving to Zelda Wiki/Gamepedia?
      The Wiki itself isn't. The general intent on Zeldapedia's side is to keep their wiki up as an archive, but leave notices that the current and active wiki is at Zelda Wiki. The staff and community of Zeldapedia may choose to join forces with us, but the Fandom wiki isn't going anywhere.

      Are any articles being carried over?
      It's unlikely for several reasons. There are no plans for Zeldapedia's content to move to Zelda Wiki, though we may eventually review the content of Zeldapedia and use the information to improve Zelda Wiki's articles. The intent of this community merge is simply to join our communities together so that we can work together. Moving or merging data isn't our intention.

      What is going to happen to the Zelda Wiki Discord?
      There are a few options that we have for our Discord. The most commonly-suggested idea is that we transition over to the Zeldapedia Discord due to its activity, but it will be rebranded as the Zelda Wiki Discord instead. The option of keeping up two Discords (one for general community fun and one for Wiki work) isn't out of the question either. Let us know what you think we should do.

      We want to hear from our own community before we take any steps further towards this goal. Do you like the idea? Please let us know!
    • This almost feels like a flying-pigs scenario, but I have no problem with this. I always felt rather uncomfortable with the enmity that existed between the two sites, and they do complement each other with their respective strengths and weaknesses. ZW's editor base has been struggling to recruit numbers for many years, and ZP has a strong userbase from Wikia (or whatever that company is calling itself these days). The opportunities are endless here, and this would be a wonderful alliance. And since the plan doesn't involve ZW moving to the Wikia platform, which is littered with intrusive advertising compared to ZW (which has some ads but not a criminal amount), I can't personally see anything negative to come from this.

      I look forward to seeing what comes of this because this may be the catalyst for activity that the site has needed since before I joined the staff 4 years ago.
    • Despite some initial misgivings (which when examined internally led me to conclude were based on tribalism and not on any real objectionable fact), I wholeheartedly approve this merger. Nothing is lost, especially not on the side of the Zelda Wiki.

      In fact, I'd think that Zeldapedia has more to potentially lose in this community merger, and their community and leaders have been nothing but supportive and understanding. For editors of the Zelda Wiki's purposes, this will change practically nothing.

      The only potential bump is the Discord stuff, but that's much less of an issue.

      Also, this is my first post here. Hi.

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