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    • 3. 26.14

      The first thing that one would feel upon entering the International Idol facility in downtown Jungulgi would likely be confusion. More specifically, they would think they had stumbled into the wrong place. Immediately after entering the brand-new building, towering over its neighbors, considered massive in their own right, and made of white steel and glass that almost seemed to have been tempered by progress herself, any prospective idol or tourist would find themselves in a concrete box, that, though stretching out seemingly to the corners of the tower and up at least a hundred feet, felt like a prison cell.
      It was constrictive in its blank vastness, and an unpleasant face beneath a mask that many have grown to find pretty. So most keep the mask on. Sometimes things can be like that. Really, things that hold people in, and hold them well, are seldom the small cells of a prison in a far off state, nor the confines of handcuffs or tightly tied rope, but a complex massive enough to have made itself indispensable to them, and which they are made to serve, for when the prisoner imprisons themselves and their posterity in the castle dungeons, who really is the tyrant? Somehow, this room reeked both of complex and simple.
      But, in trying times such as these, concessions must always be made. Today, it was the lobby of Idol International Jungulgi. On this particular dawn in late March, warm like a young summer, but still not uncomfortable, as people going on their ways to work or school are still being guarded from the sun’s harsh rays by the blue ghost of a late rain, the room is filled with nearly two hundred children, most looking fourteen or so, but some looking shockingly and uncomfortably young, and others far too old. But let’s leave the mask on.
      In Meonwang, Jungulgi’s zone, a day like this is called a white summer. A sweet lie playing knavishly on mother nature’s lips for a day or two before whipping away the warm breezes and replacing them with yet another term for winter’s cruel dictator, a fiend whose iron fist often clutched Meonwang tight, and was seldom convinced to release her without a fight. Today is a day of two white summers. One over the plains and meadows of Sontayang’s sweet northern maiden, the other in a vast concrete cell in the most fair tower in Jungulgi.
      The room now is filled with prospective idols from every corner of the vast jurisdiction of Sontaeyang, from Ssisghaeng to Hwaeteo, the Republic to Diyizhim, and perhaps even, as seems to be the subject of much conversation, recruits from even further, outside of Sontaeyang, from the war torn northwest. The room is, even in its vastness, filled to overflow with hopeful recruits, making it look as if the great concrete skeleton is being infested by a great colony of locusts, having long since stripped the carcass of any meat. As is the case in hundreds of facilities across the country at this very moment, every on mind in this room, regardless of having been recruited or arrived on their own volition, talented or not, male, female, neither, from Sontayang or beyond, or any other distinguishing aspects, has but one goal: to become an idol.
      Near every child in Sontaeyang has grown up with the same dream in their hearts, whether they were inspired by the idols of decades gone, or contemporaries, and that was to be something greater in service of their country. So, as is true every year, a nation, or at least those who have the time, either watches, or prepares to run in, the race of an entire generation. And now, in the corner of a hastily built facility in a lying city, four such individuals sit in a corner. Shin Yuna, Rim Aster, Min Duri, and Park Chae Young. They have been silent for the near two hours of waiting, but the silence between them is swiftly becoming deafening, and, as you all know, the future waits for no one.


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    • Yuna shifted uncomfortably in her seat. The building’s intimidating mask of beauty was one she was familiar with. After all, she had worn one for most of her life, keeping it in her back pocket and never leaving the walls of her home without it.

      And all because she was cute.

      But this will change all of that, right?

      The people surrounding her had also been silent for the past two hours. The silence had been cutting into her the entire time, or rather, the fact that the silence left her with nothing but her thoughts. Over and over again, her train of thought traced the same circle. Until eventually, it became too much.


      It slipped out. The way her voice formed the words caused them to sound almost despairing, although this was not her intention. But a card laid is a card played, so she smiled to the others and pretended she hadn’t said anything weird.

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    • Min Duri
      Defense Form

      Duri sat there with his hands in his lap, staring into space and thinking. Most people might be thinking about their current situation or about how cool it would be to be a full fledged idol. Duri, however, was thinking about the latest episode of a TV Show he liked. This was deliberate on Duri's part. His surroundings were almost oppressive so he forced himself to think about other things to avoid getting depressed.

      Unfortunately, he was ripped back to cold hard reality when someone spoke. It sounded like a girl's voice. Duri looked around to see who had fished him out of his daydreams. He was right about the voice being from a girl. The one who had spoke was a girl who was sitting near him. It was only then that Duri realized that he was not alone in this corner. There were three pther people in the corner including the girl who had spoken.

      How did I miss them? He wondered. He must have been really deep in thought to miss that. Speaking of which, he should probably respond to the girl who had spoken.

      "Hiya!" Duri said. He smiled.

    • Aster took a deep breath, dispelling the anxieties that were flitting around in his mind.
      The fact that he was here at all meant that he had some merit. Of course, it remained to be seen whether he had enough.
      He glanced around at the walls, trying to think of their blankness as a canvas, rather than smothering force.
      When the girl across from him spoke, he nearly sighed in relief. He was competing with other people after all, not any sort of divine silence.
      He grinned, his blue eyes glittering. “And I’m Aster!” he exclaimed. He glanced around the room. “I wonder how many people are here…”
    • A boy who, until he spoke, seemed almost to be a part of the wall which he stood so stiffly against. Brown hair so dark it was nearly black fell loosely to his eyes, which were obscured by a skeletally thin pair of opaque, silver glasses. He wore a near blindingly white jacket which looked far too warm for the weather, emblazoned with the logo of some foreign sports team, and long, dark pants with far more pockets than anyone could possibly use. He was somehow the most and least noticeable among them, a shadowy bird of paradise.
      “I’m Geoji,” he said, without moving. He seemed tense, and almost affixed to the wall. His words came out similarly stiff, with an accent that was almost too perfect, every syllable accentuated too much, every pause a little too drawn out. Quickly, however, he nodded, pointing past the other four children.
      “See her?” He was pointing at a girl some fifteen feet away, sitting cross-legged against the wall. Her hair was a shocking electric blue, cut just above her ears and messy, and was dressed in plain shorts and a t-shirt, both the color of a storm-ridden sea. Her eyes were shut.
      “I heard she was scouted by Hwaeteo. From the way people talk these days, they might be on top in a few years. Sequel is getting pretty big out on the isles.”
      It was clear that he was trying to keep himself from talking, but his excitement was winning over.
    • Yuna looked the girl over. She was definitely beautiful, and if her voice was as nice as her looks, the crowds would love her. Is that why she’s so relaxed? She must know that she has a sponsorship in the bag.

      “Should we go talk to her?” Yuna suggested. Geoji seemed pretty worked up about that girl, and Yuna herself was curious about how she stayed so calm. She wouldn’t usually go out of her way to talk to someone like this, but the stage liked energetic and outgoing types. And if she was going to have a chance at success in a school where everywhere is a stage, she would need to wear the mask that people liked. This was simply the practice before the performance.
    • Aster beamed. "I don't see why not!" he declared, before making his way over to her without a second thought. He couldn't help but stare for a moment. The bright blue color of her hair was really quite mesmerizing.
      Then he spoke up, remembering what he had come to do. "You seem like you'll get a powerful role," he noted.
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    • Duri looked between the excited boy and the blue haired girl. The boy seemed really excited about her. Did he know her somehow? Duri hadn't realized that some people might know each other from before now. But if he knew her why wasn't he talking to her? Maybe he just had some sort of crush from afar.

      "It can't-" Duri began before he realized that Aster had already run off to talk to the girl. Duri followed, since he'd also like to know more about the girl.
    • The girl smiled a bit, just enough to be noticeable. "You never really know, do you?" She said in a friendly, but still rather reserved way, as if she trusted herself talking as little as she seemed to trust anyone else in the room. "I only got scouted for my voice, which won't mean much in a fight." Her face suddenly became cast in shadow, and she seemed to have lost her train of thought.
      "How'd you guys get scouted?" She said, as if it were natural that every idol there had been picked up by the largest entertainment company in the country.
    • Chae panicked. The blue haired girl had brought the topic she was most unsure about. Why she was chosen. She wasn't near as attractive as the people surrounding her and her voice was in no way amazing. Her charm was subpar and in general there was nothing interesting about her. She figured the best option was to remain quiet and wait for someone else to answer so she just stayed where she was, saying nothing.

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    • "I assume it was for my resilience." Duri said with a proud smile. "I survived a car crash despite all odds being against me." Duri left out the part about the rest of the car's passengers (aka his family) dying. No need to make things depressing. Despite how sad it was Duri was proud of how he had gotten scouted. To him it Proved that with enough determination anything is possible.
    • The girl seemed initially a little taken aback, and though it was unclear whether it was because of the apparent discomfort of Chae and Yuna or Duri's story was unclear, she appeared to recover quickly, and beamed at Duri.
      "That's really scary! I'm glad it ended well." Despite her apparent initial reservations, she seemed almost relieved to be talking. If she was just being polite, it was impossible to tell. Honestly, it didn't seem to the others that it was even possible for her to pretend such a thing, or perhaps even at all.
      "Oh!" She said suddenly, holding out her hand in Euro's direction, still sitting on the floor, creating a rather awkward handshake.
      "I'm Alsueo. I hope-" mid-sentance, the girl niw known as Alsueo stopped, looking up, and cocking her head to the side as if listening. At first, it wasn't apparent what shw heard, but it seemed as if other prospective idols around the room were likewise falling silent. As the cloud of silence descended on the room, the low roar of static coming from the cieling filled the spaces left by absent chatter. Then, once the room was nearly silent, a cold, clear, female voice rang out, ruthlessly crushing all remaining conversation between its iron tones.
      "The Jungulgi Trials of 2014 have begun. The following contestants will now report to the elevator at the far wall of the entrance hall." And she began listing names. Each hopeful idol listened intently for every name, even though they knew they would be called eventually. Then, after nearly fifty names, one rang out, to one person at least, louder than all the others: Min Duri. About a dozen more washed over his ears, and the listing was over.
      "Again, report to the elevator at the far wall of the entrance hall. You have five minutes."


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    • Duri heard his name and looked up at the ceiling. They had called his name which meant that he was goung to be tested soon. At least, that's what he thought. He wasn't entirely sure how this whole Idol thing worked when it came to becoming one. But he had to give it a shot. He'd been scouted, after all.

      "I hope I see you guys later." Duri said, waving to the group he was talking to before running off to the elevator as he was instructed to.
    • Slightly baffled by the rapidly descending volume in the room Chae looked up from the girl she now knew as Alsueo to see a stern looking woman standing at the front of the room. Her observations were cut short when she heard the woman announce, "The Jungulgi Trials of 2014 have begun!" Her thoughts flew to the fact that she could fail flooded her with guilt. She had accepted the offer for her family and she couldn't come back with nothing. She had to help her father. Her thoughts were once again interrupted when she heard Min Duri's name announced last and loudest of all. Chae vaguely hearing Duri responded with a distant you to and then went back to her own thoughts
    • “Be careful!” Yuna said as she watched Duri leave until she could no longer see him, then turned to the rest of the group. They were a cheerful, interesting group, and Yuna could see herself becoming friends with them. Maybe, if they grew close enough, Yuna could show her true self to them.

      But not yet. For now, focus on getting to know them. We are potential idols, after all. I have to be careful.

      “I wonder what the trial is,” Yuna said, turning to the others. “I’m sure Duri will do fine, but I hope it isn’t anything too dangerous.”