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    Rain Stops Play: Weather Dynamics In Breath Of The Wild
    • Evran_Speer wrote:

      I remember a struggle trying to work my up to Misko's flameblade
      Haha I actually stumbled upon this cave by accident, I arrived from above so I didn't have to climb to get there, and I hadn't "activated" the side quest yet at the stable. They surprised me when I actually talked to them much later in the game and handed me a reward all of a sudden. Completed a few side quests that way.
    • So I was playing through Breath Of The Wild today in my quest to collect all 900 Korok Seeds (400 to go) and something happened to me which made me think back to this thread.

      I was climbing a tree to reach one of the Koroks during a storm (you can imagine what a struggle it was having used up all my Revali's Gales). The Korok came into sight as I neared the top when suddenly - BANG - lightning struck the tree and, I kid you not, brought the whole thing toppling to the ground.

      I had to warp to a nearby shrine to reset so that the tree would reappear, but I couldn't help but laugh as I recalled this thread. :lol:

      Something like this could only occur with the weather dynamics of Breath Of The Wild and definitely adds to the frustrations of the gameplay!
    • I used to be a game designer for a MOBA. There is a concept in PVP game design: counterplay. The basic idea is that when your enemy takes an actrion, you should have multiple choices for your response. If an enemy charges at you, you can choose to retreat, or try to punish them for overextending them. An interesting design for a skill gives both the attacker and the defender lots of interesting choices.

      The problem with rain in BOTW is that is, as far as traversal goes, it doesn't provide NEW options. It only narrows the list of option available to you. From a traversal gameplay perpective, It is purely subtractive. It interrupts your play, prevents you from reaching some goals. It isn't an interesting wrench to throw into a situation; it's just a negative, a debuff.

      Now, I am not arguing that it does nothing of value. Sometimes it makes you stand back and re-evaluate a situation. Solve problems differently. In combat it's definitely interesting, because it opens up new options (lightning) and disables others (fire). In a more wishy-washy way, it can even make player step back and reflect while they wait. And, last but not least, it certainly makes the world feel more alive and real, which matters a LOT for BOTW.

      I think that rain would have been better if they did some combo of these things:
      - It opened up new traversal options, perhaps by removing obstacles, revealing secrets in the environment, or creating fast-moving streams that could take you to interesting places.
      - There was some way to counter-act it, either through skill (ie, climbing becomes harder for thumbskill reasons whehn raining) or through resource spending (ie, you can expend resources to craft a potion to climb in the rain).
      - There were certain monsters that only came out int he rain, but others hid.
      - There were certain resources or opportunities that only occurred in the rain.
    • Yup, rain makes it way better to shield surf.
      It also:
      • Makes somewhat rare critters spawn like bright eyed crabs.
      • Increases general spawn rate of beetles and fish.
      • Gets you discounts and more rare goods with wandering merchants.
      • Makes it easier to sneak through or past enemy camps, and sneak up on wild animals.
      • Makes Paya happy.
      • Discourages you from climbing in the Faron region because swimming up the waterfalls is much faster, essentially pushing the player to consider the better alternative. I would have liked an NPC pointing that out for me though.
      • Allows you to use Cryonis on puddles to reach high enemy camps.
      • One of the requirements for the "Stalbird", as I call it, to appear on top of the Akkala Tech Lab.
    • Those are all well and good. I didn't actually know some of those, like the beetles and fish (and I have no idea what the stalbird is, hah).

      The problem is that those benefits are... niche, specific to just a few areas, or overall low impact (or relate to combat systems and problem solving, which I think DOES benefit from rain). Compared to the negative, which is pervasive, and can often completely block you from reaching a goal you're pursuing. The impact is heavily imbalanced. And to be fair, that would still be true with most of the things I suggested. Just less so.

      Oh, I also think it would have been awesome to be able to summon rain in some fashion. Give me the Song of Storms!
    • That's because I'm just kind of a kooky quirky guy and made up the stalbird! Ha ha, fooled you! Oh man, classic gamtos.

      And yeah, when you come across a camp where they're loaded up with bomb arrows, you can really thank your lucky stars for rain giving you a most righteous farm.

      Song of Storms sounds cool, but with the benefits I mentioned I can just see people pouring down on every unlucky merchant that crosses their path, which is not very heroic of you.
      Also, if you were to cause rain in the desert, it would be absolutely necessary for Africa by Toto to play in the background and the royalties for that would be too pricey.

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    • Max N. wrote:

      - There was some way to counter-act it, either through skill (ie, climbing becomes harder for thumbskill reasons whehn raining) or through resource spending (ie, you can expend resources to craft a potion to climb in the rain).
      You kind of already can, though there's no specific potion for climbing in rain. You just have to settle for movement and stamina.

      Max N. wrote:

      - There were certain monsters that only came out int he rain, but others hid.
      I'm intrigued. I'm thinking these monsters would be tailored to rain conditions, so maybe lightning powers and a susceptibility to stealth? (And a horrible weakness to fire, in case you can lure one out of the rain.)
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