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    • I have been writing since the beginning of high school (which is around 4 years ago), and I still try to write when I am not doing voice work. The genres I write tend to be fluctuating. I can write a horror story, then write an action story.

      This place will be where I store the stories I write. They will either be single one-off stories (which is rare for me), or stories that are apart of a universe. I will separate each universe.

      I always welcome feedback. If you have feedback for a story, you can leave it here, or you can PM me your feedback. I'll try my best to get back to you ASAP.

      KARNOFVERSE: Possibly the biggest universe I have made for stories, however, I lost most of the stories involving this but that doesn't stop me from redoing it. Involves a detective and his not human daughter getting caught in different things, either being a ghostly being haunting a old mental asylum, or getting snowed in and having to do something to pass the time. May or may not be part of a giant multiverse.

      Karnofverse Table Of Contents Based On Timeline:

      ???? B.C. The Fabled Meeting - Written May 10 - 17, 2019.

      1997 A.D. Snowed In (Chapter 1 and 3) - Written May 29 - June 1, 2019

      2012 A.D. (Old) Silent One - (Original Adlib: Sometime in 2008), Written May 6 - August 2018.

      2096 A.D. Snowed In (Chapter 2, 4, and Epilogue) - Written May 29 - June 1, 2019

      2103 A.D. The Final Bout Between Foes - Written June 4 - 5, 2019

      MONOVERSE: The second big universe I use. This one is in need of a serious rewrite, and as such, none of the stories will be posted here until I can get one of the rewrites done. Involves a robotics engineer and his six wonderful robotic creations. May or may not be part of a giant multiverse.

      Monoverse Table Of Contents Based On Timeline

      2096 A.D. Snowed In - Written May 29 - June 1, 2019

      2103 A.D. The Final Bout Between Foes - Written June 4 - 5, 2019 and the creation of the Android and Machinery Alliance

      ONE OFFS: I don't have any one offs yet, unfortunately. I normally like to make my stories as part of universes rather than just one offs.

      CONTEST ENTRIES: This is where I will put contest entries that I wrote, no matter if they are part of a multiverse or not. They will be marked with a K, M, OO, or KM to mark where they are part of something or a one off.

      Contest Entries Table of Contents

      [K] The Christmas Surprise (Snowed In Chapter 0) - Written May 11, 2019
      Hello there! I'm Mr. Dreamcast, an aspiring voice actor. If you need to contact me, use my Discord: Mr. Dreamcast#0650, and my twitter:

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      This story was written to be the first in the new Karnofverse. Basically the thing that starts it all. (Word Count: 847)

      Display Spoiler

      The ground is rumbling. Riots are breaking out outside a giant stone building. A tall, humanoid figure runs from the crowd of people that are chasing him, throwing rocks and other debris at him. He runs straight into the building and locks it behind him.

      “Guards! Keep any civilian out of here!”, he says as guards block the doors. The man heads towards a mirror. His face didn’t have a mouth, and his eyes are bloodshot. He walks down the long hallway to a big meeting room with five other figures that also don’t have mouths.

      “Ah. Dultus finally arrived. What took you so long? Didn’t get your daily coffee?”, said the oldest figure in a mocking tone.

      “How about all of the protesters outside, literally trying to kill me!”, said Dultus, “Maybe you can stop being Mr. Mockingjay for once in your life”

      “It’s Ternam, you snapping turtle! Maybe instead at snapping at everyone with worthless words, you can actually show you can handle yourself!”, replied Ternam.

      “Is that an invitation?”

      “Both of you, shut up! Marie and Crest, any news about the invading forces?”, said the leader of the group. The two look at each other in with very somber faces.

      “Sir, they have reached the capital. I broke down out defenses just a few hours ago. They are approximately five hours away from here. Almost 95% of our forces have either switched sides or are dead. We don’t have a chance to survive. Richt, Me and Crest request that we initiate Plan Zetta.”, said Marie in a bleak tone. The five just look over to Richt. Richt sharply breaths.

      “We don’t have a choice. Everyone, open the hatches in front of you. Don’t do anything until I tell you to.”, said Richt. They all open the hatches, so see a red button, and a pistol. They all look around in shock. “Alright. On my count, we will press the button together and then use that gun to, well, you know what.”

      “Are we sure there is no other option?”. The door slams open.

      “There is another option. Just use these.”, said a scientist. He holds up six sharp crystals with two long points on each side. They glow with an ominous purple color.

      “Guards! Get this man! … Guards! … Where are the guards at?!”, screamed Richt.

      “The guards are having a little nap. I’m here to help you guys win this war. Not now, but later on. Maybe a week, a year, maybe even a millennium or two, but you will win.”, said the scientist.

      “And why the hell we should I trust you? You just barged in here, saying you have another way for us to win the war and you expect us to believe you? You are an idiot.”, Crest said as he grabs his gun. He fires the gun, but it jams. The others also try to fire at the man, but they also jam. The scientist snaps his fingers and the crystals replaced the guns they hold.

      “You don’t have a choice!”

      Everyone except the scientist was shocked by the crystals. They disappeared and the crystals started glowing green.

      “Hahahahaha! Seems like my soulstones worked. Listen up. Those things will send you into random bodies in the future. There, I’ll take you all out, then take over the world. No. The whole multiverse! Wahahahahahaha!”, said the scientist. He goes around the room and puts the soulstones on the buttons.

      “No! Damn it! I was too late!”, said a figure at the door. The scientist looks at the door with a giant grin on his face.

      “Ah. The strongest one of the six, Zero. I see you are late again, as usual. Your friends are now stuck in my soulstones, and you can’t do anything about it!”, said the scientist. Zero starts walking up to the scientist, eyes as dark as the void staring at him.

      “Listen here Tempus, when I am through with you, I will find a way to free my fellow members and end this stupid war!”, said Zero. Tempus grins and laughs. “What’s so funny!”

      “Look under you.”, said Tempus. There was a soulstone under Zero. He is zapped by it and starts getting pulled in.

      “Gah! Tempus, when I fix myself in the future, I’ll find you, and kill you for this AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!”, screamed Zero as he is pulled into the crystal. Tempus grabs the crystal and puts it in the last button. Alarms start blazing, and a voice could be heard.

      “WARNING! NUCLEAR BOMBS ARMED. BOMBS SET TO GO OFF IN T-MINUS ONE MINUTE!”, said the voice. Tempus grabs a soulstone, but it is blue.

      “With this one, I can go to any point of time. I don’t have to deal with pesky luck!”, said Tempus.

      “T-MINUS 30 SECONDS.”

      Tempus looks at Zero’s soulstone. “Zero. When we meet again, I’ll make sure to kill you this time.”.

      “T-MINUS 10”

      “Goodbye old world! See ya in the future!!”, Tempus says as he gets sucked into the blue soulstone.

      Hello there! I'm Mr. Dreamcast, an aspiring voice actor. If you need to contact me, use my Discord: Mr. Dreamcast#0650, and my twitter:

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      This story is in a need of a huge remake. This has become largely ignored by the original universe I made it in, and it will also be ignored in the new one. Feedback and ideas for what should be changed in the remake is highly welcomed. (Word Count: 4330)

      Display Spoiler

      Diary Entry One: My name is P.I. Martin Karnof. I am a private investigator from St Louis investigating a missing person case, however, the people who went missing were prisoners from federal prison. One of the missing prisoner’s mothers, Martha Kenley, asked and paid me to go find her missing son. After two weeks of talking to prison staff and anyone who knew the other men, I found a location that these individuals seemed to have a connection to. It was an abandoned treatment center near the town of Fergus Falls. I arrived at the airport, flew to St. Paul, and then took the boring 3-hour drive to the town.

      I went to some local stores and asked about the treatment center. I was given vague answers, such as, it is abandoned, and it was an old hospital for the insane. However, I was given a hefty response from an old man. He wore a blue flannel shirt, long beige pants, and a Korean War Veteran hat. I sat down next to him and asked him if he knew any about the place. He said that from what his grandma told him, the place was always active with screams and crying. It was rumored that they used Shock Therapy on their patients to “fix” them. These both intrigued and worried me. How do these men have a connection to a place like this?

      I am in my hotel room, getting ready for tomorrow’s search of the building. From what I gathered about the place, it shouldn’t take long to find them.

      Diary Entry Two: At eight in the morning, I got up and headed to the building. The place was quiet and looked good for an abandoned building. I walked into building number one. Nothing particularly seemed out of the ordinary. There was some graffiti here and some old equipment there, but that is what you would expect from a decrepit place like this. Some of the graffiti was either jokes like “TURN BACK!” and “SPOOPY GHOSTS INSIDE.”, as well as stupid internet jokes. Although one of the graffiti pieces stood out. The piece said, “Beware the kid who has no mouth.”. Right next to it, there was a crude painting of a young boy, probably around the age of 13, with nothing wrong except for his mouth not being added on. It made me uncomfortable just to be near. I walked out of the first building to the second one.

      The instant I walked into the building, I heard a voice screaming out in obvious agony. “Leave me alone! Why are you doing this to me?!” said the voice. A second voice retorted the first. It was raspy and echoey. “Aw. Why are you so upset? I gave you food, water, a place to stay, and friends. You should be Happy!” I heard a scream from the first voice. “Why are you doing this? Please. Take me back to the prison.” Once I heard the word prison, I knew who that person was. He is one of the prisoners who was kidnapped. I wanted to charge in and rescue him, but I was afraid that the unknown assailant would either kill him or kill me. “It’s 10:30! You know what time it is?” said the unknown assailant. “No. No No No! Stay Back!” said the prisoner. “That’s right! It’s fixing time!” said the unknown assailant. I heard screaming from the prisoner as he was being dragged away. Goddamnit! He is taking him away! I peaked around the corner. No one was there. “Fuck. I need to go save him.” I said. “Hm? Who’s there? Another friend?” said the raspy voice. Fuck. He heard me. I need to fall back. I’ll have to get him tomorrow. I ran out of the building to go gather my thoughts, and to write down this entry. I got into my car and was about to drive off until I looked at the windows, and noticed that a boy was looking at me. The windows were dirty so I wasn’t able to get a clear look, but the lack of mouth clued me in. I quickly got out of there and to the hotel.

      Tomorrow, I’m going to get a weapon. I will need a way to defend myself from whatever that thing was that took the prisoner.

      Diary Entry Three: I went to a local gun store and got myself a pistol in case I run into that boy before I went back to the center. I felt like today wasn’t going to be as simple as yesterday. I drove up there and got there at around 9:45 AM. I hope I can get to the prisoner before the boy takes him for “Fixing”. I went into the building and walked over to where I heard them talk yesterday. No one was there. It was empty. I thought I was too late or he died, but I think the boy took him somewhere different. He did see me yesterday, so moving him would be a smart idea. I walked up the stairs and saw 3 wheelchairs up straight and clean. This must be where he is taking them. I walk up to the wheelchairs and look at the seats. I noticed a key. I grabbed it but when I did, the wheelchairs fell down.

      I whispered “Shit.” and hid in a hole in one of the walls. I heard someone walking up the stairs. I peaked and I saw. It was the boy. Brown hair, Dark yellow eyes, and no mouth. “Oh! My chairs fell. Let me fix that up.” said the boy. I sighed, but I accidentally tapped on the side of the wall and a piece of it fell to the ground. I looked at the piece then looked back, only to find the boy standing right in front of me.

      He was staring down at me. “Hello there. Please come out there.”. The boy was speaking to me. I didn’t move. I thought that if I didn’t move that he- “I said… GET OUT!”. I was flown out from there and crashed into the nearby wall. “Well, now that you are out of the hole, Will you please tell me your name?”. I don’t know if I should, so I gave him an old alibi. “Name’s Mile. What’s your name?”. He responded with “What a weird name. A lot weirder than the other people who have visited. I don’t really have a name. If you need one, you can call me Two.” said the boy. “Ok, Two, where have you taken the prisoners?” I said. He was confused. “Prisoners? OH! You mean my playmates! They got moved to another building.”.
      What was he talking about? Were the prisoners playmates? I said, “What do you mean by playmates? You didn’t kidnap them?”. “Nope! My father brought them to me. I was bored so he went somewhere to get me some friends.” said Two.

      I was startled by that revelation. If this father is bringing them here, he must be really strong. “Oh! Hello, Dad!” said Two. “Oh no…” I said. I turned around to see a man who, besides the mouth not being there, looked exactly like me. I thought that Two put a mirror behind me to scare me, but the punch in the gut proved otherwise. I was knocked out and found myself in the first building. I checked the exits but they were locked. I was stuck. I looked at a nearby clock. 4 PM. I was knocked out for five and a half hours. I am not getting out of here today. Not from what I see. There is an old and uncomfortable bed to sleep on, but it will do.

      Diary Entry Four: I woke up to the sound of a door opening. I quickly hid under the bed. I saw who opened it. It was the dad. He was looking for me. He got to the room I was in and started searching for me. I was about to celebrate about him not finding me, but he pulled me from under the bed. I was dragged to the third building. My head was badly bruised by the dragging. In there, I was put in a kids room. This must be Two’s room. I looked around and saw Two playing with a dead body of a prisoner. Dear God. I hope that isn't whom I am supposed to find. I walked over to the body and noticed a nametag. Mark Walman. That isn’t him. Thank god. Two turns to me and starts talking. He said, “Hello! Are you here to play with my friend?”. I responded with, “N-No. I need to get out of here.”. I don’t care about finding the guy anymore. I need to get out, report this to the police, and get back to the mother to tell the bad news. I hate lying to people, but I am not dealing with this to get a single guy. Two said, “Well. It will be hard, but if you can outsmart my father, you could.” He was trying to reassure me, but it had the exact opposite. I am more freaked out than ever. I am in an unknown building with a murderer walking about. Why would I not be freaked out?! “Hey Mister, What’s that thing at your side?”. “Oh, this? This is my gu-” Wait a minute. I have a gun! Why didn’t I use this earlier?! “Two, have you ever seen your father get shot?” I hate asking this to a kid, but it might help me get out. “What?! What are you talking about?” This is what I expected him to say. I said, “Have you seen your father get shot before?” Two responded with, “Well, he was hit with a rock in the head before. Does that count?”. I’ll give this to the kid. At least he was in the general area. “It doesn’t, but how bad were is head injuries?”. The response gave me some hope. “It left a big gash for a while. If you are going to hurt my father, It would be a big mistake.”. This retracted my hope, as well. “Why would it be a big mistake? If I can shoot him dead than he-”.Two appeared right in front of my face. He seemed angry and worried. “He will not stop until you are fixed…”.

      There was that word again. Fix. What is he talking about? “Silence… Eternal Silence…”. What was he talking about? “What does that mean, Two?”. His answer was chilling. “I answered your question. You asked what fix means.”. “I didn’t ask you that question.”. “You did, mentally.” Can he read my mind? Suddenly, my gun flew out of my pocket into Two’s hands. He must have gotten it via some type of Telekinesis. “Listen, I need to get out of here. These prisoners aren’t helpful, but you are. You brought a weapon here, you seem to know how to get away from problems. I will not keep secrets from you and I hope you do the same, Karnof.”. He knew my name. My guess was due to the mind reading. “Well, two. You got my hands tied. I got no choice. What do you know about the building? Any secret walkways, paths, or equipment?”, I said. He looked bewildered. “I know of some old underground walkways that my dad uses to get around the place. You could use them.” Thank god. At least there is a way out of here. However, knowing that his father uses those paths makes me not want to use them. I need to though. Both I and Two want out of here. I sighed. “All right, kid. Where would the entrance to these walkways be?”, I said. He pointed to the wall where I saw a door-like crack. I went over and pushed it. It was difficult and painful, but I was able to get it open. “Quickly.”, I whispered. Two walked over to the doorway and walked on in. I followed afterward and closed the doorway so we wouldn’t get followed.

      We walked down the pathway for 5 minutes in total silence. We saw old equipment like wheelchairs and tables. It was dark, cold, and terrifying. After a while, Two asked me a question. “So, what do you do? What’s your job?”. “I’m a private investigator. I was sent here to find some missing persons, but I just want to get out of here now.”, I replied. Two stopped and looked at me. “You are going to let him die here? What a great PI you are.” Two said sarcastically. “Listen, kid. I have seen some stuff before, but I have never seen anything like this. A man has his limits.”, I said. Two gave me a look of hate, and we continue walking down the walkway. He heard a sound. It sounded like footsteps heading our way. Oh no. I quickly looked around to see if there was another pathway or a room we could hide in. There was a room right next to us. I grabbed Two and quickly got into the room. I slowly closed the door as to not make a sound. I barricaded the door with a cabinet. I could hear the steps of walking closer to us. Step by step. He goes to in front of the door and stopped. I motioned to Two to stay quiet. He banged at the door with a heavy knock. I was petrified with fear. I looked at Two and noticed he had my gun. I motioned for him to give it to me. He shook his head no. I did it again. He shook his head again and gave me a hateful look like before. He has the gun, so I shouldn’t aggravate him. I heard the steps walk past the door and down the hall. I let out the breath I was holding. I waited for about 5 minutes. “Two, I need some time to rest. You ok if we sit here for a while?”, I said. “Ok. After what you had to go through, I think it is justified.”, Two said. I am sitting down on the cold floor writing this down. I miss St Louis. I wish I could go to the ballpark, sit down, and eat a hot dog while watching the Cardinals. I’m going to lay down for a while.

      Diary Entry Five: I woke up about 3 hours after we barricaded ourselves in this room. “Two, It’s time we continue.”, I said. I saw Two sleeping on the floor. He must have been as tired as I was. I went over to him and grabbed my gun. I walked on over to the door, unbarricaded it, and opened it. I walked back over to Two, picked him up, and carried him down the walkway. After a long 6 minutes of walking, we make it to the exit. We were in the building I first went to. I saw that it was dark but had some moonlight shining in. It is night time. As I got out of the building, Two woke up. He yawns and looks around surprised. “Where are we? Wait. Are we outside?”, he said. “Yes, we made it out of the building.”, I said. I put Two down, and he rushed to the car. I unlocked it and got into the car. I locked it. I’m writing down what happened while I’m in the car. I’ll write more when I make it back.

      Diary Entry Six: Last night, Two started mumbling about the town and how it was so different. My guess is that Two hasn’t been anywhere other than the treatment center in years. While in our hotel room, he would keep messing with the tv. He kept changing the channel and he would cause static to appear whenever he walks up to it. He had a look of bewilderment the whole time. I turned off the lights, told Two to go to bed, and went to bed. When I woke up, Two was floating above me and giving me a blank expression. I was startled and felt like I had a heart attack. Let’s just say I wasn’t in the best mood that morning. I went to the store and bought a flashlight and batteries so we can see in the dark. I am in front of the building ready for day three of searching for the prisoner. Wish us luck.

      Diary Entry Seven: We walked into building two to inspect the room that I first met Two. The room was cleared of any objects. The wheelchairs from last time are gone. “Two, did you put away the wheelchairs when I was knocked out?”, I said. “No. I left them as they were. I guess my father must have moved them.”, Two said. I noticed multiple pieces of wood sticking out of the floor. I walked up to it and noticed it was a trapdoor. I opened it to find a ladder heading down into a dark hole. “Two, can you climb a ladder?”, I said. “I can, why?”, said Two. I started climbing down the ladder with Two following. We made it down to find a dark and creepy pathway. I turned on the flashlight and started walking down the pathway. At the end of the hall, we were met with a laboratory-like setting with computers glowing with light. “What is this place, Martin?”, said Two. “It looks like a lab. Don’t touch anything. It could be deadly.”, I replied. I walked up to one of the computers and looked at the screen.

      Subject 1010: One
      Sex: Male
      Being: Spirit
      Form: Unknown
      Age: Four
      Threat: Red

      Subject 1020, also known to staff as One, is a mysterious spirit found in a prison near the town of Marion, Illinois two years ago. The spirit has the ability to morph its shape into another person. It has used this ability to get into unauthorized locations or to kill anyone it pleased. While One has a definite form, it is impossible to determine what it is. He normally goes from one form to another so he can blend into his surroundings.

      “What a weird crea- wait. Prison near Marion, Illinois… That’s the prison that the prisoners were from! That is how they are connected!”, I said ecstatically. Suddenly, we heard the noise of the trapdoor closing and someone coming down the ladder. “Hide!”, I whispered to Two. I quickly got behind a desk, turned off the flashlight and readied my gun.

      I heard the being get to the bottom of the ladder. The being that came down the ladder spoke in a German-like accent. “Good. My data is still here! Zis is perfect!”, said the being. Is this guy the person who typed that info on the computer? “Tracking One… Good! He is in Building Three. Tracking Two… … Where is he? Goddamnit! Did he escape?! Zis isn't good!”, said the guy. I think it is about time I talk to this guy. I quietly got up, turned on my light, got my gun ready, and walked up to the man. He was scared and looking all over the place. “All right, you better explain who you are and what this place is.”, I said. He was an old but healthy man, wearing a lab coat. He looked at my face and down at my gun. “O-Ok. I’m Dr. Zachary Einenhow. I am a researcher of the paranormal and otherworldly. You are in my lab. I use this to study the specimens that are above us.”, said the old man. “Ok… Why do you have federal prisoners in this place? I have been hired to get them back, and I am not leaving until I get them.”, I said. “Federal prisoners? Were they from the prison near Marion? If they are…oh no…”, he said. Oh no? Why the oh no? “One has been wanting more power. He gains his power from the pain of others. If he got prisoners, he could use them to power up more than with normal people.”, he said. Power from the pain of prisoners? That sounds so unbelievable, but not after the weird 3 days I have had here. “Where would these prisoners be? I need to get them.”, I asked. “They would be on the top floor of the third building. He has been spending time up there a lot and gets more powerful every time he spends time up there.”, he replied. “Mister? What about me?”, asked Two.

      The man turns around and instantly got scared. He immediately went behind me and kept asking me to shoot the monster. “Two? He isn't a monster. He is just a cute ghost kid.”, I said. He jumped to a computer, typed some stuff and motioned for me to look at it.

      Subject 1000: Two
      Being: Spirit
      Age: 60
      Threat: Yellow

      Two is a 60-year-old spirit formed out of the feelings of the patients in an abandoned mental hospital near Fergus Falls, Minnesota. It has no form. It changes its shape depending on who is near or what the person considers calming or happy. It can be either male or female. While not inherently deadly, it can kill if threatened.

      I look at Two, then looked back at the screen. “Two, how old are you?”, I asked. “I am 13. Why?”, Two replied. “That is not what this says.”, I said. He got nervous. “Oh, really? That must be wrong…”, he said nervously. Two is lying. I can see it in his face. “I thought you didn’t want us to keep secrets, kid. I feel like my trust was violated. I’ll forgive you, but you must give me the whole truth when we are done with this rescue mission. Do you agree?”, I asked. “Yes, I am sorry.”, he replied. I looked at Einenhow. “Listen. You need to leave. Two and I will go deal with One. You go call the police. We might need them to help the men, or to get our bodies.”, I said. “ Are you insane!? You will die if you go face to face with him. You might have a chance with your gun, but that is still a low chance!”, he said. “Come on, Two. Time to deal with One.”, I said. We climbed up the ladder, and now we are outside. I am writing this down in case of police find our bodies. Wish us luck.

      POLICE REPORT M0N0: Call from a Zachary Einenhow at 3:54 PM about a reported kidnapper and murderer at the old treatment center near Fergus Falls. The man reported that a private investigator and a 60-year-old is going after the reported suspect. When we arrived at 4:21 PM, We found 4 people outside the building. Two of them were injured while the other two looked ok. One man was identified to be the caller, Zachary Einenhow. One man was a private investigator named Martin Karnof. We are bringing him in for questioning. One was a kid who called himself, “Two”. We are bringing him in for questioning as well. The last one was federal prison escapee, Richter Kenley. He has been arrested and scheduled to head back to the federal prison. Bodies were found of other inmates from other prisons, including some from the same federal prison Richter Kenley escaped from. Gunshot holes were found on the top floor of the third building in the complex.


      Detective: State your name, age, and profession.
      Karnof: My name is Martin Karnof, I am 32, and I am a private investigator.
      Detective: Ok… What was your reason for being at the abandoned treatment center?
      Karnof: I was hired to find some missing prisoners that disappeared from federal prison. My investigation leads me to the center and that is where I was investigating.
      Detective: We found multiple bullet holes in the top part of the third building. Care to explain why?
      Karnof: While me and Two were up there trying to get Richter Kenley, we were attacked by his kidnapper. He tried to attack us, so I shot him in defense. He got me back and I blacked out for a short bit, but we were able to get him.
      Detective: You mention this “Two”. Where did you mean him?
      Karnof: While I was investigating the second building, I came across Two. I have been helping him.
      Detective: Okay… I feel like we have enough. Thank you, Mr. Karnof.


      Detective: State your name, and age.
      Two: My name is Two, and I am 60 years old.
      The detective spits out his coffee and laugh.
      Detective: I heard you right? Did you say 60?
      Two: Yes.
      Detective:... You know Mr. Karnof?
      Two: He helped me get out of that place!
      Detective: Who was this “One” that Karnof was talking about?
      Two: I don’t know myself. He forced me to be his son, but that’s all I exactly know.
      Detective: This is enough. You can leave.

      Diary Entry Eight: After our interrogations, we learned that One disappeared and Richter Kenley was brought back to prison. One good thing and one bad thing. I’ll have to tell the mother that he is back. They let us go after a few hours at the station. Two decided to stay with me since he has nowhere else to go. We are about to get on our flight back to St. Louis. I don’t know what I’ll do after I get back. After what I had to deal with, I might stop the PI business for a while. Two hasn’t seen any other place than that treatment center, so I feel it is right to show him the world. I’ll put this diary down and show Two, the world. God bless.

      Hello there! I'm Mr. Dreamcast, an aspiring voice actor. If you need to contact me, use my Discord: Mr. Dreamcast#0650, and my twitter:


      I'm horrible with story names, I know. This was made to be a follow up to the story I put in for the May 2019 contest that would be about Karnof and Two just living in their house while they are snowed in, but it changed after a bunch of ideas came up and I wanted to put them in the story. Feedback is always welcome. (Word Count: 3323.)

      Chapter 1

      It’s the morning after Christmas. Karnof is in the kitchen, making some coffee and looking outside the window. The ground was covered in snow, the road wasn’t cleared up, and the front door was blocked. Karnof goes to the front door and tries to open it, but the amount of snow kept him from opening it.

      “Aw man. I guess my plans for today have been shot down. Let’s see what the radio is saying about this…”, said Karnof as he pulls out the old radio to check the weather. “The National Weather Service has stated that the midwestern states have gotten between 8-10 inches of snow, the most some cities have gotten in years. The crew is working hard to make sure the snow is off the roads and ready for people to head home from Christmas. This is Michael Richards with your local weather”. Karnof, disappointed by the weather, heads back to the kitchen and finishes his coffee.

      “It’s Christmas! Christmas!”, yelled out Two while running into the living room. Karnof facepalms as he goes into the living room. Two is sitting in front of the Christmas tree. The tree’s lights were turned off and the ornaments were taken off. “Hey, where are the presents and why is the tree not decorated?”, Two asked.

      “Two, you slept through all of Christmas Day because you stayed up waiting for Santa for the past three nights. I get that this is your first ever Christmas in the 13 years you have existed, but I thought you have picked up some knowledge before.”, said Karnof in an annoyed tone.

      “Give me a break, I was very sheltered by One since I was 5. I didn’t know a world existed outside of Fergus Falls and that Mental Hospital until you came along and rescued me. Plus, you didn’t tell me anything about Christmas except for Santa and how he comes by and gives you presents. How was I supposed to know it was the 25th?”, exclaimed Two. Karnof goes to the closet and pulls out a present.

      “Two… You are so smart but way too blind to your surroundings. Anyways, Santa did come by yesterday and did drop off a present for you. I kept it here for safe keeping. Here ya go.’, said Karnof. Two grabs the wrapped present and opens it. Inside, there was a PlayStation with three games: Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy VII, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Two was excited. “You were asking for one, so I got you it plus some games for it. I’ll set it up for you.

      “Breaking News! Joseph Bern, the father of late Sopha Bern, was found dead at the graveyard early this morning. The cause of death is suspected to be hypothermia mixed with several bruises found around his body. This happened one year after his daughter’s murder with no leads on who murdered her. If you have any information about her and what could have happened, please call the local police department. This is Michael Richards with your breaking news.”, the radio said.

      “Oh man. I knew Joseph. I was called to help solve his daughter’s murder, but I couldn’t find anything. The murder scene was so cleaned up, I couldn’t find anything. I suspected that the father was the one behind it, but I couldn’t get evidence. It’s stuck as a cold case. Anyways, I got the Playstation plugged in and it should start. Why don’t we test it with Castlevania? I remember playing the third one a long while back. Maybe it will be just like it.”, said Karnof. He puts in the memory card and the controller into their slots and then put the game into the cd tray. He turns on the console and gives the controller to Two. The game turns on, and there seemed to be a game already in it. They selected it and they seemed to be right before a boss.

      “Did you buy a used memory card?”, asked Two. Karnof shook his head no and started wondering what is happening. They fight someone called Shaft. It took them a while to do it. Once they did, it moved onto a fight with Dracula. It took them hours, but they managed to defeat Dracula.

      “Go back whence you came! Trouble the soul of my Father no more!”, said Alucard. Suddenly, Alucard’s name changed to Two.

      “How? How--How is it that I've been so defeated?”, said Dracula which also changed but to someone named Mono.

      “You have been doomed ever since you took control of my father’s body.”, said the in-game Two. The two playing the game started stepping back and grabbing her head.

      “Ha--Ah... Sarcasm. "For what profit is it to a man if he gains the world, and loses his own soul?" Matthew 16:26, I believe. Tell me. What--What were Karnof’s last words to you?”, said Mono. Karnof stood up quickly and looked at the screen in horror.

      “He said "Two, my daughter, my time is coming to an end. I want to let you know that I’ll watch over you always. Please, do good onto others and make sure no one has to suffer like I had to. ". He also said to tell you that he is grateful for allowing him to see his father again.”, said the in-game Two. Two started to scream and kept yelling “SHUT UP!”. Karnof couldn’t move. He collapsed to the ground. His legs started to fade away. He looked over at Two.

      “Karnof, forgive me. Farewell, my mother. Karnof also says farewell.”, said Mono as he fades away. Karnof also starts to fade away. He crawls over to Two who was still screaming. “Wake up, Two. You are needed. Two?”


      Two wakes up.

      Chapter 2

      Two wakes up in a giant pool of liquid. It was a greenish color and glow different colors. She quickly gets up and heads to a giant metal door, and opens it up. She runs it and closes it behind her. She starts crying. “Two, please report to Dr. Kayami’s office. Two, please report to Dr. Kayami’s office.”, said someone over an intercom. Two cleaned herself and dressed into her uniform. She was still in shock from what happened. She heads out of the room to a giant long hallway. It was all white besides some black doors, and some personnel was walking around. Two started heading down the hallway. The personnel looked worryingly at her as she walks towards Kayami’s office.

      “Ah. Good to see you, Two. You finally woke up.”, said Kayami who was standing outside his office. “Please, come in.”. The two head into his office. Two sits down on one of the three chairs in front of his desk, while Kayami sat behind his desk. He pulls out some paperwork. “Two, I’m sorry to say but your PTSD is getting worse. Even with the best Enlighten equipment we have, we can’t seem to help with it. Something or someone is amplifying those memories. Good news, we detected a signal coming from your home planet, PA-010. I and a bunch of the other staff think that is what is causing the memories to be amplified. If you can find out what is causing the signal, we should be able to help with your PTSD.”.

      Two stood up and walked out of the room. She heads up to a giant airstrip. Kayami was right behind her. He grabs her shoulder. “Two, listen to me, you are still weak from what happened and I don’t feel comfortable with you-”. Two gets his hand off her and orders a ship. She gets on the ship, and so does someone else. They had a giant whip and long hair. “Hey, Two! Remember me? It’s me, Monochrome!”. Two turned around and hugged Monochrome. Two turns back around and starts up the ship. They make it to space and start warping to PA-010.

      “So, how have you been, Two? I haven’t seen you since PA-547.”, said Monochrome. Two stayed silent. “Ah. I forgot you stopped talking after dealing with Mono. He was the worst brother, let me tell you.”. Two puts the ship on auto-pilot and stands up. She walks over to Monochrome and grabs their neck. She picked them up by the throat. Monochrome starts trying to get away from Two’s grip. Monochrome splits into two people, one boy, and one girl. The girl had long hair and had a visible scar across her face. The boy had shorter hair, and shorter than the girl. The girl's name is Chrome, and the boy's name is Whit.

      “Hey, what was that for?!”, both of them said. Two looked at them with an intense stare. They take two steps back and quickly turn back into Monochrome. Two turns around and goes back to her seat. Monochrome goes back to their seat and stay quiet during the rest of the flight. They make it to PA-010 also called Earth. They land near where the signal was at. A town in what would have been the midwestern United States. It was snowy. The two get off of the ship and land down on the planet.

      “Earth. I have only heard stories about what happened here. The world got nuked to hell and back in 2058, right?”, said Monochrome. Two turned around and made a motion for them to zip their mouths. Two heads down a long street. She stopped at an old suburban house that has seen better days. She goes inside the building only to see an accurate recreation of her old home. She heads towards the living room. It looked like what it was. It even had a Playstation in front of the TV. Monochrome walks in behind her. “So, this is your old home? It looks untouched. Why does it look like this?”.

      “Because I wanted to recreate Two’s memories.”.

      Two and Monochrome turn to the side quickly. They see a female figure with a small satellite antenna on her head and a bunch of tentacle-like appendages. The figure laughs and then starts running away from them. Two and Monochrome give chase. The figure goes out of the house and starts heading down the street. Monochrome, quickly thinking, uses their whip to hold the figure in place. “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Foolish Android!”, the figure says as it sends a high amount of electricity towards Monochrome. They were shocked and split into two. They pass out. Two still follows the figure to a graveyard. The figure sank into the ground in front of a grave.

      Two looks around the grave. It was for someone called Sophia Bern. She felt around the grave and found a lever. She pulls it and she starts heading down into the ground. She came back up into the ground, but the place seemed alive. It was still snowy, but alive. She looked at her phone. The year was 1997. The day was December 25.

      Chapter 3

      Two looks around in shock. She couldn’t believe she went back into time. She looked in front of her and saw the figure standing in front of her. “Well well, I can’t believe you followed me. You are the real Two.”, said the figure.

      “Who are you?!”, said Two. The figure steps back in shock.

      “So, the legendary hero has a voice, eh? I thought you were mute. Anyways, my name is Sophia Bern. Well, I’m the soul of Sophia Bern. Thanks to the power of the Soulstone, I was able to be brought back and put into this special body. Today is the day I get my revenge against my murderer and I am free from my eternal hell.”, said Sophia. Two gets closer to Sophia.

      “If all you wanted was to go back in time and kill your murderer, then why were you messing with my memories?!”, exclaimed Two. Sophia laughs at Two.

      “In order for me to go back in time, I need to use memories. Unfortunately, all of mine were used on my first trip. My memories weren’t strong enough for multiple trips. I need memories of someone who has a lot of strong memories. Someone like you. So, I attached a small but powerful satellite antenna to my suit that allows me to get your memories and then I would constantly go back and forward in time so I can kill my father and his family over and over again.”, said Sophia. Two gets into an attack stance.

      “I’m not going to let you mess with my memories ever again. I’ll make you pay for resurfacing painful memories!”, exclaimed Two as she shoots Sophia with a revolver. It breaks off one of the tentacles on the body. Sophia yelped in pain.

      “Old fashioned weapons in the modern era?! Why you!”, screams out Sophia as she uses the remaining tentacles to strike Two. Two is sent back by the tentacles. “Hmph. No matter. I need to finish my job before I dissipate… SHIT!”. Sophia runs off towards her family’s home. Two quickly follows behind her, firing shots at her. The place seemed deserted. Sophia makes it to her house and breaks in quickly. The sound of rustling could be heard upstairs. Two makes it to the house, and suddenly, Sophia jumps out the upper bedroom building with her father, Joseph Bern, being held by the tentacles. She rushes off towards the cemetery with two right behind her.

      They make it to the cemetery. Sophia stands in front of her grave and puts Joseph in front of her. Two pulls her gun out and points it at Sophia. “Don’t do it. If you fire that gun, the old man will die and we will just repeat this cycle all over again!”, said Sophia. Two, reluctantly, puts her gun down. “Hahahaha! I knew that someday you would come down and try to stop me. Though I didn’t expect you would use old weaponry like that, it didn’t stop my plans. Now, time to kill this bastard and start this all over aga-”. A gunshot could be heard. Sophia pupils shrunk and looked behind her. She saw Karnof with his revolver. The same revolver Two uses. “Ha… I didn’t expect… you would be here…”, said Sophia as she collapses onto the ground. Joseph gets out of the tentacles grip and runs off. Two slowly walks up to the corpse of Sophia. She was shot in the back. Two looked back up at Karnof. For the first time in years, she smiles. She starts crying.

      “Well… I didn’t expect that I would meet my daughter from the future. Hello there again.”, said Karnof. Two runs up to Karnof and hugs him. Karnof hugs her back. She lets go of her hug and back off. “By that reaction, I’m guessing that I’m not alive at the time where you are at. Listen Two, even in death, I love you and nothing will ever change that. Not even if you somehow became evil. Now go, that suit has only one charge left for travel. Take the remote device in her hand and use it to get back. Goodbye, daughter.”. Two grabs the remote device from her and walks up to the grave. “By the way, did you ever beat that one Castlevania game I got you? It looked interesting and I wanted to play it myself.”, asked Karnof. Two gave him a thumbs up. “You seem a lot less talkative than your younger counterpart. I guess you gained that from One. Anyways, thanks and I hope I can somehow see you again.”, said Karnof. He starts walking towards his car to head home. Two presses the button and then sinks down into the grave.

      Chapter 4

      Two floats up from the graveyard. She was back to her time. She collapsed to the ground and started crying. Monochrome rushes over to Two. “Hey. What’s wrong?”, asked Monochrome. Two stood up and put on a serious face. She grabs their throat and picks them up.

      “If you tell anyone here that I cried or showed any real emotion, I’ll put a bullet in your head and leave your body for the robo-cannibals, got that?!”, said Two. Two drops Monochrome back onto the ground. They gasp for air.

      “Why the hell did you do that?! We were only trying to comfort y-”. Two gets into their face but then backs out. She walks over to Sophia’s grave and sits in front of it.

      “I don’t want my men to see me showing emotions and therefore weakness. I only want them to see me at my strongest and the best condition I can be. I don’t want them to feel like they have a weak leader.”, said Two as she is looking at Sophia’s grave. Monochrome goes up behind her and kneels down. They put a hand on her shoulder.

      “It may seem like it would be best to not show emotion for your troops, but they see you as a husk and honestly, a bit of an asshole. I’m not saying you should be very emotional in front of your men, but at least show some kind of emotion once in a while. It makes you seem human.”, said Monochrome. Two quickly gets up and shoves them away.

      “Listen! I’m not human! I have known you for maybe 40 or even 50 years; you of all people should know I am not human!”, exclaimed Two.

      “You don’t think I know that?! I am more inhuman that you are! I’m literally three spirits trapped in two stones in fucking android bodies! It sucks to be in this. I got two other souls seeing through my eyes! I am always on alert that those two inside me will pop out and won’t ever recombine, making me non-existent! At least you have a body you can call your own and don’t have to deal with the constant fear of not existing anymore! AT LEA-”.

      “I fucking get it! Listen, you are right. I do need to show some emotion. Stupid of me to think balling my emotions up will do anything. I am sorry for all the throat grabbing and stuff. Let’s head back to the ship. After I rest up, I’ll buy all three of you some ice cream.”, said Two. Two starts heading towards where the ship was. Monochrome looks at the grave and notices that the death date changed. It changed to December 25, 1997. “Monochrome! You coming?”, yelled Two. Monochrome quickly got up and started heading to the ship. They get in and start heading back to the base.


      They make it back to the base. The soldiers are standing by the runway, waving at the ship. They land, and Monochrome steps out of the ship first. They wave at the soldiers. They cheer louder. Two sighs and steps out of the ship. They suddenly go quiet and stand up straight. Two just smiled and waved at them. They just looked at each other, but then started to cheer again. Two walks away from them and heads to Dr. Kayami’s office. Dr. Kayami was sitting inside, eating some food. Two walks inside the office. Kayami looks up at Two. He quickly cleans his face and his desk.
      “Ah. Yes, Two. I’m glad you made it back in one piece. Now that you have dealt with Sophia and her memories biz, we should be able to start helping with your PTSD. I recommend you go lay down in the Enlighten chamber again. It should start helping you.”, said Kayami. Two nods, and heads out of the room. Kayami goes back to eating. Two heads into the prep room of the chamber. She strips down and walks into the main part of the chamber. She lies down in the middle of the room. A green liquid starts filling the room, and Two closes her eyes to sleep.
      Hello there! I'm Mr. Dreamcast, an aspiring voice actor. If you need to contact me, use my Discord: Mr. Dreamcast#0650, and my twitter:


      This was the first time I entered a writing contest, and I really didn't know what I exactly wanted to write that fits the "Till We Meet Again" prompt. I tried by best to make a horror-like story, and it only later became part of the Karnofverse. (Word Count 703.)

      The Christmas Surprise

      The year is 1996. The place is calm. No one spoke a word. Everyone was
      walking around to make sure everything was going ok. A tall, 45-year-old
      man named Joseph Bern is standing by his daughter. This event was for
      his daughter, so he had to come. Joseph gets up and looks at his

      “Till we meet again next Christmas”, said Joseph. With a tear in his
      eye, he leaves the event with his wife, Maria Bern, following behind

      The year is 1997. It is Christmas night. It is around 2 AM. Joseph and
      his wife Maria are fast asleep in bed. The cold wind outside is blowing
      strong. Feet of snow covers the ground, making a pure white blanket. The
      house was eerily quiet. No creeks, no movement, and no sound. Suddenly,
      there was a thud on the first floor. Joseph hears the sound but heads
      back to bed. Another thud happened, this time, on the second floor.
      Quietly, Joseph gets out of bed, grabs a flashlight, and heads out of
      the bedroom.

      “What caused that noise?”, he said to himself.

      When he got to where the second thud happened, he saw a broken vase. A
      broken vase that originally wasn’t on the second floor. In shock, he
      quickly heads down to the first floor to see what caused the first thud.
      He shined his light, to see his old, and deaf dog. He thought that the
      dog must have thudded against something until he panned his light to the
      side. There, he saw a massive bowling ball. Right next to the dog’s
      head. He hasn’t bowled in a year. Not after Christmas of last year.
      Joseph, startled, quickly makes it back up to his bedroom but finds it
      locked. He bangs on the door to get his wife up, but she didn’t say
      anything. He starts charging at the door, but he is always knocked back
      every time he charged.

      “Maria! Open this goddamn door!”, Joseph said in a commanding voice.

      Joseph charges at the door again. The door flies open, and Joseph falls
      down onto the ground. He gets up and looks at the bed. His wife was
      laying in the soft red bed. He stretched over to his wife and shook her!

      “Wake up!”


      “Wake up, Maria!”

      Again, nothing.

      “Goddamn Mari-”

      Joseph flips over Maria to see a giant bruise on the back of her head.
      On the floor, next to her, lay the same bowling ball that was

      “Maria! No! Maria… Not you too…”, Joseph says as he falls down into the floor, crying.

      Joseph, still crying, looks over to the hallway that leads to the
      bedroom. There, he saw a small feminine figure standing at the end of
      it. It ran down the stairs. Joseph reacts quickly and follows the
      figure. Down the stairs, and into the driveway outside. The figure gets
      into a car and starts to drive off. Joseph quickly gets into his car and
      follows after. The roads were icy and unsafe to drive, but he didn’t
      care. He wanted to get the figure that killed his wife. His car crashed
      into the side of the road. The figure also crashed. It started running
      away from Joseph. Joseph gets out of his car, and, though injured, still
      gives chase to the figure. The snow was coming down hard. The wind was
      blowing very cold air towards him. The case was long. It leads to a
      graveyard. Joseph got closer and closer to the figure. The figure
      stopped in front of one grave. Joseph stops right behind the figure.

      “Who the hell are you, and why did you murder my wife?”, Joseph said in an angry tone.

      The figure turned around. Joseph freezes in place, and, in bewilderment, laughs.

      “I guess we were destined to meet again. I didn’t expect it would meet
      like this though. See you in hell.”. Joseph falls into the ground. The
      figure sinks into the ground. Joseph, before drawing his final breath,
      looks at the grave.

      R.I.P. Sophia Bern.
      Daughter of Joseph Bern and Maria Bern.
      Born: March 24, 1975
      Died: December 15, 1996.

      Beloved Daughter, Gifted Bowler, and had a bright future ahead.
      Hello there! I'm Mr. Dreamcast, an aspiring voice actor. If you need to contact me, use my Discord: Mr. Dreamcast#0650, and my twitter:


      This is to end the feud between Two's main rival, Mono and Two. I also consider this an end to an arc I like to call the Two Rebuild arc. Keep in mind I like to write stories out of order so there could be more within this arc. (Word count 1596)

      The Main Story

      A man is standing on a balcony, smoking a cigarette. He looks up into the bright blue sky of midday. A ship appeared in front of his house. The man drops the cigarette and puts it out with his shoe. He turns to the ship to see two suited figures and a woman with no mouth. The man walks down the steps from his porch and right to the woman.

      “Ah. If it isn’t my daughter, Two. How have you been doing running your multi-universal PMC? I heard about a couple of big-name governments and worlds want your head, isn’t that right?”, said the man. Two starts shaking and clenches her fist. She throws a punch at the man. He grabs the punch. “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Is that how you treat your father? I taught you better, my daughter.”

      “Can it! You aren’t my father! Anyone with half a brain knows Karnof died in 2058 when the Earth got nuked to hell and back! You are just a sick reflection of him, Mono!”, said Two. Mono laughs at Two. He then walks back to the stairs and pulls out a recorder. He presses play.

      “So, you are telling me that you have the power to give someone a new life, even if their bodies have been destroyed? Father, why didn’t you tell me you were working on this?!”. Two recognized the voice. It was Karnof.

      “That is correct, my son. And I’m sorry I never contacted you until today, but I didn’t want this to be leaked outside my universe until it was time.”. Two instantly recognized the voice too. “Kayami?!”.

      “Yeah. All the countries are planning on nuking themselves to death. It looks like One’s dream of a nuclear holocaust is coming to fruition. If I am hearing this correctly, Two will be taken someplace safe, but I have to take part in this experiment.”, said Karnof. Two looks at the recorder in shock.

      “Yes. I will put a soulstone by your heart and when you die, Mono will take control of your body and he will live his life. Now Karnof, time to rest.”, said Kayami. The recording ended. Two looks at the ground and clenches her fist. Mono puts the recorder back into his pocket. Mono walks up the stairs.

      “If you were looking for a way to bring back Karnof, it’s impossible. I’m the only Karnof left, and there is no way to meet him aga-”

      “Bullshit!”, Two said as she fires her revolver at Mono. It hits his shoulder. Mono yelps in pain. He quickly turns around and shoots Two’s guards in the head. Mono glares at Two with a menacing look. He starts walking down the stairs.

      “You know, I was gonna walk back inside and just leave you on your merry way, but you kicked the hornet's nest.”. Mono snaps his fingers and the house behind him collapsed and disappeared, leaving just a giant open field. Mono starts walking away from Two. “Let me guess, you found out about Karnof’s soul and how you need the other half of it to return to full power. Well, I’m sorry but I’m gonna give you the other half of his soul so easily. I need him to properly function and I really want to just live my own good life.”, said Mono.

      “Live your own good life?! Going around, massacring innocents and causing wars is what you considered a good life?! You are just a cruel spirit using the body of a man who has saved millions, no, billions! I’ll never call you father, and I want Karnof’s soul so I can finally reunite with him!”, Two said. Mono looks up into the sky. Two points her revolver at Mono. She is hesitating to pull the trigger.

      “Let’s make this a fight that is worth remembering. A fight that we will tell our children and our comrades. This is what One would have wanted, right?”.

      “Don’t you ever mention that name!”. Two charges at Mono. Mono starts charging toward Two. They collide and get into a tussle. Mono throws Two behind him with incredible strength. Two gets up and throws punches at Mono. It knocks him back.

      “You have gotten stronger than the last time we met. No wonder why you are the major of the Alianza Multiversal por la Paz. Strange you used Spanish for the name. I guess you love The Dead Tongues.”. Mono rushes towards Two and tossed her into the air behind him. Two fires a couple of shots towards Mono. He got hit in the arm, making him scream in pain. “Nice airborne shot, little kid, but it will take more than a revolver round to end my life. Come on, use some of that fancy CQC that you were taught by Karnof and the rest of the PMC. I know you are a master of it.”.

      Two rushes up to Mono and started attacking him. She grabs a knife and stabs Mono in the leg. He yells in pain. Two kicks the knife more into his leg. Mono breaks out of the hold and jumps back. “How is that for some fancy CQC? A little too much for ya?”, Two said as she reloads her gun. Mono stands back and pulls the knife out from his leg. He collapses on the ground in pain. He stands back up and licks the blood on the knife.

      “That was just perfect… What I needed.”, Mono said as he rushes Two with the knife. Two dodges the knife attack, except for one. One that hit her right eye.

      “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Why won’t you die?!”. Two knocks Mono back and tried to cover her eye with a piece of fabric. Mono rushes again with the knife. Two grabs the knife with her left hand, leaving a cut from the blade. She gets the knife out of Mono’s control and puts it in her right hand. She knocks Mono on his back and stabs him in the heart. “Just die already!”.

      Mono is laying on the ground, staring at the sky. He starts coughing blood. “Well, I can’t believe it. You are just like Karnof. Determined, even when hurt belong believe. That’s good to have, but it will… come back to bite you…”. Mono starts coughing blood again.

      “Tell me. Why would Karnof want to put a soulstone in his body? Didn’t he know you wanted to cause all of this?”, Two said. Mono closes his eyes and shakes his head no. Two’s Multi-Universal Communication Kit starts vibrating. Two pulls it out and activates the holo-screen. Monochrome is there. He has a panicked look on his face. “Monochrome! What is it?!”.

      “Two, we have detected a bunch of nuclear missiles heading to your location! You won’t have enough time to get Karnof’s soul and get out safely! You have to leave now!”, said Monochrome. The communication ended, and the screen showed around 5 missiles heading towards the field. Two looks Mono, who is smiling.

      “It seems they don’t want Karnof’s soul to be put back together. Listen… do you forgive me? For all that I have done to you and to your worlds?”, asked Mono. Two starts walking away from his body.

      “Do I forgive you for killing innocents, destroying worlds, giving me PTSD, and taking my eye? No. Do I forgive you for using Karnof’s body? Yes. It wasn’t your fault you had to go into his body. You had the bad hand of luck, just like me. Mono, I hope the Holy Court doesn’t send you to the deepest point of Hell because I want to meet you again one day. Whenever that be in death or life. I may hate you with all of my heart, mind, and body but I know you would have been a good member of the Alianza Multiversal por la Paz.”, said Two. Mono smiled and passed out. Two stopped walking and started thinking. She quickly grabbed Mono and started running from the field.

      “Two, what are you doing?! Bringing him back could be suicidal!”. Two turned off the MUCK. She starts gunning it towards the ship. She could see the missiles closing in on them. She gets to the ship and puts Mono inside a healing unit inside the ship. She gets into the ship and starts the launch. The missiles are now even closer. The ship was ready. She launched the ship and flew into the sky. She looked down to see the missiles hitting the field, destroying everything near the explosion. She looked back into the sky and started heading home to the base.


      “Damn it!”, said a cloaked man in a dark room. “She got away with Mono! Now she has all of Karnof! We cannot allow this to happen.”.

      “Don’t worry.”, said an android wielding two revolvers. “The Mono robots are here to make sure your plan goes well. After all, you created us, Dr. Kayami. It’s a shame that we lost Mono and Monochrome to that stupid PMC. Thankfully, we still have Monoarty aka Me, the big brain Revell, and our rollerskating Monocast. I think that will be enough to take down that little annoying group of washed-up soldiers and PTSD riddled messes they call majors and generals.”. Kayami takes off the cloak and turns towards Monoarty.

      “I want all three of you ready to attack. We need to destroy Two and her Alianza Multiversal por la Paz before they get too powerful!”, said Kayami. Monoarty saluted and left the room. Kayami started laughing hysterically.
      Hello there! I'm Mr. Dreamcast, an aspiring voice actor. If you need to contact me, use my Discord: Mr. Dreamcast#0650, and my twitter: