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    Hi, Dev here, or HyruleFool. New to ZU but very experienced with LoZ, Say Hi.
    • Hi Everyone, HF here.

      I recently found Zelda Universe after wanting to express my love for LoZ with the rest of the world and my community.
      I'd like to say a little bit about myself to get you familiar with me so you'll be better acquainted with my presence on these forums.

      I have been a fan for about 24 years now, married, with two cats and a Pyrenean Mastiff named Samson (Because every great story has a companion named Sam *cough* Lord of the Rings... *cough* game of thrones)
      I live in Ontario, and am a brand ambassador for the worlds biggest Poutine company Smoke's Poutinerie. This means it's my job to get people involved and excited about our brand, and engage customers that come in by playing games with them, taking surveys, building relationships and offering tons of Poutines at no charge. I love people, and I love doing my part for the community.

      I am constantly playing on a daily basis. I am playing a lot on Nintendo Switch right now, (everyone can add me, HyruleFool, I play SSB, MK8D, Splatoon, LGP/E and others too) mostly BoTW and soon Link's Awakening upon release.

      I'd love to get to know most of you more, your favourite Zelda titles, and why. Feel free to tell me about yourselves, and what kind of community I can expect to be a part of here.

      With Love,


      Hey, Listen! I'm Saving Hyrule, one Timeline at a time...
    • Hello and Welcome to ZU! I am Tru, newbie mod and cat lover extraordinaire! I hope you enjoy our lovely community! It's great to hear you love doing your part for your community. I'm the same here. I love my work here and enjoy meeting new people and giving them help when they need it. Speaking of that if you ever need help with anything here, feel free to ask! I'm always happy to help and so are the others. As for what kind of community to expect here, expect a loving community that likes to sometimes get crazy from time to time lol. We all care about each other and love to have fun. I hope you have fun here as well. See you around the forums!

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