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    • What is Nintendo's graphic direction for future Zeldas? (Not counting remakes of older titles)

      With the cel-shaded graphic style dominating the "current" Zelda era with titles such as Skyward Sword and Breath Of The Wild, has Nintendo finally settled on a distinguished graphic design that will characterise all future Zelda titles? Or is there still room for the introduction of new graphic styles and/or a return to the 'toon' graphics of Wind Waker or more 'realist' graphics of Twilight Princess?

      DISCLAIMER: I'm no expert on graphics so apologies if I'm misusing any terms in this post.
    • During or after the release of Skyward Sword, I am fairly sure that Aonuma or Miyamoto said that they were pleased with Skyward Sword's "middleground" artstyle. Then we got Breath of the Wild that once again feels to be just that, a middleground of the two "extremes" (Wind Waker and Twilight Princess). I am totally expecting the next title will have another "middleground" artstyle, but still somewhat different from Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild.

      But I would really like to see a return of Twilight Princess in terms of graphics/artstyle, mainly because it has been so long (2006). At least for one game. And I don't see why they wouldn't, since that artstyle is pretty popular among Zeldaplayers. But I am fine with the middleground as well, also Wind Waker's direction (don't like the character models though).
    • With the LA remake, we have evidence that 2D Zelda is not dead yet. We may yet see TWW's style come back in another Minish Cap type game. Cadence of Hyrule isn't a Zelda as such, but something like that is what I mean. Or they could do another ALBW-type game with such a style.

      I feel like 3D Zelda will either stick to the middle ground or lean toward TP's style, but I could be wrong. :)
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    • subrosiandalek wrote:

      With the LA remake, we have evidence that 2D Zelda nostalgia is not dead yet.
      Fixed that for you :cool: .

      I believe the graphic styles they use have a lot do with gameplay and also the technological limitations of their consoles.

      They went with the cartoonish looks in Skyward Sword because they felt made it easier to interact with the game; for example, it made it easier
      to see what direction to swing your sword when facing enemies.

      Also, Nintendo’s consoles don’t have the graphic capabilities of PS4 and XBox. Trying to go for more realistic looks only highlights the flaws and limitations of their consoles. In my opinion, the more realistic you try to go, the more the unrealistic aspects stand out.

      Until graphics become top priority for them, I have a feeling that they will stick to some form of the “middle ground”, it’s what they do best, IMO. I imagine the major releases sticking to something akin to BoTW and SS, while the more casual gamer type games and spinoffs will continue to explore different art styles.

      Personally, I actually like the visual style of BoTW.
    • I don't really mind what graphics there are, they've never been a top priority for me.

      That being said, it is very hard for me to go back to the original OOT after playing OOT3D. Same with MM.

      I'd like to see and HD edition of the OOT3D graphics. The most likely graphical style is the middle ground, as stated above.
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    • Honestly, I don't think this "middle ground" works that well. I found most of the areas, enemies and characters in SS ugly looking, and IMO BotW wasn't as much of a middle ground as it was a clash of two contrasting styles -- realistic-looking environments with cartoony cel-shaded characters. I thought the environments looked great, while the characters looked bland, which makes it an argument in favor of realistic graphics in my mind.

      I would rather the next game went all out with the graphics. Either go back to all-cartoony graphics ala TWW, or (more preferably) go with more realistic graphics -- I don't care if they're not on par with PS4 or Xbox; graphics close to the quality of that gorgeous Wii U Zelda tech demo would be good enough.

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    • For me, it depends on the themes of the game. I didn't mind the cel-shading for Wind Waker, since I felt that the tone and themes of the story were lighter in comparison to the other games, and I didn't mind the realistic graphics for TP and some of the darker games. I came into this world playing the 2d version of Zelda and was still capable of immersing myself in the universe. BOTW had a strong mixture of light and dark themes, so I also didn't mind the mixture of styles.