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    Paranormal | Occultism | Esotericism Discord Server
    • The Vicarius Collective :: Paranormal | Esotericism - Discord Server

      A discord server devoted to the sharing of ideas and discourses, and discussion on paranormal and occult topics.

      This includes: Witchcraft, Paganism, Psionics, Energywork, Magick, Ghosts, Cryptids, Time Travel, Religion, Mythology, Mandela effect, law of attraction, divination, tulpas.

      We have channels for other topics too like: Gaming, animals, media and art, otherkin, horror, dreams, STEM.

      We hope you come check it out and enjoy your stay.

      basically a literal version of IHE at this point™
      A discord server for people who want to discuss the occult, paranormal, religion/witchcraft/paganism, conspiracies, fringe topics in general, or just A cool place to hang out in general